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Oh god.

Shizuru froze as she felt the metal of a gun against her head. And the person holding her captive had to be….a girl? Shizuru normally would have thought it to be a guy, randomly ransacking her because she was rich, but…a girl?

Oh no, she didn't want to question, not when that goddamn loaded gun was right freaking there at her head. Sighing, she put her hands on the wheel, reassuring the woman who kept her captive that she couldn't run away or harm her.

"Lock the doors."

Her voice…it was a bit deep, but in a nice way. It sounded calm, and a bit of despair, but not because of money, no, Shizuru could tell by the sound of the woman's voice, that she was desperate. For help?

Mental? Maybe.

"Why are you doing this."

Oh damn, there is that calm voice. Thank you for having it NOW in the RIGHT situation for once…what if she found out how…oh god, I'd be dead the minute I start shrieking. Stay. Calm.

Sighing, Shizuru Fujino tried to turn her head to see who the culprit was but the gun forced her to stay still. Please, anyone…come help…

Right after a hard day of work too…all she honestly wanted was to freaking go to her crappy apartment and sleep. Okay, it wasn't crappy, but in her mind she thought it was crappy. Plus, she needed to get home before her parents called the police. And the basically lived next door.

"I'm doing this…for vengeance. Drive."

Vengance? Not money? "Where…"

"I'll tell you. Not start moving."

Damn it…its too late for anyone to help me now…if I die…then fuck, i need to feed Kana…

"Please. No. I have…a daughter."

She heard the person scoff before her, and a light chuckle. She glared at the rearview mirror, hoping the girl would see it. Damn her for being at the top floor of the parking lot building all alone. Damn her for working overtime.

Nobody was going to come.

"A Daughter?! I know you don't have one, stop lying."

Shizuru breathed in, before getting ready to start an argument. "I do! Her name is Kana! She's 2 years old!!!"

The woman, Shizuru could feel her grin from somereason, and blushed in embarrassment. Why?

"Yeah, but I don't think a two year old snake needs a mommy to help her."

Shizuru bit her lip. "How the hell did you know?!"

Hearing the ruffling of the woman behind her, Shizuru presumed that she had shrugged. "I just know."


"At least I'm not the crazy ass pretending my snake is my daughter."

"But you're the crazy ass in my car taking me hostage."

"Was it my fault that I hate your family?"

"Don't talk about my family like that!! What do you want, money! Or are you just fucking around with me!?"

"Oh, I'd fuck you, but first, I want you to start the car and start moving!" Shizuru blushed at what the girl said, without hesitation. Arathis woman wants to…what me? Ahh, mou, what am I thinking, I'm a hostage…


Shizuru started her car, and drove out of the garage, listening to the woman in her car's directions, while in her mind, laying out the possible tortures she would be put through.

She didn't want money, maybe a research lab to poke at her? Or maybe she would have people make her into a sex slave!? Or maybe she would be forced to work at a…a…a…Shizuru blushed deeply, and tried to drive all those evil thoughts away. She probably might die soon, and she knew it, so Shizuru tried to calm herself down.

How can I…? Knowing you're about to die…its…god, how the hell do people go suicidal…

"Are you going to kill me?"

The woman stayed silent, before erupting in loud fits of laughter. Shizuru glared at her, it wasn't even funny at all! "What the hell? You'll find out sweetie, now take a left here."

Shizuru took a left, and started driving into the woods. Whatever happens, I'm under this woman's control…damn it.

In the midst of her driving, the moonlight finally cast a glow upon her culprit.

Her culprit was amazingly…the most beautiful person she'd ever see.

Those green eyes stared right back at her.



I reckon I should put some M warning stuff…this ain't some high school crap. Natsuki is…

A horny little devil?