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Vicki's Point of View

The first thing I realized was that I hurt. The second thing, that I was not alone. The third, that there was a really annoying beeping noise close by. My mind came back on-line slowly and I remembered being shot and thinking how no one would really care. No one except Coreen and my mother.

It had been two weeks since the whole mummy incident. Henry hadn't once tried to contact me and I had stopped leaving him messages. Mike also hadn't been by the office. Him I hadn't even tried calling. He clearly needed some space.

My mind drifted back to the last time I had seen either of them.

"I wish I could forgive you," Henry had said.

I wished he could have forgiven me too. The sad part was, that even knowing the end result, I would still do the spell again. Henry had been alive for hundreds of years and I couldn't bear the thought of him losing his existence on my watch.

As my eyes opened, I confirmed my belief that I was indeed in a hospital. The beeping sounds were the regulation hospital monitors letting everyone know that I was still alive. While this was definitely better than the alternative of being dead, I still would have preferred to be home. Being shot in the shoulder had hurt but not as much as my heart had hurt lately.

I tried to pull my right arm up to feel for the wound but it was stuck on something. I tried pulling a little harder which only ended up causing a jolt of pain.

"You're safe. Everything's going to be fine. You'll be able to go home in a few days."

Tears briefly flooded my eyes and I blinked them back. My glasses settled gently on my nose and I looked into the face that belonged to the voice.

"Henry," I said on a sigh.

Darn if I didn't sound needy. Oh well, maybe he'd just chalk it up to the meds I was sure that I was on. He leaned over me and brushed back my hair from my face. I realized then that my right arm wasn't stuck but rather that Henry was holding my hand. I glanced to my left and saw Mike's head resting on my bed. He had succumbed to exhaustion but still my other hand was wrapped in his.

It was so hard to keep my eyes open but I wanted to enjoy this moment. They still cared enough to watch over me. Henry's hand stroked my forehead again pulling my gaze back to him.

"Go back to sleep. We'll be here when you wake up."

I drifted away from the pain with a smile on my face, knowing that all was right with my world again.