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This is a short chapter, filler chapter really...but kind of funny I think. Hope you all enjoy!

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"What a git!" Ron exclaimed, followed by numerous nods from fellow students. Meanwhile, Hermione continued to stare dumbfounded at the space in which Snape had just occupied. 'Did he just rush to get to me like that?' She shook her head. 'No, he wouldn't do that in front of everyone like that!' Blinking rapidly as a hand was dropped in front of her eyes, she glanced up to see Ginny smirking down at her. Grabbing the hand in front of her, Hermione hoisted herself of the floor just as McGonagall and Dumbledore reached the crowd gathered in the aisle.

"Settle down now, settle down! Please make your way back to your seats!" McGonagall shouted as she and Dumbledore ushered the students to their proper tables. Hermione turned to look at the professors. The headmaster smiled kindly at the girl as he reached her.

"Miss Granger, are you well?" She nodded in reply and jumped slightly as the headmaster clapped his hands. "Excellent! I'm glad that our potions professor is so swift on his feet then!" Hermione glared at the headmaster as chuckles were heard around her. "Carry on children!" With another clap of his hands, Dumbledore strode down the aisle towards the head table, McGonagall following close by. With a roll of her eyes, Hermione plopped herself onto the bench she had previously occupied.

"It sure is great that our dearest potions professor is so swift on his feet!" Ginny swooned at Hermione. "Before long, he is going to sweep you right off…"

"Finish that statement Ginny Weasley and I'll hex you from…"

"Hermione!" Harry and Ron exclaimed. Hermione graced her friends with a wicked sneer, before marching out the great hall. Ginny snickered as Harry and Ron looked at each other in bewilderment.

"What just happened here? I don't think I have ever seen Hermione act like she has for the past few days." Harry looked to Ginny for an answer.

"Don't look to me to give you an answer. Ask her about it Harry." Ginny replied. 'That girl is going to get herself in trouble if she keeps carrying on the way she is.' Ginny glanced up to the head table, making eye contact with Snape. He frowned at the girl as she graced him with a smirk. 'He is so in love with her!' With a wink to her professor, she turned her attention to her brother and boyfriend.

'What in the hell are you doing Severus? Pining over a girl, a student no less, that is half your age and now making a fool of yourself in front of everyone in Hogwarts!' Severus stood up from the table, and with a swish of his robes, made his way out of the great hall. He strode through the halls taking points from random students as he went. 'I am being a fool! She claims to be in love with me, but how could I possibly say the same about her? I don't, no CAN'T love anyone.' He let out a growl, sending a measly first year blubbering down the hall. 'Ah, the life of scaring…' Suddenly, all thoughts stopped as he was knocked onto his back, a book hitting him in the head, and was left gasping for air. Taking a few seconds to regain oxygen inflow, he grabbed the book that hit him and started to sit up. "HERMIONE!" He bellowed still not looking at the person who assaulted him.

"Um…pro..profes…professor, I'm no…not Hermione sir!" Suddenly, Severus was staring into the petrified face of…