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Long, pale fingers brushed against smooth, creamy colored skin in a delicate manner. Lips latched onto a slender neck, pricking it with the sharpest of fangs, gently sucking at it. Small gasps escaped from a rosy mouth as she felt heated again; whether it is from the acute awareness of her true love's lips against her skin or from the awareness of her blood, an essence of herself, escaping into his mouth.

Slender and elegant fingers tangled themselves into his silky, silver hair. She tilted her head back as he sucked harder; to allow him to drink from her more freely. She closed her eyes and focused on him; on the way his tongue licked her skin, on the way his hot breath caressed her exposed skin. It was maddening.

He pulled her closer to him, almost settling the hunger within him. His fingers gripped handfuls of her brown hair lightly, pulling her head back to allow himself to savor her more.

Her fingers loosened themselves from his luscious hair and fell down to his chest. She gripped the flaps of his jacket; her breathing becoming ragged.

He unconsciously pushed them forward, and forward, until they bumped into the wall.

She subtly groaned when her back collided with the dense solid, but she didn't let him go.

He let go of her hair, already having his fill, and pried his blood-stained lips from her neck. He looked down, putting his hands on the wall; on either side of her face. His breathing was coming out in pants, her blood still lingering on his lips, in his mouth, in his system.

She opened her eyes and looked at him. Her hands were pressed flat against the wall. Her neck still held the puncture wounds, her blood still flowing freely. She lifted both her hands and placed them on his face, the gesture was full of love.

He looked up at her, his lilac eyes glazed over. He felt sickened. He hated himself for always taking from her, for always feeding off of her. So why…How could she be so forgiving? The question was eating him alive. He needed to know, he wanted to know.

She tilted her head and gave him that warm smile that always graced her lips. Her auburn eyes were vivid and reassuring.

But he wouldn't take that as an answer. He needed to hear it from her. He needed to know. He wiped the blood off of his lips and gripped her wrists. He leaned his face to hers, only inches apart.

"Why," he whispered, "Why are you always so forgiving? Don't you hate me? Don't you hate what I've become? Don't you hate that I feed off of you and delve into your secrets?"

She only smiled at him and stretched up on her toes; her lips lightly pressed against his.

He stood there, shock and confusion reflecting in his eyes.

She pulled away from him and looked at his eyes. "Because," she whispered," Because you are not like the others; you are special Zero. You will always be special to me."

Zero growled, shaking his head, still holding her wrists. "No, no that doesn't answer my question! Why do you do it? Why are you always—?"

"Because you have a special place in my heart, a place that even surpasses Kaname's."

He let go of her wrists and stared at her. He wasn't sure what he should say, or what he should be feeling at the moment, but he didn't care. And he knew that she knew it. All that mattered was that she had answered his question and that he felt relieved.

He grabbed her arm and pulled her against his chest; his arms embracing her. "Thank you Yuuki."

Eh, pretty short, and it has no plot. But oh well. I was bored. And I had started to write this a long time ago (more like over the summer) and so I decided to finish it. So yeah; hmm…Still not the well-thought out one I had mentioned about in the other one-shot. That one will come later.