What if, when James bit Bella in Twilight, Edward hadn't been able to get all of the venom in time? What if just enough had lingered in her long enough to change her, just a little? What if Bella had become half vampire? Ageless, cold as ice, pale as Edward, graceful as Alice, and eyes like honey, she possesses all of the vampirish qualities except the insatiable thirst for blood.

I'm pretending that the James attack took place at the end of New Moon instead of Twilight. Edward and Bella have a stronger bond by this point, plus Jacob is already a werewolf. I love Jake, no matter how much he bugs me, so I wanted him to have a main part in my story...Anyway, yeah. New Moon, not Twilight.

"Moonlit Shadows"

Voices swirled around me, confusing and impossible to detach from each other. My eyes wouldn't open, so I didn't know who was doing the talking. At least, I didn't until I heard someone say my name.


I would recognize that velvety smooth voice anywhere. I struggled to open my eyes.

"Edward?" I whispered. He was leaning over me, me favorite crooked smile on his lips. He reached out and took my hand. I frowned. I didn't know if it was me or the medication I was undoubtedly on speaking, but his hand didn't feel cold anymore. Normally he was as cold as ice. I looked at him questioningly.

"Why aren't you freezing?" I asked confusedly. He laughed and looked behind him at the other person in the room, Alice. When Edward made eye contact with her, she laughed along with him but I knew that they were conveying information between them. I was, as usual, frustrated at this lack of mental ability that my vampire friends possessed.

"What do you guys know that I don't?" I muttered, attempting to sit up. Edward gently pushed me back down.

"Rest, Bella," he whispered. "You'll find out soon enough, I promise."

"Where am I?" I tried again. The room around me looked thoroughly unfamiliar. The walls were white and plain. The bed was comfortable, though it too was plain. "Am I in a hospital?" Panic edged into my voice. I didn't like hospitals.

"No Bella," Alice danced to the side of the bed and stood next to Edward. "You're in our house."

" Carlisle will explain the rest to you...something happened to you, Bella," Edward looked pained. "When James attacked you...something bad happened."

"We aren't positive it's bad," Alice amended, shooting a glare at her adoptive brother.

"It's bad," Edward argued. "There could be drastic consequences to this, Alice!"

"What happened?" I asked loudly, tired of being left out of the conversation. Edward sighed and looked down at me, meeting my gaze. His topaz eyes were soft.

" Carlisle is outside the door. He'll explain it to you," he dropped my hand. "I'll be back when he's finished. I promise."

"No!" I reached after him. "Please stay..." Edward looked helplessly to Alice. She shrugged.

"Please?" I whispered. A sudden fear clutched at me. I had no idea what to expect. Was I dying? Was that why Edward was acting so...different?

Edward's eyes softened.

"Alright," he said quietly. "I'll stay." He walked back to my side and took my hand. " Alice, will you please get Carlisle? Tell him...we're ready." The smaller Cullen nodded and walked gracefully out of the room. I waited nervously until Carlisle came back in a few moments later.

"Hello Bella," he smiled warmly, but he spoke softly. "Are you feeling better?" I took a moment to think about what he was talking about before nodding. I remembered the fight with James. I remembered my panic as I looked for my mom. Mostly, I remembered that I was almost killed...I shivered. I knew that Edward had found me in time. He had sucked the venom out of the wound. I should be fine...right?

"What happened to me?"

Carlisle sat down on the edge of my bed and took a deep breath before starting his story.

"I'm sure you remember what happened to you." I nodded, so he resumed talking slowly. "When we found you, Bella, you were very pale. We thought it was just from the loss of blood from your injuries. That, of course, can be fixed...But then we noticed something else..." I was starting to get frustrated. Why couldn't anyone just tell me anything straight out?

"I'm sure you want to know what we're talking about," Carlisle said in an apologetic tone.

"Well, kind of!" I muttered. Carlisle leaned down and picked something up off the floor. When he straightened up, I realized he was holding a mirror.

"Here," he held it out to me. Nervous butterflies erupted in my chest. Was I horribly disfigured or something? I took the mirror and held it up to examine my face.

At first glance, I thought I looked the same. My hair was a little bit straighter, a little bit silkier. My face was clear, albeit more pale than usual. My golden-brown eyes searched the mirror, looking for what exactly it was that the Cullens were so worried about. I looked up towards Edward.

"I don't understa..." I trailed off. My attention snapped back to the mirror; my eyes in particular. Golden-brown eyes, pale skin...

"Bella, I'm afraid that the venom may have had time to change you a bit before we got to you..."

"And?" my voice came out as a barely audible whisper.

"Bella," Edward said sadly. "We think you are a vampire."