(this message corrosponds to the one on Truth Be Told, if you have not seen the horrible thing i wrote, then i'm glad;. you can just ignore this and wait for the real update)

Dearest Fanfiction dot Netty Reviewers Readers and such,

Blahblahblah, I take back what I said. I'd like to put what happened, but let's just say a week in the hospital waiting made me very…unapproachable. But I decided I can't stop writing; its become something I'm attached to, and I don't really care whether I sucked or not to begin with. But alas, after a few talks with my best friend who apparently is the only one who knows of my writing stuff (If you knew knew me, I wouldn't seem like the one to write in the first place) and yeah. Sorry for whatever reactioins I caused, but honestly it wasn't for sympathy in the first place. For whatever time it was I really did give up on it, but, I miss it too much.

And I Will be updating more frequently hopefully, but for now I still need to let things relax.