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"I won't tell nobody. I'll just scream it in my mind."

Fireflies crossed her line of vision as she stared nervously at her shoes, stubbornly refusing to meet his eyes. Yet, against her will she glances up at him and her mind snaps a mental picture, to store away in the most secret place of her heart. It'll be awhile before she sees him again. He's looking at her expectantly, and she can't bring herself to speak. Fear causes her hands to tremble, and she knows that if she speaks, confessions will spill from her lips. Her heartbeat skips at the thought, but her mind is hesitant.

Some words are best unsaid.

She shakes her head to clear her thoughts, and finds herself watching the golden lights of the fireflies dancing in front of her eyes. She gasps as she feels calloused hands brush over her own, her gaze shifts to finally meet his nearly gentle stare. He's quiet, as always, but this time she's comforted by it. He whispers her name, and her breath freezes in her lungs. A smile comes to her lips.


Her chance to tell him is standing before her, and she can't take it. She loves him, but she concludes, perhaps it's best a silent love. Composed of smiles, and comforting embraces. Maybe it was stupid, but what she shared with him was enough. In it's own way. Her heart dreamed impossible dreams, where he loved her as well, where he chose her. But... her eyes scan his face, the inquiring look in his eyes shaded by his mask of indifference.

Not everything is supposed to come true.

Years could pass, and she'd never see his face again. But, then again it could be anytime, anywhere. If she saw him again, he could be anyone. It was her hope that she'd recognize him. Maybe when he came back he'd love her, need her as much as she brokenly needed him. A hope fainter than the light of the fireflies that surrounded them.


For now, she'd keep the memories. Her soundless memories of him.

She leans forward, her lips graze his forehead, where his forehead protector once was. Her emerald eyes flutter closed to fight the tears that threaten to fall. She whispers a goodbye against his skin before pulling away, not daring to look at his face again, for fear she would see something she couldn't handle. She turns away, but doesn't move, finding herself counting each of his fading footsteps.


"I hear the sound of my own breathing, it makes me miss you more."