Last Hope
A Zero Wing fanfic

A/N: Hey ya'll! After I read some Zero Wing fanfics, I couldn't help but make my own. Kind of a play on some sci-fi mangas, I guess. Well I hope you enjoy the first part!

DISCLAIMER: I do not own Zero Wing. Or Engrish. Or a ZIG.

It was on the largest Earth ship.

The control center was in a panic. The mechanics were all either tapping away at their computers, or talking to the other mechanics who were repairing the various broken machines. And in the center of the room sat a single curved desk, the blond ship captain staring thoughtfully out the main windows.

"Captain!" One of the young mechanics moved his microphone to shout to him. He snapped out of his dreamlike state.

"What happened?" He replied, now checking the ship parameters. Not good. Half the engines had been blown out.

"A bomb went off on deck 6C."

"Sabotage!" One of the mechanics across the room shouted, leaping up in rage.

"No. It must've been planted." The captain said, and he mechanics returned grimly to their computer screens. He could only think of one fiend to do that. His fingers dashing over the keyboard, he sent out messages to the other earth units, seeking help. Just as he was about to send off the message, the mechanic shouted to him again.

"We have a signal from an unknown sender! Putting it up on the hologram now." The computer began humming, starting its task. A holograph of a caped figure flashed into the air in front of the captain. The senders eyes dashed around the room, one human the other mechanical. And then it hit the captain--it was him.

"You!!" He shouted. The figured suppressed a laugh.

"How are the gentlemen doing?" CATS said cheerfully, almost mockingly. "I see you have received my gift." The captain grit his teeth. "I just wanted to inform you all, your deaths are imminent." A few of the mechanics stared, mouths agape. "We have already destroyed all of Earth's other ships. Soon you are next." He laughed coolly, and the hologram flashed out.

The ship, except for the explosions, was silent for a moment. The captain roughly turned grabbed the nearest intercom. "All ZIG units, head out on my command!" He shouted.

"But captain, the ship-!"

"You know your target. Now, take off! Move every ZIG!" he shouted louder now, pounding his fist on the desk. The computer whined in protest, and a screen cracked. . The moan of the take off latch resonated throughout the ship as it opened. Within seconds, the green fighter ships appeared in the windows. Then, when they were soon out of sight, a huge shake rocked the ship. The mechanics tapped away the their computers in a panic. A huge explosion tore the ship apart, and the captain uttered his last words.

"For great are our last hope."
A/N: Yup. That was chapter 1! Just an intro, ya know. The next chapter is when the story actually gets going! Well, see you soon.