Ever After: Remix Story

Chapter One: Danielle's New Family

Danielle De Barbarac was very excited eight year old. Her father, The Count Auguste De Barbarac, Had recently remarried and was bringing home his wife and her two daughters Marguerite and Jacquelin. His wife was The Baroness Rodmilla De ghent of the house of Ghent.

"oh Paulette, It feels just like Christmas" she exclaimed excitedly. "I get a mother and sisters all in one day"

"Yes, it's going to be very exciting here, what with the Baroness and all..." Paulette said adjusting the strings of Danielle's dress. "Oh, hold still!"

"The master deserves some happiness after all this time bringing up the child on his own." Louise said, adjusting the curtains.

"I hope she likes me" Danielle said softly.

"She will love you" Paulette said. "Just be the little Angel i know's in there somewhere. And don't go chewing on the bones at dinner and give your self away." Daniell giggle. There was a banging on the window. Danielle looked out the window to see her two best friends Gustav and Henry waiting outside. Another boy was with them, one she'd never seen before.

"You guys, I told you, not today" She called down to them.

"You like a girl!" Gustav shouted.

"That's what I am you half-wit" Danielle said rolling her eyes.

"Yeah, but today you look it" Henry said. He and Gustav laughed.

"Girl or not i can still whip you" Danielle retorted. "Meet me in the old hide out. I'll be along in a minute" The boys nodded and ran off.

Just then the carriage pulled up in front of the house.

"Welcome home, Monsieur le seigneur" Maurice said. "I see you have brought us a baroness."

"I have brought you an entire household, Maurice. But I seem to be missing a daughter." Auguste said looking around. The carriage door opened and a woman stepped out followed by her two daughters.

"Oh... Auguste. It's absolutely charming, really." She said looking at the Manor. Suddenly the front door opend and Danielle raced out.

"Papa" She cried. He laughed and picked her up.

"There you are, Meet your new step-mother and her daughters" He set Danielle down.

"Hello, Danielle. At last we meet. Your father speaks of nothing else. Ladies, say hello to your new stepsister" The two girls curtsied.

"Mademoiselle." They said. Danielle turned to her father.

"Papa, can I go play with my friends. They are waiting for me" Auguste smiled.

"Of course darling. Be back in time for supper" He said. Danielle nodded. She ran to the old hide out.

"Henry, Gustav, who is your friend?" She asked.

"This is Laurent, He is the son of my father's captain" Henry explained.

"Please to meet you" Danielle said and curtsied. They all laughed.

"Danielle, I brought you a book from the castle library" Henry said, holding it out to her.

"History of France" Danielle said reading the title. "Oh thank you Henry" She hugged him. He smiled. For the rest of the afternoon the four friends played in thier secret hide out. That evening after dinner, Danielle sat with her father in her chambers.

"Utopia" She said looking at a book he just gave her.

"It means paradise" Auguste told her, smiling. "This may be a bit thick for an eight-year-old. But we could add it to our library"

"Will you read some?" Danielle asked.

"It's been a long day" Her father said, tucking her into bed.

"And you're a husband now" Danielle reminded him. He smiled.

"Yes, I am a husband, but a father first and forever. I suppose this will take some getting used to." Auguste said, kissing her cheek.

"Did you see the way they ate their supper? It was perfect! Like a dance!" Danielle exclaimed.

"Did you like them?" Auguste asked.

"Yes, very much" Danielle replied.

"Good, good. Because I have to go to Avignon in a fortnight." Auguste told her.

"But you just got back" Danielle complained.

"I know" He said.

"For how long?" She asked.

"Only... three weeks." He told her. She frowned.

"One" She countered.

"Two' He tried to compromise.

"One" She said again.

"T..Two" He looked at her. "alright, one. Come one time for sleep" He said, kissing her forehead.

The next morning it was the crack of dawn and everyone was lined up to see Auguste off.

"I've never seen so many gloomy faces around here. I shall be back in a week." He said laughing.

"Then go. The sooner you leave, the sooner we can celebrate your return." Rodmilla said softly.

"Perhaps by then, the three of you will know each other better." Auguste said to Marguerite, Jacquelin and Danielle. He looked at his daughter. "I am counting on you to teach them the ropes around here. The Baroness isn't used to getting her hands dirty." Auguste told her. Danielle nodded and he took the reigns from Maurice and mounted his horse. as he trotted away, Rodmilla clapped her hands.

"Come along, ladies. Back to your lessons." She turned to go back inside the house.

"Wait! It's tradition. He always waves at the gate" Danielle told them. The Baroness stared at her, then went back inside the house. Danielle took off running so she could see her father, but instead of the usual wave, she was met with a shock as her father clutched his stomach and fell off the horse.

"Papa" Danielle screamed, running towards him. Rodmilla ran out of the house and all of the servant followed suit. Danielle sobbed on her father's chest and Rodmilla knelt on the other side of him, looking frantic.

"l-I love you." He said looking at her face.

"Papa" Danielle cried.

"Auguste" Rodmilla said. "You cannot leave me here. You cannot leave me here!" She screamed as he died.

"Papa, please come back!" Danielle cried. "Please" Rodmilla stared at the girl with a mixture of envy and hatred. How dare she steal Auguste's last words. She stood up and clung to Maurice for support.