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A Dream Turned Reality

Supernatural...what can I say about that show? Well, the characters...wow. What completely gorgeous men. I'm serious. On T.V. nowadays, you never see anyone quite as sexy. Dean, with his spiky hair, murky eyes, perfect lips, and freckles. Oh yeah, his wit helps with it too. Then there's Sam, with his floppy hair, gray eyes, and a lovingness that not even an angel could compete with. But neither of these is what I love most about the show. What I, Ashton Ride, love most about this show, is the main concept, or the genre. The paranormal. The idea that ghosts, demons, and spirits exist. What could be cooler? I mean, traveling on the road from place to place, looking for supernatural things to kill, that sounds extraordinarily exciting. The thrill of watching ghosts dissipate into nothing but air. Watching demons get shot in the middle of the forehead, and watch the black fade from their eyes.

That's whatI love about this show. Well...the boys don't take away from the affect. That's why, when on my 25 birthday, when I opened the gift bag that my friend Allison gave me, I literally jumped for joy and hugged the breath out of her. Inside the bag...was the complete 1st and 2nd seasons. "Oh my gosh, oh my gosh, oh my gosh!" I yelled hopping on and off the couch. "I can't believe it! You finally caved!"

I looked over at Alli who was laughing hysterically. "What do you mean by that?"

"I mean, you guys make fun of my crazy obsession 24/7. There isn't a day that you don't make a crack about something that happens.Or say something that happened wrong, so that I have to correct you, because you know I will. I've been begging you for the past like...couple of months to get me these DVDs. But youjust keep saying"

"Oh, that's what youmean." She laughed. It was true. All my friends madefun of me incessantly. They all knew that Iwas in love with the show, and the guys. MainlyDean...oh Dean. I loved that guy. His wittinesscracked me up, and often I found myself quoting him, or using some of his sarcasm, as my own. "Well, I figured that I would save myself the insanity,"

"What do you mean, 'Save yourself from the insanity'?" I countered.

"If I didn't get it for you now, there would be not one single time that I saw you that you weren't nagging me about not getting it,"

"Ah ha," I laughed. That was probably true.

"Well, I'm gonna' let you get started on watching that. I hope you like them, they cost me a fortune,"

I looked down at my gifts and smiled. Alli was the only true friend that I had. We'd been bffs since 1st grade, and had been inseparable since then. The saying, "When worst comes to worst, my girl always comes first" really comes to mind when I think about our relationship. Through my nasty breakup with Rian, she was always there. Through all of her breakups, I was the one she could always count on. Always. "Thank you so much, Al. I'm really glad you came over,"

"You know that I will always be here on your birthday. You have no one else. It was be unethical if I didn't,"

"Oh lord," I chortled. "Pullin' out the ethics on me,"

"Always," She said, quoting my previous though. "All right. I'll see you tomorrow at work, right? You're not gonna' pull a hooky and watch Supernatural all day?"

"I don't know…" I sighed. "You're just gonna' have to see if I come in tomorrow to find out."

"You're so difficult," She laughed, standing up from the chair. "Bye, chicklet."

"Bye, Al." I walked her to the front door of my two level apartment.

One Alli had gone, I returned to the sofa where I pulled out my presents. They were neatly packaged in the normal packaging for DVDs. Wrapped in plastic, and pictures on the cover. With an overdramatic sigh, I turned the package over and began to read the back. Just reading the back gave me chills of excitement. "Okay, can't wait anymore," I jumped up in anticipation and ran to the stairs where, once there, I started bounding up.

I reached my bedroom in record time and ran towards the TV area. Ripping open the plastic, I practically manhandled the DVD as I placed it in the awaiting player. With a bounce, I landed on my bed with a plunk, and reached for the remote. Pressing all the appropriate buttons, I waited impatiently for the opening screen to come on. With an obnoxious squeal, the Supernatural logo appeared on the screen.

I clicked 'play all episodes' and bounced up and down on my spot on the bed, waiting for it to start. Within seconds, the first shots of the first episode flitted across the screen, and I have an appreciative sigh. "I love you, Alli," I laughed aloud.

As the show was playing, I started thinking to myself. I wonder what it would be like to be on Supernatural. Well…not ON Supernatural, but living the life as a hunter, traveling on the road with the Winchester brothers. I bet it would be awesome, I thought to myself.

Dean and Sam Winchester sat at a diner down the street from their motel. "All right, Sammy," Dean said, looking up at his peeved looking brother. "What?"

"Dude," Sam sighed.

'Uh oh, I know that sigh,' Dean thought.

"Enough with the Sammy, okay?"

"Fine, just tell me what we're dealing with here…Sammy," Sam looked at him and glared. "Sorry, couldn't resist."

"Whatever, anyways, we're dealing with a poltergeist," Sam said.

"What kind of poltergeist? Like, the closet opens and swallows you whole, kinda' poltergeist, or things flying and scratches, kinda' poltergeist?"

"Well, there's no digesting closets, but the second one pretty much hits it on the head,"

"Well then, where do we go, Cheech?"

Sam glared. "Let's just go back to the hotel and get some sleep, for now. We'll make a plan soon as we're rested,"

"All right, sounds like a plan," Dean groaned, as he stood from the booth they were seated at. Sam stood up beside him, towering over Dean's 6'0" frame. "Dude," He looked annoyed. "You gotta' quit doin' that whole 'I'm a friggen monster because of how tall I am' thing."

"What thing?" Sam asked, amused.

"You know what I'm talking about,"

"Sure, Dean. Sure," Sam laughed.

They put the money on the table and started walking out to the parking lot where the Impala was waiting. As they got closer to the car, a blinding white light appeared in the middle of the parking lot. It seemed to be radiating from no where. Dean looked over to his little brother who shrugged his shoulders with awe. The light was getting relatively brighter with each passing second, to the point where the brothers had to cover their eyes from the intensity. As the light got brighter, a high pitched ringing sound seemed to be coming from the light. "Dean!" Sam yelled, over the sound. "What do you think it is?"

"I don't know!" Dean yelled, back. "Wait till it's gone so we can look," As if by magic, the light and sound stopped.

Dean and Sam looked up to see what they could find, and were stunned by what they saw. "Dean…is that…?" Sam couldn't even finish his sentence.

"It's a girl," Dean whispered, awestruck.