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Chapter 3


We'd been staying with the Denali's since we'd been able to convince Edward to come home. I was bored, Jasper had gone hunting with the others and it was just Edward and I in the house. I was lying on the couch in the living room feeling depressed. Edward had forbidden us to contact Bella, not one measly letter was allowed. I was missing my best friend, badly, I didn't understand why he had done this to her, us and most importantly to himself. It hurt everyone to be away from Bella. It was while I was thinking this, that I got the vision.

I saw Bella in her Room back in Forks, looking upset and as fragile as ever, it was obvious that she wasn't eating enough. I saw her placing some pieces of paper on her bedside table and picking up a small bottle of pills and swallowing them all. The vision changed, now I saw Charlie, pulling up in his cruiser, racing up the stairs and breaking down on his knees when he found her dead.

As the vision ended, I heard something fall on the floor above me. A fraction of a second later, Edward was stood at the foot of the stairs.

"I got save her! Tell the others where I've gone." And with these words he stormed out the house and I heard him speed off in his Aston Martin.


Like a flash, I was in my Aston Martin. It was quicker than the Volvo and I needed to get to Bella fast. On my way away from the house I called the Airport of Juneau, hoping to book a flight to Seattle, only to be told that today there would be no more flights to Seattle until the late the next day. It was times like these I was grateful for my fast car fetish, without it I would be stuck in a car that refused to go over forty miles per hour, thank goodness for my Martin is all I can say. In it, I would arrive in Forks faster than I would have in the Volvo.

I stepped onto the gas harder and thought about Bella and the vision Alice had had. In the vision it was afternoon. Now it was late in the evening, hopefully I would get to Forks on time. It was a drive that would take me at least one day even if I drove like a maniac.

It seemed as if god was on my side. The streets were completely empty, allowing me to drive as fast as I could. I managed to drive a huge part of the nearly 900 mile drive before midnight. As the sun rose, I was close to Vancouver. Maybe I would be there in time. But if not…

I didn't dare think about what would happen to me if I couldn't save her. I turned on the radio to distract me from my dark thoughts. As I did this, I realised that someone had been in my car since the last time I'd used it, the radio had been switched from its usual classics station, to a local Top 40 station. The song playing at the moment was "Apologize" by one Republic and Timberland

I'm holding on a rope
Got me ten feet off the ground
And I
'm hearing what you say
But I just can
't make a sound
You tell me that you need me
Then you go and cut me down
But wait
You tell me that you
're sorry
't think I'd turn around,
And say..

That it's too late to apologize, it's too late
I said it
's too late to apologize, it's too late

"Please don't let me be too late!" I thought with all my force. "Please let me be able to apologize for leaving her!"

I prayed for the first time since I'd become a monster. I'd never needed god's help when I was human, but now that I was a vampire, a monster who didn't deserve help from any higher power. I needed gods help more than ever.

I'd took another chance, took a fall, took a shot for you
And I need you like a heart needs a beat
(But it's nothing new)
Yeah yeah

I loved you with a fire and... I was turning blue
to say
"Sorry" like the angel heaven let me think was you
But I
'm afraid

It's too late to apologize, it's too late
I said it
's too late to apologize, it's too late

It's too late to apologize, it's too late
I said it
's too late to apologize, it's too late
I said it
's too late to apologize, it's too late
I said it
's too late to apologize,

I'm holding on your rope
Got me ten feet off the ground

While the song played, I stepped onto the gas even harder. I couldn't let myself be too late. I needed to apologize. I needed to tell Bella how much I love her and beg her to take me back!

I drove like a mad man, it seemed as if I could be there on time, but halfway from Port Angeles to Forks, I had to pay the price for my driving. The Aston Martin gave up. The engine couldn't take the speed anymore. I was forced to run the rest of the way, it slowed me down enormously, but the thought of losing Bella forever made me run faster than I had in all my years of being a Vampire. Even that wasn't fast enough.

When I reached Forks, it was about the same time of day as it was in Alice's vision. I ran as fast as I possibly could to Bella's house. There I grabbed the key out of its position above the doorway and wrenched opened the door.

When I stepped into the hall I panicked. I couldn't hear her heartbeat. Not one beat. Please don't let me be too late! I raced up the stairs into her room. Standing at the door of her room I was finally able to hear her heart. It was weak, terribly slow and getting slower with every beat.

For half a second I was relieved that she was still alive. That was until I opened the door to her bedroom, that's when all the relief faded. She lay on her bed, next to her, an empty medication ampoule.

Her gaze wandered through her room, as if she wanted to say goodbye to the good times she had had here.

"Goodbye." She whispered so softly that is would've been inaudible to human senses. I wasn't even sure if she had heard herself. Then her gaze met mine.

"Bella" was all that I could say. What happened next is something I can't really explain. It was as if her dying mind was too weak to keep the barrier that stopped me from reading her thoughts up. For the fist time I heard her beautiful thoughts.

Edward. This can't be real… this has to be an hallucination, a mirage, an illusion. The last thing I'll see before I die.

"Please Bella, don't die!"

In less than a second I was knelt beside her bed. She smiled at me and whispered "It's too late Edward. I love you." She closed her eyes and her heartbeat got even slower. I had no choice. If I wanted to be with her, I had to change her.

This realization hit me when she closed her eyes to die. "Forgive me!" I whispered as I laid my lips onto her neck. As bit her, her sweet blood filled my mouth, it tasted like nothing I'd ever come across. It attracted and repulsed me at the same time, I was tempted to drink all of it, but I knew that I wouldn't have trouble stopping. The thought of loosing Bella was so strong within me that her blood didn't seem to affect me as much as it had before.

When I was satisfied with the amount of venom in her body, I stopped. The screaming started and I could hear the change in her heart beat, changing from the slow "lub-dub" to the constant buzzing that I now associated with the change from human to Vampire. Her heartbeat would become faster and more powerful before stopping altogether. I buried my face in my hands, this was the reason I'd moved away, to stop this happening. What had I done?

I'd been sitting in the same position for several minutes, when I suddenly felt a hand on my shoulder. I looked up into the face off Alice. Standing behind her were two faces I hadn't seen in a long time, Lucy and Samantha Anderson, they were nomads who came to visit us every decade or so.

Before I was able to ask what they were doing here, Alice answered me.

"I had a vision off you changing Bella. I knew that we'd need Sam and Lucy's help, we need their powers to make it look as if Bella really committed suicide." I simply nodded my head and stepped away from Bella's bed so that Sam could use her power.

Sam's power had always fascinated Carlisle, it fascinated it him even more that she had refused to join the Volturi, the thoughts of what she could do for them were terrifying. She had the power to clone anything she wanted, vampire or human, animal or plant.

She placed one hand on Bella's forehead and the other on her stomach. I wasn't sure what to think, I knew what was happening, but at the same time, I was scared it was hurting Bella. Sam openly admitted that she'd never cloned anyone whilst they were in the transformation process. Alice laid a hand on my shoulder as they both began to glow, not your ordinary forty watt light bulb glowing either, this was white hot glowing. A light so bright that even my eyes couldn't stand looking at it.

It was only after a few minutes that I was able to open my eyes again. When I did, I saw Sam carrying a screaming Bella, who was withering in pain. Yet on the bed, lay a still and silent Bella, giving the appearance of death, even though it had never been alive.

"The clone will stay like this for two weeks, that should be long enough for them to carry out the necessary procedures before the burial. After the two weeks have passed, the clone will vanish and no traces of it will remain." Sam explained as she handed Bella over to me, so that I could carry her.

"Shall I bring us back to Denali, or do you want to go somewhere else?" asked Lucy. Lucy's power was also interesting, and again, I was sure the Volturi would be after her soon, trying to recruit her. She had the power to teleport herself and others anywhere she wanted. I was about to say that we'd like to go back to Denali, but Alice got in there before me.

"You can go back to London, we're going to say at our home in Forks." Lucy nodded and I felt a strange sensation of being moved whilst standing on the same spot. A second later, I was standing in the familiar living room of our home. Another second later Lucy and Sam had disappeared.

For a minute it was quiet, of all our homes, Forks was the only place I felt a sense of relief when I entered, for me, it was home. My inner thoughts were interrupted by a piercing scream. In a flash, I was in the guest bedroom, I gently put Bella down on the bed. I silently berated myself for not getting a bed in my room, but then again, I never saw this happening. I never meant to cross Bella's path again, but seeing her again made me realise how stupid I was being. I couldn't stay away from Bella.

Bella's screams became more and more pained, I was finding it difficult to sit there knowing that I couldn't do anything to ease her pain. It was after one particular blood-curdling scream that Alice walked in.

"The others are on they're way here. They want to help us, they should arrive at noon tomorrow." I was too focused on Bella to give her a proper response, so I simply nodded my head.

"You did the right thing, you know that Edward? Don't blame yourself for changing her."

"I don't blame myself for chancing her. I blame myself for leaving her, if I hadn't, she never would have committed suicide. All I can hope for, is that she forgives me when she wakes up." My body shook with dry sobs, burying my face in my hands. Alice walked over and sat next to me, putting her tiny arms around me in a comforting hug.

After the burial, instead of driving with the others, I took my time and walked home. I needed time to myself to read over Bella's letter. It hurt me to be away from Bella, but I needed time to think over and to fully understand why she had done this to herself.

Her change had gone without a hitch, she was one of us now. Rosalie and Jasper had wanted to stay behind to stay with her when the rest of us went to the funeral. They wanted to make sure she didn't drain some innocent passer-by. This was all before we had discovered what her power was. Bella wasn't affected by human blood. It was this power that made us feel it was safe enough to leave her at home while we attended her funeral

I put all my thoughts into reading her letter. Slowly I opened the envelope and began to read.


I'm so sorry, I broke my promise. It isn't your fault, don't blame yourself.

I love you.

Forever yours,


I smiled at her choice of words. Forever yours. How true they were now. She was mine, forever. We'd already sealed this. We'd taken a drive down to Vegas and had a small wedding ceremony. Alice didn't approve, but it was what Bella wanted.

I was fully aware that if she had succeeded in taking her own life, I wouldn't have been able to smile, I wouldn't have been able to exist. But she didn't. Putting the letter back into my suit pocket, I ran the rest of the way home, to my great family, my beautiful wife and a future I looked forward to living.