I don't own Law & Order: SVU or its characters: this is the only way I can release my pent up energy that comes from watching.

Holding her new-born son, Elliot Stabler Jr., Kathy looked up watching Elliot Sr. leave.

Through the open blinds that covered the door and the window of her hospital room,
she could make out Olivia smiling at Elliot; she could see Elliot respond by heaving his shoulders from relief and pride.

She didn't expect to see what would happen next, though she probably should not have been too surprised.
Elliot seemed to have started walking past Olivia, then he made a rapid motion and turned around like he forgot something important,
seeming to have caught them both off guard; he was holding her, grasping his partner tightly, as if he were fearful she would slip away.

It was his face she could see now, the expression was indescribable.
A mix of emotion was written all over him, was it gratitude, protectiveness, or something more that was there?
After a slight shock, Olivia raised her arms and returned his gesture.

Though Kathy couldn't read her face; she imagined Olivia's eyes would show everything his were.
It was then Kathy realized, maybe she always knew somehow that she couldn't compete with what they had together,
and that she would never really measure up to the woman in his arms now.

Not that she could blame him for it, after all the woman just saved her baby's life and her own.

Kathy had a feeling, though she thought she had gotten over it and put it behind her, that she would always be jealous of Olivia Benson,
the 'other' woman who shared a part of Elliot, a piece of his life that she would never really know or understand.

She began to wonder if it was Olivia, who Elliot had been seeing during their separation.
She knew watching them that Olivia had a place in his heart, a big one.
No one, could begin fill or replace what Olivia meant to him; not even her.