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Ziva woke up to find Tony still sleeping. She laughed as she sat up and looked at the clock. Her face fell.

"Tony" she said nudging him. "TONY!"

"Wha-?" He mumbled into the pillow.

"Get up!" She said sternly


She pointed to the clock that was sitting on the side table next to him.

"Crap! We're late!"



McGee slowly raised his head off the pillow and turned to Abby.

"Morning Abbs" He said smiling.

"Morning" She said also smiling. She took site of the clock and screamed.


"Abby? What's wrong?" McGee said panicking




"Jen wake up"

"What's wrong Jethro?"

"They better be there" He mumbled under his breath.

"What?" She said, and then saw the clock. "Crap"



Gibbs and Jen walked into the bullpen to find none of the team.

"Jethro, you're doing the walk of shame" Jen laughed looking at Gibbs, who was wearing the same clothes he was wearing last night.

"If any of them are doing the walk of shame I'm going to-"

Before he could finish what he was saying the elevator doors opened. Out stepped, well ran, Tony and Ziva.

"Dinozzo, David. You're late" Gibbs yelled.

"Sorry Boss, over slept" Tony said, earning him a head slap from Gibbs.

"What was that for?" Tony asked rubbing his head.

"For doing the walk of shame"

Ziva smirked and Jen laughed "hypocrite" She said.

This time Tony laughed as well. Before Gibbs could reply the elevator doors opened again. McGee and Abby ran out and stopped when they saw Gibbs glaring at them.

"Hi Boss" McGee said innocently.

"I see the boys stayed at the girls places then" Abby laughed nervously.

"DOSE ANYBODY LISTEN TO ME ABOUT RULE 12?" Gibbs yelled as he sat at his desk. The others walked and stood around him.

"To be fair, you broke the rule as well" Jen said standing behind him, rubbing his shoulders.

Giving in he said "Can you keep it out of the office?"

Everyone looked at each other and nodded.

"Good now-" Gibbs was cut off by his phone ringing.

"Yes-ok-yes" Gibbs hung up.

"Two marines found dead at a High School"

Tony, Ziva and McGee all followed, leaving Abby and Jen in the Bullpen.

"Should we go to the Green Dragon again tonight?" Gibbs said as they got in the elevator.

They looked at Gibbs in disbelief before they burst out laughing.

Things were going to be interesting.