A/N: I've been being promted, recently. Prompt was:

CHARACTER: Tenth Doctor and any OCs
PROMPT: Washing Machine

Title: Shrunk In The Wash
A slight accident with a washing machine...

"So lemme get this straight," Jackie began, still trying to process it. "There was a bad guy and the Doctor 'ad this plan, but he got stuck in their washin' machine... And this is what 'appened?"

Rose nodded, the both of them staring at the one-foot-tall Doctor currently struggling to eat the banana that was just as tall as he was.

"Can you reverse it?" Rose asked.

Jackie paused for a moment, frowning. "You grab his legs, I'll take his arms..."

"Meep!" the chibi Doctor squeaked, dropping the banana and covering his tiny eyes with his tiny hands.