Hey guys, here's the sequel, finally!

What happened since they left …

It has been five months since their leave.

What happened in those five months...

Sakura and Tenten became dissatisfied with Mist so they left to live in the Hidden Waterfall Village because it had more opportunities for sports and colleges. Ino and Hinata remained in Mist.

Sakura is now dating Kiba and she and Tenten work in a restaurant. Sakura, Hinata, and Ino are 16 and Tenten is 17. Sakura is beginning to think her life can be normal again…

"Sakura come on, were going to be late,'' a girl called to Sakura.

"I'm coming Kira,'' Sakura told the girl, taking her textbook from her locker and joining the brown haired girl to their history class.

"Why do we even need to know the history of the U.S anyway? We don't even live there,'' complained Kira.

"Well, I guess it's because they sometimes have to learn our history, so it's only fair that we learn theirs,'' Sakura guessed.

"Still it's so boring,'' Kira complained.

"I know,'' Sakura replied as they walked into their history class and took a seat at their table next to Hilie, who was reading the textbook furiously.

"Cay, so the Boston Tea Party was 1773, or was it 1804. No wait! Wasn't that the war they had with Canada, arg! I'm so gonna flunk the test!'' Hilie wailed, hitting her head on the table.

"Relax Hilie, the test is on Friday,'' Sakura told her.

"Oh…right!'' Hilie said in relief.

"I still say it's pointless to learn this stuff,'' mumbled Kira.

"Class take your seats, and settle down,'' Iruka called to everyone.

"Yesterday we talked about the American Industrial Revolution, when the U.S became one of the top industrial countries in the world along with Germany. Today we'll be discussing how the American Industrial Revolution differed from the British Industrial Revolution. So get into groups and read pages 125 to 130 of your text book,'' he instructed.

The class slowly took out their textbooks and began reading. A while later Iruka walked over to their table and asked. "Sakura, please tell me two reasons why the American Industrial Revolution differed from the British Industrial Revolution."

"The British population was more eager to work, even if the conditions were rotten, but the Americans weren't so eager to work and in the U.S railways made a huge difference and in Britain they didn't make much of a difference,'' Sakura answered.

"Very good Sakura,'' Iruka answered. Then he went over to another table.

Kira took out a notepad and began drawing a picture of a dark angel. "You should really go in art,'' Sakura told her, looking over her shoulder at the drawing.

"No,'' Kira answered calmly.

"Why not? It would be easy marks for you,'' Hilie reasoned, looking up from her book.

"Because I only like drawing, in art you have to do other crap like sculpting,'' Kira explained.

"Hey sculpting isn't that bad,'' Sakura argued.

"That's your opinion,'' Kira countered, not looking up from her drawing.

Finally, the block was over and it was lunch. "Finally it's over,'' Kira told Sakura and Hilie.

"History's not that bad. Not as bad as physics anyway,'' Hilie told her.

Kira thought for a moment and said. "Yeah, I'll give it that."

"You better, physics is freakin hard!'' Hilie remarked, dumping her stuff in her locker.

"Then why did you take it?" Sakura asked.

"Parents made me,'' Hilie explained."Just like the rest of my options, bio, Spanish, as if I'm ever going to need that, computers, and chemistry."

"And to think I was complaining about my calculus,'' Sakura remarked.

"Yeah, it sucks having parents that care about your future about three times more than the average person,'' Hilie admitted as they went to sit with Tenten, Kiba, Healia, and Haku).

Sakura took her seat next to Kiba and Tenten. "How was history?'' Kiba asked Sakura as he put his arm around her.

"Boring as usual,'' Sakura told him.

"Well at least you have me to liven up your life,'' Kiba teased.

"You're pathetic,'' Sakura told him in a teasing tone.

"I know,'' Kiba answered.

"So what classes do you guys have left today?'' Healia asked.

"English and drama,'' Sakura told her.

"English and bio,'' Kira replied in a tone that showed she didn't like it (the only class she liked was outdoor ed because that was a prep free class).

"Bio and Spanish,'' Hilie told them.

"Me and Tenten both have math and basketball,'' Healia announced.

"I have computers and art,'' Haku said happily.

"So they all suck,'' proclaimed Kira.

"Hey don't you want to know what I have?'' Kiba asked offended.

"Not really,'' Kira told him automaticly.

Akamaru barked softly on Kiba's lap and sounded kind of hurt.

Sakura reached over and petted Akamaru. "You know we were just kidding." She turned to Kira and said. "I don't think all of them suck, I like the classes I have."

Changing the subject, Hilie spoke up. "Sakura, did you see the movie Saw 4 yet?''

"Yep,'' Sakura told her."Tenten and I saw it on Saturday."

"I haven't seen it yet, is it good?'' asked Kiba.

"Surprisingly,'' Kira answered. Everyone looked at her surprised; she rarely ever gave movies a good review.

"Oh,'' Sakura said. "I just remembered.'' She reached into her bag and pulled out a doggy treat."I brought this for Akamaru."

Akamaru wagged his tail happily as Sakura gave him the treat. "You spoil him,'' Kiba told her in a nagging voice.

"I know,'' Sakura admitted, sighing. Then the bell rang.

"Walk you to your next class,'' Kiba offered as Sakura got her books from her locker.

"Kiba your class is on the other side of the school and you know how Hirashi hates it when your late,'' Sakura reminded him.

"I know,'' he said disappointingly, then asked."Can I at least have a goodbye kiss?''

"You know I do not like doing that in public,'' she reminded him.

"Fine,'' he replied sadly. Then with lightning speed he pecked her on the lips then started walking away before she could react saying. "Bye."

Sakura walked into her English class and took a seat next to Kira. "I don't see why we bother coming in only five minutes late, Kakashi always comes in later then us,'' complained Kira.

"I know. You'd think that out of all people coming late the teacher wouldn't be one of them,'' Sakura agreed.

They talked a bit more till Kakashi finally came. "Sorry I'm late guys,'' he apologized."Today we're going to continue studying Shakespeare's classic, Romeo and Juliet, so take your novels and read the next chapter. Afterwards, I have some comprehension questions for you."

After the class Sakura walked over to drama where she sat next to Kana and Kiba, who only went in drama because he didn't want Sakura to go in any parts where she had to kiss any guy except him.

"Sakura do you have the script for Midsummer night's dream? I lost mine,'' Kana asked.

Sakura smiled. "Yep." Then she gave her friend the script.

Kana looked at her part and whispered. "Thanks." And gave it back just as the teacher was walking in.

"Hello everyone,'' Kurena told everyone as she entered the class."Today were going to work on the costumes and going over the roles of Midnight Summer's Dream,'' she announced.

Sakura got out her part as Hermia, Kiba got out his part as Lysander, and Kana looked off of Sakura's, and they began practicing.

After the bell Kiba turned to her and asked. "Do you want to hang out with me on Friday?''

Sakura tried to think of anything she had on Friday then replied. "Sure, do you want me to come to your house?''

"Yep,'' Kiba replied grinning. Akamaru barked in happiness. Sakura petted him before telling Kiba goodbye and heading out the door.

After getting her books she met Tenten outside and they skateboarded to their jobs at a restaurant where they worked as kitchen helpers.

"Hey guys,'' Taya, their boss greeted them.

"Hi,'' Sakura and Tenten both replied to the black haired lady. Then they began helping the chefs, loading the dishwashers, preparing orders, etc.

Finally, it was over and they quickly skateboarded went back to their apartment. They made it back in record timing. Ten minutes.

Sakura immediately went to her bedroom to dump out her backpack, and then checked her computer for messages from Ino and Hinata. There weren't any.

Sakura then quickly did her homework and went to watch a movie with Tenten.

Before the movie started Tenten spoke up, almost nervously. That was odd."I think Haku's going to ask me out."

"What makes you think that?'' Sakura asked.

"Well, Healia says that he always looks at me like he really likes me and that he always talks about me at home,'' Tenten answered.

"Do you like him?'' Sakura asked.

"Yes. He's smart, gentle, caring, artistic… everything Neji wasn't,'' Tenten answered. Then both of them froze a bit at the mention of his name.

"You know, even though, I know we left them... I feel like they're coming to get us and whenever I wake up in the morning I feel like he's going to be right beside,'' Tenten admitted quietly.

"I still sometimes feel like that too,'' Sakura admitted."Don't worry Tenten they're not coming back,'' Sakura assured Tenten.

After they watched the movie Sakura went to bed feeling confidant in what she told Tenten. Too bad she was wrong.