What happened in chapter five:

He stepped inside, then turned, shut the door, and looked at her. "What is your connection to Sasuke?" He asked, his eyes glued to her.

Her eyes widened and a small gasp escaped from her throat. She should have been prepared for a question like that. But she wasn't. What could she tell him? He wouldn't believe the truth; heck if she hadn't lived through it she probably wouldn't have even believed it. But he had seen the way Sasuke acted towards her before; he knew there was something between them. She sighed and looked at him with sorry eyes. "I really want to tell you," she began, "But I highly doubt you'd believe me."

Sakura stood there in silence. Kiba just stared at her. He looked at her with a mixture of disbelief, anger, and hurt evident in his eyes. "Really?" he asked slowly, sounding unconvinced.

She nodded and looked down, wanting to avoid his harsh gaze. Although, she didn't have a good reason to—she wasn't lying. "Yes, and if I told you the truth, you would either accuse me of lying or think that I'm insane." She didn't have to look at him to know he didn't like her answer. Most people wouldn't accept that, and she didn't expect Kiba to be any different.

But then he did something she didn't expect—he growled. Kiba didn't growl, at least not because of her. The sudden sound caused her to look up at him just to see him throw his hands up, turn around, and pound on the door.

Sakura unconsciously took a step back. She had never seen him like this before. The maddest she had ever seen him was when his car was the victim of a hit and run. He was slightly annoyed, but only for a few minutes. In fact, sometimes she had thought it impossible for him to feel anger at all. This was a side that was completely unexpected, and she didn't like it.

Kiba either didn't seem to notice her surprise, or he was too enraged to care about it. "Great, my own girlfriend won't tell me the truth." The words were laced with frustration.

She, through her surprise, somehow managed to find an opening in his statement to change the subject and quickly used it. "Hey I'm not the only one who's not telling the truth. You were happy, and then all of the sudden Sasuke walked into our classroom and you randomly started throwing a fit all day. Honestly, even Akamaru was acting strange," He paused and looked at her. She continued, now voicing the confusion she had felt throughout the day. "You never even mentioned why, so don't act like I'm the only one keeping secrets."

"You...wouldn't understand," He spoke through gritted teeth and almost seemed to brush it off, as if it was irrelevant.

"Yes, I would," She assured him, feeling confident in her answer. After what happened to her with Sasuke—even if Kiba said he was secretly the Easter Bunny—she would believe it.

"No, you wouldn't," He repeated. His back was turned away from her, as if he didn't want to face her. "I can't believe I'm in this situation," He appeared to be talking to himself now.

A frown appeared on her face. As mad as he was, she could also tell that Kiba was hurting. This bothered her more than his anger. It made her want to try anything she could to end his suffering. "Please, talk to me. Tell me why you're so angry," She tried to walk towards him— an action that would have an immediate consequence.

He jumped back away from her, as if she was wild fire. "I really don't want to be here right now," he mumbled, moving towards the door handle.

"Wait!" She called out hurriedly as he was turning the handle. Tears were beginning to build up in her eyes. Sakura felt that if she let Kiba leave now, he would never come back. She didn't care if he didn't believe her. "I'll tell you."

Sighing, he shut the door and turned back to face her. "Alright."

Slowly, she began to tell him had happened to her. "About six months ago, I was a waitress with a girl named Tenten. One night, at the restaurant we worked at, there were two boys, Sasuke and Neji. They were both surrounded by girls and seemed sort of arrogant, but we didn't think anything of it at the time, although we did call them out on it. In fact now that I think of it, we were probably acting way a lot ruder then we were supposed to act to customers. But anyways, the next day we were leaving a movie store when we were approached by Sasuke and Neji. They kidnapped us and we found out that they were vampires." She spoke the last part of the sentence nervously, knowing that her boyfriend probably wouldn't believe her. She was so nervous in fact, that she did not notice that as she was telling the story, Kiba's temper was increasingly getting worse.

"They brought us to their home, where there were two other vampires, who in turn had kidnapped two other girls. We found out that they wanted us to be their mates and had marked us. But then we learned how we could take those marks off and so we planned an escape. Oh, and there's something else important. Tenten and I are both sumuners. This means that we can control the elements, although I must admit we're not that great at it yet. Somehow we convinced the vampires to let us take a walk through the forest. While we were on the walk, we accidently showed our powers by saving a deer and let them know that we were sumuners. Fortunately, later on we managed to escape. Tenten and I separated from the two other girls, although we kept in contact by email. A few days ago, we received an email from the other girls saying that the vampires were back. And today, they found us. I know that this sounds insane, and you probably think that I'm making this all up. But it's real, at least try to believe me," By the end of her explanation, her previously unshed tears were gathering in her eyes. Sakura's arms were folded on her chest and she felt a strong urge to sit down. She was almost unable to stand up. Her legs just weren't supporting her anymore.

Surprisingly, she didn't have to. Kiba came over to her and held her in his arms. Although she could still sense his rage, she felt comfort in his arms and leaned into him. She felt safe with him, like nothing could harm her.

His next sentence broke her train of thought. "I can't believe he's hurt someone else close to me."

She blinked away her tears and pulled away from him slightly. "What?"

He sighed once again. "I guess it's my turn to explain," He moved their positions so that he was in front of her, his arms encircling her waist. His eyes bore into hers. "This probably won't come off as weird as I thought it would. I'm a werewolf. Do you remember how, in movies, werewolves and vampires are sworn enemies? It's real, and it has been going on for a long time, although not all werewolves want the fighting to continue. Some want it to stop."

"My clan was one of the few that were neutral towards vampires. We didn't want to continue with the fighting. The Uchiha clan, however, thought otherwise. They believed we were just pretending. The Uchihas thought that we were trying to deceive people, so that they would let their guard down around us. This would make it easier for us to attack the vampires. They taught those beliefs to Sasuke, who, of course, believed every word of it. When Sasuke and I were about twelve, the Uchiha clan was attacked, and almost everyone within the clan was killed. Sasuke believed that my clan killed them. He came after us, and he..." Kiba paused, taking a deep breath before he continued.

"He killed my father."

At this point, Kiba's hands were pulled into fists. His eyes were squeezed shut, like he was reliving the event in his mind. "After a while, it was discovered that it was Sasuke's brother Itachi who murdered his family. I tracked down Sasuke, expecting an apology. As if the mighty Sasuke Uchiha would apologize. When I met up with him, Sasuke said he didn't regret what he did. He even said that he still would have killed my father, even if my clan wasn't suspect for the massacre of his clan. I lost control and attacked him. Even though I injured him, he got away."

Sakura tried to process the information, but it was taking a while. Her boyfriend was a… a werewolf? She didn't know what to make of it, but she knew that her Kiba was still hurting. Sakura pulled her boyfriend into a hug—an embrace he eagerly returned. "After that we had a few run-ins with each other, and it always resulted in us fighting it out. However, one of us had always managed to escape the other. This is the first I've seen of him this year," He sighed and looked up at her. "And now he's hurting you as well."

She pulled him even closer to her. He buried his head in the crook of her neck. For a while they stayed like that, silently holding each other. Neither one seemed to want to break the silence. But, after a while, Sakura knew it had to happen. She lifted her head up, and Kiba looked at her in response. "So, what now?" she asked him.

He shook his head. "I don't know, but I know that the last thing I want to do is nothing."

She nodded in understanding, although that had been what she and Tenten had been trying before this. Now that she thought more about it, it probably wasn't a very smart idea. After all what were they expecting? Were they hoping for Sasuke and Neji to lost interest and simply leave? That wasn't a very smart plan. That left the question: what was the new plan? "Do you want us to confront them?" She asked.

"I just tried that," He replied. "I asked him what he was here for. He said it was to get you back. I told him to back off. He promised he would, as soon as got what was his. Then he left." Repeating the situation seemed to rekindle his anger, but then he stopped to think about something. "What did you mean by 'confronting them'?"

"Oh, right," She said in response. Kiba probably didn't know about Neji being here or any of that. "You know how when I was explaining what happened to me I mentioned a girl named Tenten? And how the vampire that got her was named Neji? He came here too."

Kiba groaned. "There's another one of them? Great, now I'm outnumbered."

"Outnumbered?" She asked, confused. Then she realized that he meant that he was the only one going to fight them. "Hey! Tenten and I are sumuners remember? We can fight."

"Yes, because you really showed that earlier today," He countered sarcastically, unconvinced of her statement.

She flushed, knowing that he was right about today. But she wasn't always like that. "I hadn't practiced in a long time," she tried to defend herself.

"Well, you should probably start practicing again soon," He told her this in almost in a nagging tone mixed with urgency. Then, more kindly, he added. "I don't think I can face Sasuke and Neji alone."

"You won't have to," she reassured him. "I will be right beside you."

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