Why? Why was he doing this? The wind whipped through his black hair and he quickened his pace. His black robes billowed behind him as he repeated the question in his mind. Over and over. Why? He was putting himself in danger…from both sides. And for what? Ah, fuck it, it was the least he owed them. And curiosity, damn curiosity, he had to know.

Everyone thought that Harry would kill Voldemort, but of course it had ended up the other way around and now Harry was dead. Voldemort hadn't been completely successful though and Britain was now divided as well as the rest of Europe. There were Death Eater-controlled territories and Ministry-controlled territories. He had publicly sided with the Voldemort. It was safer for him, and this way he could remain in his position as a spy. Both sides were currently recovering, but he knew there would be war again. It might be years away still, but it would inevitably happen. Voldemort had made a surprising announcement at the meeting tonight. There had been another prophecy, this time from a more reliable source. It predicted that the only Wizard with strong enough power to defeat the Dark Lord would be in the blood line of the first chosen one who had died at his hand. The Death Eaters had been stumped, they had started looking into any wizarding relatives that Harry Potter might have had that were still living and they kept coming up with dead ends. They assumed he was too young to father a child. Severus, smiled to himself. His years as a teacher were finally paying off. Every year, at least one student at Hogwarts ended up pregnant. Stupid children. There were ways to hide it, ways to make it go away. No one outside of the staff had any idea how common it was. He had started to be able to predict the girls who would get themselves into trouble. He could pick them out years before it actually happened, with surprising accuracy. And if any girl had ever been at risk it was the Weasley girl. She had been possessed by Tom Riddle her first year, obviously drawn to dangerous, reckless men. She seemed to be with a new guy every week and he heard the whispered rumors of her promiscuity. He knew for a fact that she had at one point been involved with Harry. And of course, the Weaseleys weren't exactly known for their infertility. He smiled to himself, he had figured it out before anyone else and know he was going to warn the Order. It was only a matter of time before the Dark Lord figured this out as well. She was in danger.

He hesitated before opening the door. He knew the occupants on the other side would be less than happy to see him. But still, it was worth the risk.