Title:Birthday Presents

Author: Neerod

Ship: Golden Pair

Summary[Eiji birthday ficcieThe best presents sometimes don't need to be wrapped. OishiEiji

A/N: So, I am going to bother you first with an author's note. I wrote this ten minutes before Genetics lab class. And it's my first time writing the Golden Pair. Hope you'll like it:)





Eiji and Fuji were alone in the locker room. The others had already gone outside for morning practice.

"Do you want me to wrap my birthday gift for you?"

"Huh? No, no need." Eiji grinned; he was excited. Fuji gave him really good gifts.

Fuji went out of the clubhouse. He came back a minute later, dragging a beet-red Oishi along.

Eiji's eyes widened. Then he grinned, leapt out of the seat and promptly went to tackle-glomp his doubles partner. "O-Oishi!" he squealed.

"Ah, um…Eiji…" Oishi was saying.

"Eiji?" Fuji asked.

"Hoi, Fujiko?"

"I forgot this." Fuji produced a huge red bow ribbon from nowhere and placed it on top of Oishi's head. "Happy birthday."

Eiji grinned. "Thank you, Fujiko!"

Fuji smiled and left them.

Eiji turned to Oishi. "Nya," he began, "Fujiko knows what I want for my birthday! Don't you think so, Oishi?"

Oishi blushed an even darker red than before. "I guess so," he blurted out, unable to stop himself from smiling.

And then Eiji proceeded to smother his birthday "gift" with kisses.


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