A Tenshi ni Narumon fanfic

By Melissa Smith (writing4ever@aol.com)

Author's Notes: When I wrote this, I had only seen up to episode 16, so later events in the series might not exactly fit, but then again, this is a random piece of prose with no plot, so I don't think that matters too much.


Sighing softly, Raphael aimlessly let his fingers trace across Mikael's stomach, causing the slender, aqua-haired boy to squirm slightly. 

"Ne, Mikael," he asked as the clock changed to 12:08 and a light emitted from the Book of Chaos, hovering in the middle of their apartment. 

"Hai?" Mikael asked, turning slightly in bed to look Raphael in the eyes. 

"If- when- Noelle becomes an angel… what will you do then?"  Mikael fell silent.

"I… I don't know… for so long that's been the only thing I've thought about… that I honestly don't know…" Raphael sighed again, laying down flat on his back.  Instinctively, his hand reached for Mikael's and their fingers laced together.  For some reason, even though Mikael was here, lying next to him, Raphael still felt so very alone. 

"So… Noelle is all that you worry about anymore?"

"Well… not really… I worry about you, Raphael-sama…" Raphael turned on his side, looking straight at the smaller boy.

"Do you really?" he asked softly.  Slowly he leaned closer to the aqua-haired boy, rubbing his cheek against the other's in an affectionate gesture.  Then Raphael pulled away.  "Am I that much of a bother?"  With those words, Raphael stood up from the futon bed and pulled on a pair of pants.  He slowly walked over to the window, looking out and wondering if he could count all the stars out there in his lifetime. 

"Iya, Raphael-sama," Mikael protested softly, sitting up in bed.  Raphael turned to him slowly, stretching his arms out.

"No, it's okay, Mikael.  I know I'm only in your way for your true objectives…" Mikael shook his head and jumped out of bed, quickly wrapping the sheet around his waist as he went and joined Raphael at the window. 

"Raphael-sama…" Mikael whispered softly, reaching a hand out to brush away a few of the one-winged angel's bangs.  Surprised by the sudden show of affection, Raphael blinked.  "You're not in my way… in fact, you merely keep everything… interesting…"

"You know, don't you?  That I'm in love with you?" Raphael asked suddenly, clasping Mikael's hand in his own.  Mikael nodded. 

"Of course I know, Raphael-sama… now, come back to bed, will you?  You start to talk nonsense when you're tired…" Raphael shook his head. 

"I will soon… first I want to look at the stars for a little bit…" Mikael nodded and headed back to the futon, lying back down.  Raphael stared out the window, looking for the brightest star in the sky.  After a long time of looking, he saw a shooting star flicker and stream across the midnight sky.  Smiling slightly, Raphael turned back to look at Mikael, who had already fallen back asleep, an innocent look on his face.  Raphael stood up from his place on the window ledge and walked over to the futon, lying down beside Mikael.  Soon he too had sunken into the land of dreamers, curled up next to the would-be angel.  In sleep, their bodies found each other, softly twining together as if nothing would ever separate them.  And in the sky, the stars continued to shine. 


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