A/N: Disclaimer: Is there really actually a need to write a disclaimer?

I've decided, since I pour out so many, I'm gonna gather all my drabbles into one story.

Title: Psychiatry Of The Doctor
Rating: K
Summary: What does the Doctor see when a psychiatrist shows him a random inkblot?
Pairings: None.

The psychiatrist held up the smudge of an inkblot on the paper once more to the Time Lord, heaving a sigh.

"Okay, let's do this one more time. What do you see?"

"Banana," the Doctor replied shortly with a 100-watt grin. The psychiatrist picked up another and held it aloft.



He held up a third. "I suppose this is a banana too, isn't it?"

Surprisingly, the Doctor shook his head negatively. The psychiatrist seemed stunned at this, raising an inquisitive eyebrow.

"What do you see?"

The Doctor gave him a happy double thumbs-up as his grin broadened.