His chest heaving and lungs bursting for air, Cloud leant against a statuette bust to regain his breath

Living within a leviathan

Chapter 2

His chest heaving and lungs bursting for air, Cloud leant against a statuette bust to regain his breath.

The after image of Sephiroth's face coming closer and closer, was still affecting him, even after having run two kilometers in the direction of the astropath chambers.

Sucking in deep breaths cloud slid down the busts supporting column, sitting on the floor with his back against the plinth, his body succumbing to the exhaustion of his flight.

The flagship Unending penance was for all intensive purposes a space faring behemoth, riddled with disused passageways and service corridors, one could easily get lost within its immense bulk, something Cloud had happen to him numerous times during his first fledgling years aboard this ship.

A full 8 kilometers long, and a 1 kilometer breadth, it was a small space faring city containing eight full companies of Novamarine troops and accompanying military auxilaries, Including Adeptus Mechanicus tech priests and acolytes.

Gazing around him, he noticed he was in the hall of memories, an old passageway reveling in the detail of past glories and heroes of the chapter.

Laden with huge portraits of former captains of the ship, and vast tapestries portraying great battles and victories the Novamarines had accomplished, It declared openly to anyone who walked down its length that they respected the art of war and dared anybody to question it.

Feeling his breath return to normal, he stood and looked upon the bust he had been leaning, and found himself staring at the solid bronze face of Roboute Guilliman, the primarch of the ultramarines and all its founding chapters.

A short mane of hair and a solemn dignified face that would seem more at home within a senate or parliament, the founding father of the codex astartes was surprisingly bland compared to the other primarchs.

Beneath his sculpture was an inscription,

Civilizations come and go, dynasties will rise and fall, aliens will vie for our destruction, civil war shall rend us in two, but humanity will always prevail.
Our imperium is vast and open to dangers within and without, no matter what time passes there will always be the same constant.
War, in a galaxy like ours it will always be there, there is but one thing we can do through constant vigilance.
We can know no respite, no fear, and be unflinchingly loyal.
If we keep true to these tenets, The Astartes shall always have a place.

-Roboute Gulliman

(Spoken to his troops after the siege of the emperors palace and the defeat of the forces of Horus and combined traitor legions)

Cloud stared at the sculpture feeling a sudden helplessness come over him, these words having been spoken over ten thousand years ago, and still the galaxy had not changed one iota.

Through war the space marines defined their purpose, through the sheer prowess of combat and the destruction of foes, was their existence justified.

His existence was justified through the passage of warp jumps, the incredible rush of translating through the real space into the no space that was the Immaterium.

But altogether he was replaceable, just like everyone else within the imperium, subject to the brutal dictatorship that was intertwined within a theocratic government.

Looking past the bust and gazing up at an enormous bas relief of a huge battle between imperial forces and a gargantuan Ork horde.

Feeling slightly queasy at the sight of the huge green skinned brutes wielding crude axes and pistols, he had heard horror stories of the way Orks went to war.

Just trying to imagine an immense wall of monstrous alien bodies coming toward him gave him an involuntary shudder, the fear that the soldiers of the imperial guard must feel when fighting in the name of the emperor, gave Cloud an all new respect for the average guardsman.

He sighed and began to walk down the passage, thinking over what had happened to him.

Sephiroth and there was something wrong with the warp, was his abilities in question? can he no longer see the currents in his eye?.

So deep in his thoughts he bumped into a large solid object, falling backwards and sprawled on his back, he struggled to sit up only to see a blue colored gauntlet stretched out before him.

"You alright?" asked a gentle voice.

Cloud's head cleared and he gazed up into a kind face that had black hair and blue eyes.

"Y-yes I'm fine thank you" he stammered back as he was lifted to his feet by yet another Astartes, but only this one was pure blue and inscribed with odd text work over all the surfaces of the armor.

"My name is cloud and I thank you for your help" he replied regaining his composure somewhat.

"Zack, Zack Fair" he replied extending a large gauntleted hand and shaking clouds entire hand, wrist and part of his forearm, "What brings you to the hall of memories Cloud?".

"I'm going to see the mistress of the astropath" cloud responded,

"Ah, I have not yet met her, may I accompany you?" asked Zack pleasantly.

"Well…." to be honest Cloud wasn't to sure he wanted company especially after the debacle involving the last Asartes he'd met.

"I suppose so" he resigned as he began a slow stroll down the length of the corridor with Zack ambling along side him.

"How long have you been a navigator?" he asked politely.

Cloud looked up surprised only to see the Astartes smile back "You wonder how I could of known you are a navigator?"

Cloud nodded curious to know and also to know why the marine wasn't disconcerted by the presence of a psyker.

Zack chuckled "that bandanna marks you as something else and you don't look like a typical naval rating" he said glancing down at Cloud's plain beige robes.

"Also I can sense the trait of a psyker within someone just by looking at them"

Cloud blinked "How?"

"You mean you can't tell? I'm like you, I'm part of the chapters librarium" he straightened his posture and began to strut slightly.

"I am chapter librarian neophyte Zack Fair, just out of the scout auxiliaries and a full fledged battle brother" he announced in a voice filled with pride and distinction.

"You're a psyker too?" Cloud asked staring up at him in awe. "So you know what it's like to have the taint huh?".

Zack looked down at him his face darkening slightly "Yes, I am aware of the curse put upon us" answering with bitterness.

Every human that had a connection with the warp had a risk of becoming mutated, Navigators in particular had an even greater risk of mutation, It was said that no long lived navigator had not become a disfigured parody of what it was to be human.

There were even greater threats of the potent psychic powers they wielded, for with every good thing there must be an equally opposite bad thing to be placed upon them.

Becoming warp conduits, insanity or even the most feared of all, possession by that of daemonic entities, though the risks of navigators becoming possessed were incredibly low, he still found it a horrifying prospect of being controlled by something of purest evil.

They continued to walk silently for a little while longer, tension having been brought thick over them like a glutinous fog, Cloud couldn't stand it.

All of a sudden he spoke without thinking "Why did you become a marine?".

Zack stared at him surprised, Cloud horrified quickly stammered out an apology "I'm sorry I didn't mean to speak out of turn, Sir" lowering his head in embarrassment.

Zack just smiled gently and said "Hey don't worry about it" laying a large hand on his shoulder "and you don't have to call me sir, Zack is just fine".

Cloud relieved at this continued "So how come?" he repeated.

Zack placed his hands behind his head "Hmmmm……..I suppose to be a hero" looking down at Cloud with a grin "What other reason should there be?".

Cloud couldn't help but smile back at him and his noble ideals, he didn't seem like the average marine, all the marines Cloud had met weren't friendly not to him at least, but Zack was definitely different, almost if he could tell him anything at all.

"You didn't answer my question cloud" said Zack suddenly with a kind smile "how long?"

"Twelve years" he answered with a humorless smile gazing at the long blue well worn carpet they were walking on.

"A veteran navigator huh, quite a tenure indeed" he remarked pleasantly "But I've never heard of the strife clan"

"Not surprising, I'm the only navigator in my family" he stated rubbing the bruises on his wrists that had been caused by Sephiroth's amorous advance.

Zack stopped in his tracks "You're a spontaneous mutation? Do you have any idea how rare that is" he asked with incredulity.

Cloud gave him a curious look "I've never really thought about it, what's the big deal?" he asked with a slight smile.

Zack just gaped at him "About a billion to one"

Cloud stared then started laughing "yeah right, come on man"

"I'm serious cloud, you are incredibly special, a very rare find" he said with an exasperated smile at Clouds total ignorance.

Clouds heart made a weird flutter at Zack's words, Special? No one had ever referred to him as special, a great warmth and contentment spread through him and he began to blush.

Feeling embarrassed he looked away and gazed upon a large painted landscape depicting White Consul marines standing triumphant upon a hill, their battle standard waving victoriously over the broken landscape.

"Nobody has ever said something like that" he said quietly staring hard at the white eagle played across the banner, luminous white wings spread wide and gracefully, it's razor sharp talons open and ready to spear any who dare threaten it.

"Then nobody has ever tried to get to know you" Zack said simply put his hand on Cloud's shoulder.

Cloud looked into his blue eyes and saw them twinkle slightly when he smiled, they stared at each other for a while, not speaking just gazing at each other quietly.

He began to feel his body more accurately, the gentle swish of blood in his veins, and the way his skin had goose bumps appearing along the surface at the contact between them.

Loud klaxons whistled shrilly all of a sudden making Cloud jump, a voice was then heard after the din "All Novamarine personnel to tactica control centre four"

Zack looked up at the booming voice frowning slightly "Hate to cut the short, but I gotta go man" he said reluctantly looking down at him "I'll see you round Cloud" he said smiling before running off down the corridor in the other direction.

Cloud just watched his new friend out of sight all the while rubbing his bruised wrists.

He arrived at the astropath quarters half an hour later, standing before the enormous bronze and ebony double doors.

Rapping the brass knocker upon it's plinth, he waited nervously for the reply as a slot opened in the middle of the door and a pair of unseen eyes surveyed him cautiously "What business have you here navigator?" came a soft whispery voice from within the inky black.

"I am to speak with the astropathica head mistress, Aerith" he said solidly.

A pause from the other side then "one moment please" thirty seconds passed before the giant doors opened to admit him to the smoky depths beyond.

A hooded adept in onyx robes stood with her head down "please this way master strife" as she led him towards Aerith's chambers, Cloud followed eagerly walking behind the gliding adept through the ante chambers and astropath lounges.

Cloud had a strong dislike of the lounge, cluttered with too much furniture and overstuffed cushions, small lamps lit the smoky room on tables surrounded by lower astropaths in quiet discussion or going through imperial tarot cards.

Soft music played through dusty speakers mounted on wood paneled frescoes, it was more like a saloon in here, complete with full bar and other illicit substances that cloud was sure breached navy protocol.

Their wizened frames hunched and slouching over large snifters of amasec or stronger spirits, what he hated most about this place was how disgustingly unkempt it was, bits of rubbish strewn all over the floor and furniture.

The place was hardly ever cleaned, how can they live in such filth? He wondered as he narrowly avoided stepping on an old discarded slice of bread that was spread with moldering fruit conserve.

A few heads rose as he walked by, a couple of astropaths nodding in greeting at sight of him, he nodded in return but did not slow down, the least amount of time spent here the better.

They had almost reached the large grand staircase that led up to sleeping quarters and meditation rooms when a dry old voice croaked from a shadowy corner "Master Strife, so good of you to grace us with your presence".

Cloud closed his eyes and suppressed a groan before turning to face the ancient figure reclining in the large heavily upholstered armchair, it's face hidden in shadow.

"Good evening master Bales, I hope you are well" cloud replied as pleasantly as he could and forcing his face into a neutral expression, in honest truth, he didn't like him.

"humph, closer boy come closer" he demanded.

"I would but Aerith is waiting for me" he replied genuinely.

"Then let her wait, spare some time for an old man" he croaked beckoning to him with a long bony finger, Cloud resigned with a low sigh and picked his way through the clutter to stand before Bales.

"Sit lad" he said gesturing to a large chintz couch opposite from him, Cloud did his best to remove the rubbish and old food scraps on the couch before gingerly sitting down and leaning back until he heard a crunch.

Leaning forward and looking round, he saw that chicken bones had been lodged in the wedge between seat and back, scowling and muttering he cast them aside and looked at the old man that was Bales.

Resplendent in burgundy robes with a cream shirt and black pants, Bales looked all the part of an old grandfather relaying words of wisdom to his grandson, the pipe of a hookah clutched in his long spindly fingers, and every now and then taking a drag and blowing pink smoke into the air.

"You feel it boy?" Bales wheezed.

"Feel what?" said Cloud glancing at an old grand father clock that was ticking loudly, its pendulum swing hypnotic.

Bales head shifted in the shadows "Don't be stupid boy, you know what I mean" he snapped.

Cloud swallowed nervously "The warp".

Bales toked the hookah making the water in its basin bubble, he then blew smoke rings towards Cloud "ah yes" he drawled languidly "It's not quite as it should be is it".

Cloud coughed and struggled not to retch at the sickly sweet sour smell of the smoke cloyed around him "what do you mean?"

"It's as if it swirls the wrong way" he wheezed dreamily twirling the pipe in his long claw like hand.

Cloud felt an unpleasant lump of ice form in his stomach, again he felt nothing out of place, no great disturbance, nothing "indeed" he replied absently.

"A great undertaking to begin and a large battle to be waged" he continued raising a glass of wine to his lips "but this is the imperium of man, when has it ever been different?" swirling the contents of his glass.

Cloud just nodded at the rhetorical question, taking the pause in the conversation to find an excuse to leave the insufferable old drone to himself, he was desperate to see Aerith and the fumes from the scarlet tinged smoke was making his head swim slightly, Cloud had reason to believe that the substance Bale was inhaling and venting at leisure was more than just plain tabac.

"Well master Bales, I enjoyed our talk" he lied "But I must see Aerith now" he said as he made to stand only to have Bales reach forward and grab his wrist.

"Heed my words boy" he said quickly, his voice just above a whisper "What I have dreamt does not fare your fate well, great difficulties lay ahead and I have seen the taint of chaos amidst it".

Clouds blood froze at the mention of Chaos "W-what do you mean" he stammered back struggling to pull his wrist away only to have it tighten over his bruises considerably.

"What I mean master Strife, is that someone close is going to die in the future, and you will have to make a choice" he whispered softly.

"What choice?" Cloud replied with growing anxiety.

Bales chuckled softly "Which one is going to die" he said matter of factly as he leant into the light revealing his face for the first time.

An old worn withered face of at least seventy, but it was usually hard to tell as the stresses of an astropath were so high very few made it to the age of forty.

But the thing that always managed to make Clouds blood run cold was the fact that he was completely blind, where his eyes should be were just vacant empty eye sockets.

Just like every other astropath, their fate was to lose their sight physically but gain greater depth psychically, it happened during the rigorous soul binding ceremony that opened the gates of psychic potential within their minds.

Cloud tugged his hand out of the bony grip and took a few steps back, he stared back at the grinning sightless man with fright, the words he had spoken were too….real.

"I will take what you said to heart master Bales" as he straightened himself and brushing the creases out of his clothes "I must go now, may the emperor protect" he finished pressing a hand over his chest and bowing, before turning and striding towards the young adept who had been waiting patiently, motioning for her to lead him to the mistress.

Walking past numerous sightless stares, he heard the old man call out too him "Remember my words boy, remember".

Cloud did not turn back, just walking faster he ignored the grating laughter that followed him out of the room.

The adept knocked three times at the cherry wood door to Aerith's chamber, a moment later another adept of shimmering white answered and admitted Cloud inside.

He was always slightly overwhelmed at the main astropathic chamber, for one thing it's enormous size was staggering, an open area half the size of the viewing chamber, but somehow managed to seem stuffy and cramped.

The air thick with incense that wafted from brass censer balls hanging at key points around the room, leaving a slight haze over the room that smelled of cinnamon and lavender, Cloud knew that she loved the smell of lavender.

Circular with branching chambers off from the main room, a kitchen, restrooms and the lower adept sleeping areas, but what was most drawing was the huge viewing blister that covered the ceiling, giving an unimpeded view of the open space beyond the ship.

Surrounding the blister were long flowing lengths of silk attached in huge sweeps, giving the feel of an ancient terran harem, all colored neutral dark shades of red, orange and gold.

He looked around spotting Aerith clad in silken sapphire robes at the far side of the room with her back to him, lighting tapers at a wrought iron offertory with a long flame reed, her movements fluid and graceful.

Above her was a large cast idol of the emperor clad in gold leaf, every now and then she would gaze up at him in affection, muttering a small prayer quietly and lighting another taper, he felt content to watch her from a distance, just marveling at her serene aura that she seemed to give off.

"Are you going to just stand there and stare at me Cloud?" she called suddenly "Or are you going to greet me properly" not turning and still lighting tapers.

Cloud shook his head and smiled "Forgive me lady astropath, I forget myself" walking towards her slowly, the small game they played with each other in the presence of others.

She finished lighting the tapers and blew out the flame on the reed, then looked up and made the sign of the Aquila while reciting the prayer of penance, he admired someone with a strong sense of devotion and love for ones patron.

He glanced up at the statue of the emperor and looked into the hard eyes that gazed back, Strong, tall, broad chested and beautiful in every conceivable way, A man of such power and influence must be worshipped for the things he had accomplished and the great sacrifice to mankind that stands to this day.

He looked into the hard eyes of the god and felt a slight stirring within him, a psyker like himself but unimaginably more powerful, his devotion to his children and the survival of mankind, made him humble at the sight of him.

Enshrined within the golden throne, kept alive by arcane technology lost to mankind, in the hope that he may never truly die, for all intensive purposes they worshipped a coma patient, but even in his deathless state he remains vigilant to humanity.

Aerith had finished praying and turned around and began to walk towards him, as always she was very beautiful, long silken brown hair, delicate features and fragile smile directed towards him, the satin pink blindfold that covered her eyes made her look weak and feeble, Cloud knew better.

Unlike other astropaths that were physically frail and weak, aerith held an air of perfect health that came through in a radiant glow, her sightless eyes always managed to find him,

They reached each other and he knelt so she could present her hand for him to kiss "An honor my lady" as her brushed his lips over her pale skin.

She smiled indulgently and motioned to the adepts scattered around the room at various duties "everybody, leave us" she ordered loudly, as one the adepts and handmaidens rose and left the room.

As the last one left the room and the door locked secure, Aerith began a slow walk towards him gently pressing her hands across his chest, and forcing him to walk backwards.

"So Cloud, what brings you to my chambers?" she purred as she began to loosen the strap on his belt "Do you wish to discuss the future? or is it the present that peaks your interest?" slowly pulling the belt out of the notches in his pants.

He was allowing himself to be pushed back into the centre of the room, where long rolls of cushions and bedding lay in a sort of pool in the floor, piled with pillows and other soft fabrics, whenever he came here, he always ended up in their, always.

She began to pull off his robe, one button at a time, still excruciatingly slowly she removed all of his garments until he was naked, all but for his pants.

With a look of desire she took her time sliding them down his hips and thighs, down to his ankles and making sure that her breath whispered over the more sensitive parts of him, he eagerly stepped out of his pants, and stood before her feeling nothing but longing and lust course furiously through him.

She ran her hands up his torso, caressing his skin and toying with a nipple idly sending electricity up his spine, cupping his face she pressed her lips to his and he felt a tongue slid over them gently, he responded by opening his mouth and letting her suck his tongue slightly.

Feeling sheer bliss overwhelm him, he had to show great restraint to control himself, he never rushed this, it wasn't everyday that they could share each others company this way,

She relented her ministrations and bit his lower lip affectionately as she pulled back, Cloud was in heaven at this point gasping in air as she smiled softly back at him, and he was suddenly shoved into the bedding laughing in surprise as he went.

Landing with a soft whumph on the cushiony softness, that sent pillows flying at his fall, as he lay completely naked on the silk sheets, Aerith stood above him with a wickedly triumphant grin as she undid the sash on her robe.

She pulled a cogitator wand out of one of the robes pockets, and waved it lazily to extinguish all the lights, until they were bathed in nothing but starlight glowing directly above them.

Only then did she agonizing slowness remove her garments, making sure to tease Cloud with every deft movement, he gave a low moan of frustration, how he craven her porcelain flesh.

She tutted over his impatience "awww, want me to make you feel better?" she cooed to him, stroking her fingers lightly over her breasts, the starlight giving an odd blue sheen over her form.

Cloud who was far beyond the point of words, could only nod dumbly back at her, his eyes glazing slightly.

She smiled her beautiful smile "Ok baby, I know something you might like" she said deviously before pouncing on her prey.

His body racked with exhaustion, Cloud breathed deeply trying to regain some of his strength after what Aerith had done to him.

"Terra!" he exclaimed as he stared up into the endless pitch on the ceiling, as a playful Aerith licked his belly button giggling softly.

He was absolutely spent, the passion put into their actions and the sheer intimacy of it almost brought him to tears at one point.

She however, had not nearly finished with him just yet, he craned his neck upward to see her trailing small kisses down towards his groin, she's like an animal, he thought to himself, constantly baying for more.

He closed his eyes and arched his back as her tongue managed to provoke more ecstasy, a long heavy moan erupting deep within his chest that rattled his diaphragm, only she could do something like that to him and provoke a reaction that intense.

The waves upon wave of pleasure that surmounted him was almost too much, he nearly blacked out at one point, the experience this amazing could be made better, he thought.

Concentrating hard, he opened his mind to the galaxy above him, his third eye seeing the universe in an electric haze, feeling the rifts and currents of the warp around him, he could feel the eyes upon him, countless eyes peering in from the depths of the empyrean.

All curious, all hungry, most of them jealous and furious to know they could not have what he has, he stared back with passion glazed eyes and mocked them with total impudence, daring them to take what he has.

Aerith had sped up, and it wouldn't be long before he couldn't hold himself, concentrating harder he looked upon the planet below, gazing into the millions of shining lights, all the life forces burning with what felt like…..hate?.

Cloud shook himself mentally and looked deeper, he saw not only hate but despair and at the same time hope and a very large proportion of carnal desire, the normal feelings human beings had, but not in such extreme proportions, not over such a large population at the same time..

It was total anarchy below, inhibitions running wild and untamed, passion turning to bloodlust, brimming opportunism turning to crippling depression, the whole planet was bleeding emotion.

Cloud could not look further, receding his mind back to the present locale, his breath quickened and his body on the edge and pulse to a dangerous level, he sat up and screamed out loud as he climaxed violently.

He shuddered and flopped back on the sweat soaked sheets, physically weak and drained, both metaphorically and literally, he looked up with difficulty to see Aerith sitting on her haunches having swallowed and was now licking her lips with satisfaction.

The blindfolded girl stretched and slithered across his body so she was cradled against his chest, whimpered pants that were issuing from Cloud were more than enough of a thank you in her opinion, she thought as she nudged his chest tenderly.

"Do you feel better" she questioned softly.

Cloud regained some of his composure managed a feeble reply "more than you can imagine" he said with a tired chuckle.

"Good" she purred evidently very pleased with herself.

Cloud's back itched, and he shifted slightly to scratch it against the sheets, a dull pain shot up through his back making him wince "As fun as it was, I'm going to ache all over tomorrow" he sighed.

Aerith leaned up "Turn over" she demanded.

Cloud knew better than to argue, she would not take no for an answer, he turned over gingerly and buried his face in a silk pillow, Aerith got up and returned a few seconds later, straddling his lower back, and making sure to grind herself into him unnecessarily.

Cool massage oil dripped onto his back, making the skin prickle pleasantly where it touched, soft hands began to knead and work the tightened muscles of his back, long slow luxurious strokes that began to make him feel very sleepy.

She rubbed from the bottom of his back and worked her way to the top, making sure to work out the knot that had accumulated there, Cloud felt himself falling into a deep doze when she stopped suddenly, Cloud snapped out of the trance and sighed unhappily "there still there aren't they" he said dejectedly.

Aerith didn't reply, but just stared at the pair of long thin scars that trailed down his upper back, two vertical curved lines that went from just below his shoulders and reached just past his rib cage, "their beginning to itch more and more" Cloud said unhappily, she touched them gently feeling a bony ridge rise out of the flesh.

They both knew what it was, a growing mutation, the first Cloud had ever had, discovering them months ago, Aerith had tried to figure out what they were but to know avail.

She pressed herself close to him and hugged him firmly "I'm sorry Cloud" she whispered sadly.

He smiled slightly "It's not your fault, I knew eventually it would happen" he said softly, he couldn't help but think what kind of freak he would turn into eventually, losing the form that made him what he was just made him depressed, but he consoled in the fact that Aerith was with him.

She stood up so he could roll over again and then sat next to him rubbing his belly gently, "I want to do something Cloud" she said softly.

He looked up curiously "Ok, what is it?"

She reached up and stroked his cheek "I want to see your eye" she said firmly

He paused "What?",

"Your eye, I want to see it" she repeated

Cloud unconsciously reached up and press a hand to the orb behind the bandanna on his head, It was said that it could kill at the sight of it, like that of the ancient tales of the hydra and other mythos.

Before he could reply, she reached behind his head and undid the knot, freeing the fabric and lifting it off his forehead, Cloud inhaled and held his breath, honestly terrified of what might happen, but at the same time curious and desperate to know.

It came away and nothing happened, he exhaled relieved beyond words, and quite happy that the rumor was a complete fabrication, Aerith reached forward and caressed his eyelid, fascinated by orb in his skull.

A wild idea entered Cloud's head "Can I see yours?" he asked quickly, he expected some sort of complaint or objection, but she automatically lifted her hands behind her head and untied the blind fold, letting it slip down her features and pool on Cloud's stomach.

He audibly gasped as she opened her eyes to reveal the most vibrant shining set of emerald eyes he had ever seen, It was unheard of to have an astropath keep her eyes, the soul binding destroyed them, but hers were luminous and bright.

Cloud felt tears run down his cheeks as the sheer closeness of the bond between them, It had grown stronger tenfold in the last few minutes, she collapsed herself onto Cloud, kissing him deeply and passionately before snuggling into his chest, veritably burying herself into his warmth.

They both slept soundly as their eyes had finally been opened.

To be continued……

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Navigator: a breed of mutant with the ability to see the warp and not be affected by it, madness comes to everybody else, they also have a third eye in which they see the warp.

Space Marine/Adeptus Astartes: super soldiers that live to do nothing but fight and serve the emperor, they where big armour and they don't die unless killed in battle.

Librarian: a space marine who has psychic powers and their armor is a flat blue color.

Psyker: a being with psychic powers

Astropath: a psyker that specializes in long range messages through space that are sent telepathicly.

Ork: like lord of the rings only in space, green and with a thick cockney accent.

The Emperor: the ultimate human being to which all humanity worship as a god

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