"The Wormwood glides on waves of death,

Sudden silence, take one last breath

Strange sails on winds of danger

To this ship, death is no stranger"

The Wormwood sailed smoothly out of her midnight port like a panther stalking its prey-smooth and deadly. On her bow stood Christopher Carrion his gloved hands resting on one of the Wormwood's ghastly wooden creatures perched on the railing. His head, which many thought was frail, considered with the sheer volume of the rest of him was also the most fearsome. Skeleton lips with cruel, intense eyes were just a few of his ghastly features. A collar with nightmares swarmed around his head, twisting and twirling as deathly thoughts soothed their tortured being. He was fear and death personified. A smile crossed his thin lips as he imagined the pain and bloodshed he would be causing in just an hour or two. Word had it that the night island of Jibarish was planning a rebellion against the prince. You were either with Midnight or against it. If you were against it you shall be crushed-viciously. Jibarish was against Midnight, and he had every intention of crushing it. If it was with Midnight, too bad; Carrion would use it as an example to enforce the rest of the night isles staunchest support. The Carrion house would soon need it.

Staring off over the horizon Carrion envisioned his dream. Absolute Midnight, absolute darkness, and absolute power. However, Carrion was no fool and knew that something would have to be done about his grandmother, Mater Motely. She was no fool either and in the past, duel leadership had not worked so well with the Carrions. No, he would have to outsmart her before she outsmarted him. But that was for another time. Right now the Dark Prince focused on what was at hand right now.

However, it wouldn't be long until Mater Motely would find out about his little escapade and confront him about it. Not caring, Carrion toyed with the nightmare's in his collar, tonight is going to be fun he thought to himself. He closed his eyes and told the limp nightmares tonight you will to feast.

"Skeleton lips

With cruel and cold eyes

This is what you'll see before your demise

Carrion came out to play

Poor you, for it shall end in your decay

Carrion came out to play, and you shall see,

Oh how cruel his wicked, rotted soul can really be"


"The Sea

Is where I'll be

On a warm, breezy day

Ah, the cold and refreshing sea spray

I could sit here all day"

"Marina! You shouldn't lean so close to the railing its dark and you might fall in," said my mother, Iyeta. I sighed. My mother was always worrying. Ever since my father had lost 4 toes and an eye playing with baby dragon trying to prove that it wasn't as dangerous as it looked; needless to say, he was wrong.


Back long ago (to me anyway) my father was a handsome daredevil, my mother the daughter of a prestigious family. Needless to say, my mother was charmed by my father's free willing spirit. My mother was always inside the house, always being pampered. So after meeting my father, she began to develop a daredevil streak within her.

One day while they were on the island of Black Egg when they discovered a dragon egg. My uncle, Benjo, was throwing a birthday party for his wife, Melinda. After my parents left the party, they discovered the egg. Senses dulled by the alcohol, my father began to play with it-but then the egg hatched.

My mother told him to run away; so of course he did the opposite. He gave it a kick. An another, and another ignoring my mother's laments. Wham a powerful tail blow to the eye took out one of my father's eyes. My mother and father were never the same after that.


"Listen to your mother," he said. So I sat down on the warm planks to finish up my dress I was sewing. It was a beautiful sea green with small shells at the hem to represent the sea. We were sailing on the seas near the night island of Jibarish with my best friends Lizire and Torlem. However, selling boats and shells like my parents was not the life I envisioned for myself, no, I wanted fame, fortune and adventure.

In fact my friends and I were quite the diversified travelers. We had traveled to at least all of the islands except for Gorgossium and the 25th hour; picking up many different languages as we went by. My parent's ship, The Nocaru was a small and sturdy vessel. I spent many of my years singing and dancing on her planks with my friends Torlem and Lizire. Torlem and Lizier's parents were patients in Orlando's Cap but now have a home on Idjit. Although we aren't related by blood, we're as close as sisters.

Torlem is sort of the bossy one and wasn't afraid to speak her mind. We had gotten into many an argument over the stupidest things.

I remember one of the worst arguments we had. It was over getting the top bunk in the bedroom in this fancy hotel.

"You always get the top bunk," she said. I laughed and shrugged it off.

"So?" I replied

"So? You always get the top bunk. Maybe you should be more selfless and let me or Lizire get it one day," she retorted.

"Are you calling me selfish?"

"You shouldn't mind, because it's true."

"You're the selfish one"

"Oh please, you wish. Honestly, I've done just about everything for you. Being your best friend, your supporter…Do you think just because you have parents and I don't your better than me?"

And on and on the argument went until Lizire broke us up. She got the top bunk, Torlem the bottom and I the floor. We had reconciled since then and had become the best of friends.

Lizire is "the kind one". She was always there when you needed her. But sometimes her kindness got the best of her. We had been walking down the streets of Hoobarkros. When she saw an old beggar on the streets, he asked for a little money and she gave it to him. On our way back, the same beggar approached us and jumped us. I can still hear one of the snickering "You're right, she did have money!" to some of his pirate friends.

And me? I suppose I'm the wild one. You know the type; love to have fun, sing, dance, ect. You'd be surprised how many people take my being "dizzy" as stupidity. I savor the expression on people's faces after I tell them the answer a difficult question with ease. Or break into a conversation about Astrophysics with them.

Smiling as I remembered the warm, sunny days and nights we had spent on this little vessel. Spear fishing, sun bathing, and giggling as my parents told stories of days long past. Soon The Nocaru would be mine and I would be able to sail the seas as I pleased.

I stood up for I could see something on the horizon, a ship it looked like. Walking toward the railing once more, my dress swinging rhythmically with my steps. Ignoring my parent's laments I continued onward until I could walk no further. Suddenly a chill came over the ship and everyone was silent.

The great ship was approaching at a terrifying speed. It wasn't long until the figure on the bow of the ship was visible.

"It's….," said Torlem unable to finish her sentence.

"Christopher Carrion," finished Lizire.

"I can't be…," replied Torlem

"Ah, but it is," I said

That all they could handle, for as soon as our brief conversation was done, they bolted in the cabin screaming. I tried to shush them on their way to the cabin, but it was too late. We had been heard and we had been seen.


Carrion turned his head toward a small boat to his left. He had heard screams and where there are screams there is fear. His nightmares writhed and squirmed in morbid anticipation. He turned in time to see the door to the cabin slam as two girls ran inside. However, there was someone still on the deck as if unmoved by his presence.

The girl held a needle and thread in her hand, making it obvious that she was a seamstress. A very talented one at that, the dress she wore swayed with her as the gentle waves of the Isabella rocked the boat she was standing on. She also had dark skin, hair and large eyes, she was of the day island-the enemies; and so was one of her friends judging from the tanned arm he had seen slamming the door. The girl's large brown eyes caught his grey ones. He heard someone yell her name in the distance. He turned his head and continued to stare out on the sea.


There he was. I was staring into the eyes of every fear I had ever feared. Every tale I was too afraid to believe. Every into the eyes of death. Personified and approaching. I heard my friends scream and run away and dimly knew that I should do the same. Yet I continued to look like a animal being seduced by a viper. Distantly, I heard my name being called, but the power and presence of Christopher Carrion was too great to pull me away. He had the most saturnine eyes I had ever seen. Dark, with deadly intelligence and cat-like pupils that showed no emotion and probably hadn't for a very long time. With the curiosity like watching a horrific accident, I continued to stare.

"MARINA" my mother shrieked as she pulled me into the cabin. Suddenly I felt weak, drained. My parents hugged and berated me for my foolishness but I didn't care; I had just stared into the eyes of Christopher Carrion-and lived. I sat down on the floor with my friends relieved to still be alive. They're looking like me as if I had just seen a monster I thought to myself. Then again, I had.

"Why did you stay out so long?" asked Torlem. She was of the same Island as me, Spake, and had tanned skin, brown hair and light brown eyes.

"Are you ok? Why did you stay out so long? Was it really him?" asked Lizire. She was of Yebba Dim Day with light skin, hair, and eyes

"Yeah, I'm fine," I replied shakily. I closed my eyes and took deep breaths. It would be foolish to try and forget what I just saw. Why bother? I knew, like one knows a love one is dead, that his image would stay with me forever.

"Marina, what were you thinking? You could've been-" my father's sentence was cut off as a crash echoed throughout the cabin. The hull of the Wormwood tore its way though our seasoned vessel's hull and water came rushing in, eager to take its next victims.