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One more thing... For now the rating is T. There will be some violence throughout the story for sure, and i haven't decided whether i will have sex scenes or not. If so, it will probably be tastefully done, and i may not have to up my rating. We'll see what happens; depending on my mood, I could write something graphic. You are welcome to let me know your opinions on this.

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Chapter One.

The kingdom of Marion.

It was a beautiful place. Green year-round; it rained quite often during the night, and was sunny and breezy throughout the long days. To the east lay sandy cliffs and the ocean. The north and south also led to the ocean. To the west lay Koriae, a more populated, tougher country.

The palace in Marion was well-known by the few tourists who were allowed to come every year. It was pearly-white, pale orange, and turquoise. There was a huge stone courtyard lined with lilacs, violets, and purple tulips where marketers gathered to sell their merchandise and to chat with their friends and family.

Perhaps the most beautiful thing in all Marion, it was said, were the Princesses. Princess Bulma had aquamarine hair and eyes, and an hourglass figure that perfectly filled out her gowns. She was as clever as she was beautiful, and had a laugh that melted the hearts of all. She also loved to shop. Pearls and diamonds were her favorites.

Her sister, Princess Chichi, was just as beautiful in a different way. She was the more athletic of the two; it could even be said that she was a tomboy. She loved gymnastics and various forms of karate, and usually donned athletic gear over dresses. She was witty and sarcastic, and had more guy friends than girl friends- a fact that her mother did not particularly approve of.

The girls were very different from each other, and they fought like sisters do, but they were forever best friends. They talked about everything. One of the only ways in which they were similar was their identical quick tempers. They could be perfectly happy one moment, and then perfectly angry the next. They were also very, very stubborn, which was something they had gotten from their somewhat bull-headed father.

The kingdom was smaller than most, and there was a possibility of war with a kingdom across the sea. It was this that had led their father to make a very tough decision that had resulted in huge tantrums by both his daughters.

Today was as sunny as any other day, and Bulma hated it. She wanted it to rain, because that was her mood right then. And forever more, she thought dramatically, leaning her head against her bedroom window and gazing out east in the direction of the sea., another thing she simply abhorred at the moment. She felt angry tears drip down her face, and closed her eyes. How could her father have been so cruel?

She heard a door slam, and turned from her windowseat to see Chichi march in, head held high. Chichi sat down beside her and crossed her legs underneath her. "This is absolutely ridiculous," Chichi hissed at her.

"You don't need to tell me that," Bulma hissed back. "Father is….arrrrgh!" She put her head in her hands and stopped talking, waiting for Chichi to say something.

"He won't get away with this." Chichi said after a moment, rolling her eyes at Bulma's dramatization and looking out the window. "He cannot marry us off just to protect Marion. I don't care if other kingdoms do it," She added, repeated an argument she had used against him earlier that day, "I will not be a slave to our family! And neither will you."

Bulma sniffled. "What are we going to do?"

"Well… I don't know. Think of something." Chichi patted her head. "You're the clever one." She smiled at her sister, who looked up and smiled back.

"Well, you're the one who always performs the plans that I back out of!" Bulma replied.

There was a few moments of silence as they looked at each other and around the room. This was one time that Bulma couldn't come up with anything plausible to get their father to change his mind. He was set on it, and had even chosen princes. She was to marry the Prince of Koriae, Vegeta. She had heard about him. He was known to have a temper himself, and be generally rotten to everyone around him. She sincerely doubted that he had any friends.

"The only thing that obviously comes to mind is…leaving." Chichi said quietly, looking up to see Bulma's reaction. Which was negative.

"You can't be serious!" Bulma exclaimed. "Where would we go? Everyone knows us!" It was true. Marion had several hundred thousand residents, and everyone knew what the princesses looked like. There would be no place where their father wouldn't go to find them, and given enough money, any resident would tell him whatever he needed to know.

"I know that. But there are always disquises. I, for one, don't care for the wealth and privilege of our position anyway," Chichi said with a little bit of disqust. "You know me, darling sister. I prefer the outdoors… and freedom!"

"Chi, you always sleep inside at night. That is when it rains, like three days out of every week. You couldn't possibly get used to that!" Bulma said in horror. "And I couldn't, either."

Chichi was silent for another minute. Then, with angry resolve, she turned fierce, dark eyes back to the most important person in her life, besides her parents. And her parents weren't that amazing to her right then. "Bulma, it's the only way out of this. I never asked for this life. You know that. I don't want to be used, even if that means my being selfish. I'm not staying here. I may have a hard time out there in the real world, at least for a while, but I'm a survivor. I will make friends. Perhaps, if war eventually comes to Marion, I will join the ranks of soldiers and fight, for that is the only way I will do it: By choice."

Bulma's face fell. "Chi….. " She squeezed her hand, and couldn't think of anything to say. She knew her sister was rebellious by nature, more so than her. And her sister didn't enjoy anything more than being free in the outdoors, swimming and hunting. "I love you," She said softly.

"I love you, too, sister." Chichi kissed her cheek, and stood up. "You're going to stay?" She already knew the answer, but waited to hear it anyway.

Bulma nodded, and in that moment she realized that she would shelve her pride and marry this prince and save her kingdom from war. She couldn't face being out in the world alone, and at least in Koraie she would have her safety. She dreaded for Chichi, but knew that of the two of them, Chi stood a better chance at making it out there.

They hugged fiercely and stepped back. "I can't believe this," Bulma said wonderingly. "This…is going to split us up forever."

"Maybe not forever." Chichi replied. "In fact…I promise, when Father sees reason, or if I happen to get a chance, I will find you and let you know I'm okay. Because I will be okay." She said with what seemed to Bulma like false bravado.

Chichi left to pack in secret. She told Bulma she would leave that night.

Bulma sat back down, overwhelmed with emotion. She again marveled at their differences. Chichi would rather survive in the world then be forced to marry, even though it was true that it was a possibility since they were young, and Bulma would rather marry some stranger then be without her safety and stuff. She didn't have her sister's strength, she thought. But that was okay. She, Bulma, had strength in a different way- she was going to save her kingdom! But she didn't need to make it easy on her father, who had had the freedom to marry the woman he loved.

Her father, Jameson, chose that moment to walk in. He saw that Bulma had stopped crying and was looking at him expectantly, and he gave her a small smile. "Dear, you must marry Prince Vegeta. I know it's a lot to ask, believe me. I was lucky not to have an arranged marriage, but there wasn't a threat at that time. Now, we need Koraie backing us, and they would be lucky to have my beautiful, magnificient daughter with their prince. Don't you see?"

Bulma was still angry at him, but she did understand, somewhat, now that her temper had subsided. "Yes, father, I do. What you didn't mention, however, was that Koraie needs me because nobody else is up to the challenge of Vegeta." As his look of surprise, she added, "Gossip travels. I know all about this prince you're forcing me to marry." She lifted her head. "But I will do it, if I must."

He put his hand over hers. "Thank you." His smile was genuine, and made her want to cry again.She sniffled and wondered what it was going to be like in Koraie. Everything she had heard about Vegeta made her despise him. He was a bully, people said. Cruel and heartless, he didn't care what anyone thought about him. How was she going to live with a man like that?

A few minutes later, Jameson entered the room of his other daughter. She was reading a book, and proceeded to glare at him when he sat down in a chair across from her.

"Will you not be reasonable?" He asked her gently.

"No, I will not." She replied scornfully. "I have no need to be. This is my life we're talking about, not yours. You can't just sell me to the highest bidder like a …bushel of corn.. or a diamond necklace!! I'm neither of those things."

His legendary temper rose. "You will do as I say, daughter! This kingdom needs you to responsible! It is required of you. It is your duty as the princess."

"Responsibility? Duty? Is that what you call it??!" She screamed back in a rage, throwing her book across the room so that it banged into the wall."I never asked for this, father! It was never my dream to have this life!"

"You have everything you could ever want!" He barked. "You're spoiled rotten!"

She was crying, now, which was something that Bulma did often but Chichi never did. He knew this, and tried to calm down and think of an argument she couldn't counter.

"Daddy," She said, sobbing, "I just want my freedom."

His heart was breaking, but he could not yield to her. He needed the support of both Koraie and it's neighbor, Balla, to stop the force that was working to take over Marion.

"Chichi, I wouldn't ask this of you if there as any other way," He finally said to her. "You must marry the Prince of Balla."

But her mind was set, and she refused to talk to him anymore. She stood and picked up her book, stalking over to the chair and sitting in such a way that told him the conversation was over.

He took a deep breath and got up. As he was about to leave, he spoke one last time. "I love you, Chichi." He left too soon to hear her whisper back, "I love you too…Daddy," as a big tear rolled down her face.

That night, Chichi stole away, taking only one backpack. She wore thick socks and her favorite boots, which were muddy from the day before. Black pants and a simple purple shirt were her attire. She wore a belt with a small knife and a moneybag, as well. On her back was the sword she had practiced all her life with, in its' scabbard. Her onyx hair had been cut, and was no longer nearly floor-length. (She usually kept it up in various flashy styles.) Now it was shoulder-length, and she put it in a simple bun. She brought only a few items she considered vital, and of course food-enough for the next week, if she was careful. She knew where all the fruit trees and bushes were for miles in every direction, as well as where a cabbage patch was.

She left the palace far behind her, heading north on her horse, Greystone, and looked back only twice. She was in the mountains nearly a day's ride away before her family noticed she was missing.

End of Chapter One

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