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Blood Brothers

Chapter 1

Kagome was in her time studying for the big exam at the end of the week. She has been spending more time with her family then back in the feudal era. Inuyasha has become even more unbearable then he usually is the past week he has been even moodier then he normally is and there is not enough "sits" in a day to shut him up. Although she missed spending time with Sango, Miroku, Kirara, and Shippo but being near him just didn't work. She thought about asking Kaede why he has been treating everybody that way but Kagome just figured to stay away and maybe he will cool down with the attitude.

They had killed Naraku over a week ago and Inuyasha's weirdness started then. When Naraku was finally destroyed everybody was celebrating but there was just something wrong with Inuyasha. Koga was there he played a vital part in Naraku demise and like usual he spent most of he time around Kagome as if he was trying to protect her from everyone especially from Inuyasha and it didn't stop after the battle was over. "I want you to stay away from him Kagome no ifs or buts about it. There is something different and I don't want you getting mixed up with it.

There are some things you just don't understand what goes on in our world and some things that you just should not have to understand. Go back to your time stay there for awhile. Give it a couple weeks before you come back. Please!" Koga tried to get through to Kagome. Even little Shippo tried to persuade her from staying in the feudal era he to could sense something was wrong with Inuyasha.

The one thing that changed her mind was they were back in Kaede village. Inuyasha was standing around the fire outside of the hut where they all slept Kagome came up from behind to try to talk to him about the battle today to see if he needed her to bandage any wounds. As she touched his shoulder, he snapped his head around and yelled at her "Don't fucking touch me ever again do you understand me woman. You do not ever look at me that way I do not want your fucking sympathy or pity. Did I make myself clear on that?" After he said such things Kagome ran to the Bone Eater Well crying the whole way.

Miroku and Sango sat quietly hearing Inuyasha unleashing on Kagome in utter shock not believing that someone who cared so much for her all of a sudden felt such rage just by a simple touch to see if he was okay. They come from there hiding spot and corner Inuyasha to unleash on him Sango was first "She was just checking to make sure you were okay and that is how you treat her, what is your problem? Why is your acting like a complete dick?" Miroku chimed in with "You need to go say you're sorry for making her cry and try to figure what the fuck is making you act this way and treating everybody with this fucked up attitude."

Inuyasha POV

I just don't get it why is everybody yelling at me recently I mean first I destroy Naraku and I just need some time alone to heal my wounds and everybody won't leave me alone about my attitude which is not a big shocker there. I mean is it so much to ask to for people to just me a break, I mean first we finally accomplish defeating Naraku and then Koga the bastard tells Kagome to leave me alone for awhile but what did I do.

I mean I really haven't been feeling the way I used to not since we got back to Kaede's village but I figure it is just because the new moon is coming up and I am just tired from the battle and I am just worn out from everything the past three years and I just don't know what is going on I mean I have been just god. Fuck them I am out of here. I just can't take their attitude anymore, or the attitude around them. Oh well I am gone somewhere they can't find me.

End of first chapter please let me know what you think and I swear it is an Inuyasha and Sesshomaru fic I just have to get through the preliminary info it all becomes a complete circle. Now I have a few chapters already written I just have to post them I thought you would enjoy them in smaller doses instead of one big one. Anyways any response please be gentle it is my first Inuyasha fic and let me know so I know to keep going on like crazy.