This is a Pokemon story is based on a RPG I'm doing with a character I made up called Kitsune Fyuu

This is a Pokemon story is based on a RPG I'm doing with a character I made up called Kitsune Fyuu. The RPG in this forum called Pokemon RPG World it is very fun so try it out. Oh I would like to thank Dewdropdread! Dewdrop is helping edit this fanfic since there are lots of errors and I'm loving how it looks hope everyone else is to.

Disclaimer: I don't own Pokemon or any Pokemon references!

Pokemon RPG: Prologue

"Onee-chan! It's time for dinner!" the girl shouted, as she looked around the area. Her caramel brown eyes had scanned the area, finding no one in sight. Sighing, she shouted from the top of her lungs, "Onee-chan! We need to go home now!"

Playing with her chocolate-brown hair, she looked around once more, but nothing responded to her again. She concluded, "Onee-chan must have gone into the woods and got lost again…" Letting out another sigh, the girl smiled brightly to herself, "I'll just have to bring her home then!" She sprinted into the woods, still smiling.

Deep in the green woods, she wandered. Her fair skin seemed to glow in the dim moonlight. She stopped abruptly, running a hand through her dark hair, as she mutters to herself, "Great, lost again…" She collapsed under a large pine tree, exhausted. Gazing at the lovely moon, her dark ocean blue eyes gradually began to fill with tears, "I shouldn't have wandered off… Now I'll never get out of here. I'm nine and can't even find my way home from here! The worst part is my sister can do it, blindfolded! And she's six!"

She felt a tear slowly roll down her cheeks, which she wiped away. Sniffling a little, she put her knees close to her chest, whimpering softly.

Her eyes pricked up, as she heard the soft rustling coming from the bushes. Her eyes darted over to the green object, eyes filled with fear, with the image of a man-eating Pokémon. It got louder, as she closed her eyes, too shocked to see the image, as a small girl appeared from the leafy bush, brushing the leaves out of her hair, irritated. "Stupid leaves…" she muttered, looking up as she noticed the older girl, as she grinned, "There you are Onee-chan! I've been looking for you… Did you get lost again?"

Her cheeks went crimson, as she stutters, "Oh n-no, I was ju-just looking around a bit…"

Smiling knowingly, the girl grabbed her hand, "Well, let's go home Onee-chan." She smiled at her sister, grasping the little hand gently.

As they started to walk home the moon shone brightly, as Volbeat came out shining light as the started their mating ritual. The glows illuminated the sky, as if drawing a path for them. The younger girl's eyes brightened, "It's so pretty! Don't you think Onee-chan?"

She smiled as well, "Yep they are. I'll catch you one when I'm older." The younger girl smiled shyly and looked up at her Onee-chan, "Promise?"

She gave a peace sign grinning like an idiot, "Of course and I'll name it… Hikari just for you."

The younger giggled at this then smiles brightly and says, "Hey Kitsune-chan what do you want to be when you become a Pokémon Trainer?"

She got out of her pose and closed her eyes. She started to think then she responded, "Maybe I'll become a Pokémon coordinator."

The girl nodded her head and asked, curiously tilting her head, "And what kind of starter Pokémon are you going to get?"

She smiled brightly at the question and said, "I want to go to the Kanto region and get a Bulbasaur! Just like the Pokémon champion Red got as his starter!"

The girl giggled with eyes shining with a hint of mischief, "You love Red don't you Onee-Chan…?"

She turned a deep shade of red and shouted, "No I don't!" Looking away shyly, she said, "Anyway even if I did he would have no interest in someone like me."

The girl's eyes widened at her older sister's words and shook her head immediately, "No, I think if he met you he would like you a lot! I sure do!"

Kitsune smiled brightly and says, "Thanks Okami that means a lot to me."

3 years later

The silence was broken with an angry shout, "I hate you! You Pokémon thief, how could you?" Her eyes were filled with tears, filled with hate. She glared at the figure in front of her, as the figure cradled a young baby, a female Pichu.

"I-I didn't mean--" The figure said shakily.

"Shut up!" she shouted angrily, silencing the person. The Pichu noticed the figure shaking slightly and growled at her, its cheeks sparking. The Pokémon's reaction startled her, making her eyes widen. She teared slightly then looked at the Pichu sadly, "How could you… You knew that… The poor mother... She's heart broken now because of you!"

The figure tried to say something but grew quiet at the tears and looked away, "…I'm sorry… You're right, I am a Pokémon thief."

She turned to leave, as the figure stayed in the room, tears rolling down her cheeks as the figure whimpered slightly. The Pichu looked up at the figure, face showing concern, "Pi Pichu Pichu chu?

The figure forced a realistic smiled, revealing her to be Kitsune. Her usually bright ocean blue eyes held tears that didn't fall. Pausing, she said, "Hello Nicky. I'm Kitsune, and I just stole you from your mother."

The newly named Pichu tilted her head innocently and her eyes, oblivious to what was going on.

"But Kitsune, you're my mother."