Ever After: Remix Story

Chapter Ten: Treason and happily ever after

The Baroness and her daughters were eating supper when the doorbelle rang. Capt'n Laurent was at the door.

"His Supreme Majesty, King Francis requests an audience with the Baroness Rodmilla de Ghent and her daughters immediately." He announced.

"Oh. Is anything wrong?" Rodmilla asked.

"No, Milady. The King requested that you arrive in style" He replied.

"Hmm! In style we shall be." She closed the door. "Girls get dressed. This is it. Marguerite will be Queen, I just know it" Jacquelin rolled her eyes. when they entered the throne room, it was filled with courtiers. Prince Henry was standing to one side while his parents sat upon thier thrones.

"Baroness" King Francis began. "did you or did you not lie to Her Majesty the Queen of France?" All the blood drained from Rodmilla's face. perhaps it was just a test.

"Choose your words wisely, for the may be your last" Queen Marie said.

"A woman would do practically anything for the love of her daughter, Your Majesties." Rodmilla said. "Perhaps I did get a little carried away." Queen Marie stared at her stonily. Marguerite stepped forward.

"Mother, what have you done? Your Majesty, like you, I am just a victim here. She has lied to us both and I am ashamed to call her family." Marguerite said. Marie frowned.

"How dare you turn on me, you ingrate!" Rodmilla said, grabbing Marguerite's arm.

"You see what I have to put with!" Marguerite screeched.

"Silence, both of you? You both have lied to the queen. God Lord!" Francis muttered. He looked toward the other daughter. "Are they always like this?" He asked.

"Worse. Sire" She replied softly.

"Come here child" Francis said. Jacquelin walked toward the throne timidly. "As you know, your mother and sister have lied to the queen, we are sure of it. Perhaps you can tell us the truth" Rodmilla glared daggers at Jacquelin but the girl ignored it. it was Marie who spoke up next.

"Jacquelin, I was told that Danielle De Barbarac was engaged to a belgian and left before the Masque. Is that so?" Marie asked. Jacquelin shook her head.

"No, Your Majesty. Danielle was sold to monsuier Pierre Le Pieu" Jacquelin replied.

"And tell me, Jacquelin, where did your sister get a black eye?" The Queen asked. Jacquelin tried to choke back her laughter.

"Danielle punched her, Your Majesty" She said. "Because Marguerite stole Danielle's mother's wedding gown"

"Thank you Jacquelin" Marie said. She turned to Rodmilla and Marguerite. "Baroness de Ghent. You are forthwith stripped of your title. You and your horrible daughter are to be shipped to the Americas on the first boat. Unless, by some miracle someone here will speak for you." Rodmilla looked around but none of the courtiers stepped forward.

"There seem to be quite a few people out of tounge." Rodmilla said worriedly.

"I will speak for her" came a voice. It was Danielle. As She entered, everyone bowed low. Marguerite fumed when she saw the crown on Danielle's head.

"She is but a servant girl" She said.

"Silence" Francis said and Danielle came forward. "Welcome, my dear" He said warmly.

"She is, after all, my stepmother." Danielle told them. Rodmilla bowed.

"Your Highness" She said softly.

"I want you to know that I will forget you after this moment and never think of you again." Danielle told her. "But you, I am quite certain will think about me every single day for the rest of your life."

" How long might that be?" Rodmilla asked.

"All I ask, Your Majesties is that you show her the same courtesy that she has bestowed upon me." Danielle said. Rodmilla and Marguerite were led out of the room. Danielle smiled brightly. She took Jacquelin by the hand.

"You are now Baroness Jacquelin De Ghent" she said, kissing her step sisters cheek. "I ask that you please keep the manor in good condition. We will lend you some of the castle servants to help Paulette and Louise"

"Of course I will" Jacquelin replied. "I know how important the manor is to you" Danielle smiled. Later that day, Leonardo Davinci Presented them with a picture he had painted of Danielle.

"Leonardo. It's wonderful." Danielle said.

"Think of it as a belated wedding present,Your Highness." Leonardo rold her. Gustav laughed.

"What?" Danielle asked.

"I just can't get over it... Your Highness." He said. Danielle grinned.

"Yes, well, royalty or not I can still whip you." She said. Henry took another look at the painting.

"I must say, Leonardo for a man of your talents it doesn't look a thing like her." He commented. Danielle turned to him with a smile.

"You, sir, are supposed to be charming." She said poking him. He drew her close.

"And we, Princess, are supposed to live happily ever after." He told her.

"Says who?" She asked. He frowned.

" Do you know, I don't know." He said kissing her.

The End.

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