This fanfiction is apart of Project PC:A 36 part string of fanfiction/drabble based off prompts from 64damnprompts (Livejournal) and a randomly selected pairing from Party Characters (PC) of Tales of the Abyss. ALL possible pairings in the party of ToA (including Ion and yes, Mieu) will be written out. These go in no particular order so have fun with them!

Pairing:Asch x Natalia


Disclaimer: Characters included belong in their game of Tales of the Abyss.

Project PC (completed): 3/36

"I want a reindeer."

A young Asch blinked in confusion. He ran the hands that belonged to the name Luke over powdered snow.

"I want a reindeer." came the comment once again.

"I heard you."

"Aren't you even going to ask why?" The little girl questioned, the smallest of pouts on her lips.

Luke looked up with a weak smile and tried to show his interest. "I figured you'd have told me anyway."

"Clever." She teased and crossed her arms stubbornly.

Red hair was spotted and sparkled with the fallen snowflakes. He brushed at them but they only melted. Finally he stood (with a reluctant sigh he held back) and placed his hands on Natalia's shoulder.

"Alright. Why do you want a reindeer?"

She perked up instantly. The cold had flushed her cheeks delicately. "To fly, of course!"

Now Luke was expecting something more logical then that, like they were beautiful creatures or something. But ... to fly?

Apparently his confusion has seeped through his gloves fingers into Natalia's being. "Oh come now Luke! Surely you would love to fly as well."

In the back of his mind, perhaps that statement was true but ... "Reindeer can't fly."

"No imagination, you. Absolutely none!" She huffed and outstretched her hands. "Think about it!"

"I am," Luke countered. "Reindeer can't fly."

Natalia glanced back with a slight frown but tried again. "Then wouldn't it be even more amazing for them to be able to? Simply because they were not born with the proper mechanics does not mean it is not possible."

Luke tried to understand where she was going with this but he really couldn't follow.

One never tried to fully understand Natalia.

"Maybe." He shrugged.

"Amaybe?" That's all? A creature without wings being able to fly simply by will alone. That is not spectacular?"

Another shrug. "Well it's true that it'd be a sight to see but ..."

"Reindeer can't fly, right?" She grumbled. "You're not thinking. There is more to it then that!"

Luke slipped his hands from her shoulders and stood beside her instead. Tilting his head just the slightest, he tried to watch the sky but it was clouded by the falling snow.

"See? See?" She pointed to the gray sky. "The only reason we have a sky is because we can't make anything to explore it. The sky is empty because we don't know how to touch it. Imagine if something born to the earth was able to go where no one expected it to. That's why I want a reindeer."

Luke processed this information while stroking his chin with the back of his hand. "To teach it to fly?"

Natalia grinned. Reaching over, she clasped her fingers around his and leaned her head against his shoulder.

"To teach a reindeer to fly." She repeated.

Luke took a few moments of silence to let the answer come undone.

"A metaphor?" He questioned.

"A metaphor." She replied.


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