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Part Forty-six: Disney Moments


Jacob heard the question just as he was pulled out of the midst of sleep by soft footsteps, two pairs, padding along beside his bed. The voice gently asking had quietly jolted from his rest. He didn't stir, he made very little sound. All he did was shift in the bed ever so slightly so that the bodies that belonged to the two pairs of feet wouldn't notice he was awake. He did however allow himself to yawn slightly with the knowledge they wouldn't be able to see him as the blanket was pulled up over his head.

'Dad?' the young voice asked again, filled with so much innocence and childish need-to-know. Jacob permitted himself to peak an eye open, wondering whether he could see the people standing before his bed, but the blanket was too thick to see through. He supposed George had pulled the heavier blanket over Jacob when he left the bed earlier in the morning.

'What?' The question was accompanied by more movement as someone edged closer to the bed. Jacob guessed it was George when legs bumped softly against the side of the bed, hitting Jacob's hand that was hanging over the side spread out across the space his red headed lover would usually occupy.

'Why does Jacob sleep like that?'

Jacob smiled when he heard the question escape from Fred's lips. Surely he'd seen Jacob sleep like this numerous times but he always asked George why it was. Because most people used the pillow when they slept, Jacob was rather fond of keeping his head level with the rest of his body when he slept, unless he used George as a pillow – that was an exception to his own rule. Fred always asked that question whenever he ventured into the room shared by his father and Jacob. Even if he'd heard the answer countless times, he still asked. He wondered why George even bothered to answer his son's question because he heard it so many times and continuously gave the same answer. He shifted again in need of some fresher air. He poked the top of his head out from under the blankets and let out a sleepy sigh. He smiled to himself when he felt soft fingers twine through his hair that was now sticking out from underneath the blanket. George's fingers touching his hair tenderly.

'Just does,' George replied to Fred as he sat down on the edge of the bed and leaned forward to kiss Jacob's head to wake up someone he thought was sleeping but before he could, Fred cried out again.

'Is he sleeping?' Fred said loudly as if determined to wake him up. George must have nodded because seconds later the smaller version of George – less freckly and slightly more tanned due to the other half of his parentage – nearly yelped something else. 'Wake him up with a kiss!' he said excitedly, 'like in Sleeping Beauty!' That was partly Hermione's fault. She had shown all the kids, including Fred old Disney movies that she simply adored. All the Weasley kids had immediately adored them too and the old TV Hermione had acquired had become an easy way to lock them in a room and have silence for nearly an hour and a half. All of them thought it was brilliant, Arthur especially who was fascinated by the TV and often watched with the kids.

Jacob opened his closed eyes and saw that George had knelt down beside the bed, his hands still tangled in Jacob's hair. When George saw he was awake and pretty alert, he smiled at him and put a finger to his own lips. Entertain him, he mouthed to Jacob who nodded and lifted his head for a kiss – a movement that made George nearly chuckle with laughter.

'Jacob even looks like her,' Fred commented to George before the man woke him up with a kiss. 'He's got blonde hair like her and everything – not long though, not like hers.'

'It's more his nose,' George replied. Fred gave a little laugh as he knew how much Jacob hated people talking about his nose, saying how lady-like and pointed it was. Everyone knew how much Jacob hated comments about his nose, it was hardly his fault it wasn't manly in the slightest.

'Go on, dad,' Fred said. 'Wake him up.'

'Relax,' George retorted. 'I will, I will.' Jacob heard Fred sigh with impatience like he was due somewhere and was in a hurry. It was like he needed to have his Disney moment fix before the morning got underway properly. As George stroked his cheek and grinned softly at him, wanting to annoy Fred more before he gave his son the moment he wanted to see Jacob was glad that Fred didn't find anything unusual about his father and his partner. He was glad that the youngster hadn't been told that George and Jacob living together were wrong and that their relationship was "immoral". Jacob was glad when George's lips pressed against his that George's son believed in all kinds of love.

Jacob didn't give Fred the dramatic reawakening he wanted because he was a little surprised at the strength of George's kiss. He kissed back just as deeply and gave a little gasp of delight when George rose off his knees and flopped down on the bed next to him his lips never leaving Jacob's. Fred sighed in annoyance at the lack of Disney in their kiss but Jacob had felt Disney in the kiss.

'You're going to see your mum soon, right?' George asked Fred as he dove under the sheets with Jacob and smiled when Jacob instantly moved his head to rest it on his chest. Jacob heard George scowl when Fred said no, he wasn't going to. Jacob had closed his eyes again eager to catch up on some sleep as he'd missed a great deal last night. He'd been at Kath's designer store opening, and she'd even let him design a few coats for men, stylish ones. Though she'd only made one of his designs a permanent fixture in her shop she still had the prints for his others and she could use them as she wished. She'd asked Jacob to design a few because he had the right idea about coats and jackets for men and absolutely adored them. The opening party had gone much later than expected as Kath had managed to make a bit of a name for herself but was still relatively unknown outside of the London area so the rest of England didn't really care much about her clothing. Honestly Jacob didn't think much of it either but he didn't tell her that, she had done brilliantly and was continuing to do so.

'When are you going?' George asked him sounding puzzled like he'd sworn that after today he'd have Fred off his hands for a week. It wasn't easy keeping a five year old entertained for a whole week, for Jacob it bordered on impossible. Fred only really enjoyed his company when his father was there too. George found it rather easy though, he'd just put a few of his jokes in a room with Fred and the child would only become bored again hours and hours later. 'I thought you were going this evening or earlier?'

'Nah,' Fred said definitely. 'Mum said tomorrow when she owled. And, um, she said hi too.' Fred waved a hand at the unimportance of this and turned to walk out of the room at a hop and a skip. 'Going to play!' he called to George before the man could yell out his question to the retreating back.

George smirked and picked up his wand that lay next to Jacob's on the bedside table and flicked it so the door shut easily without even a dash of noise. He kissed Jacob briefly on the lips before resting his wand down and craning his neck to look out the window behind the head of their bed. He lifted the curtain slightly and looked outside. 'It's not very late,' he murmured to Jacob. 'Bloody nice day too, pity we've got to do all that paper work for the shop.'

'I'll do it,' Jacob said suddenly before he regretted saying it. 'I don't mind, I'm pretty tired anyway.'

'We probably should have done it when we were supposed to,' George muttered biting his bottom lip and sighing. 'Oh well,' he added, 'what we did was so much better than bloody paper work. It's the only downside of having your own business.'

Jacob snorted and nuzzled deeper into the crook of George's neck who kissed the top of his head. 'Do you really want to do it?' he asked sullenly.

'Yeah,' Jacob said. 'I don't mind, won't take more than a second. Go do something with Fred. Remember the last time he went to play outside by himself? Broke his arm,' Jacob said.

'That was your fault,' said George with a laugh.

'It was an accident!'

'Pretty funny accident,' George said. 'I just wish I could have been there to see it! I can't believe he conned you into that and then you fell for it and ended up breaking his arm.'

'Hey! He pushed me.'

'You ended up pushing him over as well.'

'Accident!' Jacob cried again. 'I was more hurt than he was, that arm was healed in a second. I had to bear my wound.'

'Your bruise?'

'It was big.'

'And in an awkward place.'

'I landed funny. It hurt like hell for ages.'

'Mm, poor baby. If you hadn't refused their healing you wouldn't have had to deal with it.'

Jacob shrugged it off and grinned as George played with his hand softly. 'Fred was alright though.'

'Angelina was furious anyway.'

'Hah, she was.'

'It didn't really strengthen the relationship the pair of you has. Even though the healers healed his arm just like that,' George clicked his fingers to illustrate his point, 'she was still so pissed at you.'

'Bet you found it funny.'

'It was funny.'

Jacob grinned and traced his fingers across George's chest.

'So you'll do them?'

'Yeah,' said Jacob. There was a crash from downstairs and George winced.

'More of your mother's pottery gifts probably,' he said.

'I don't care,' Jacob said, 'that stuff is revolting. Let him break it.'

'Point,' George laughed and eased himself off the bed. 'Stay here,' he told Jacob quickly and kissed him on the lips in the same Disney way he had before. 'I'll be back in a second.' Jacob nodded and fell back against the mattress, with a smile on his face. Life was good.

In fact Jacob would go as far to say that life was better than good, it was excellent. They'd been married for a long time now and whenever there relationship got slightly boring or overworked there was also something to put the spark back in and create more excitement. That was the beauty of being married to George and living with him, the man was so different and unusual that no matter how well you knew him he would always have something unexpected to surprise you with. And it wasn't too bad living with Fred as well. It wasn't like they were complete parents, driven by the needs and wants of George's child. They only had to look after him for one week a fortnight. That meant that George could easily spend time with his son and then Jacob could have the man to himself for the following week, and Fred wasn't exactly a handful, you just needed to know what he liked to do. He still loved George with his whole heart and that love was so strong it couldn't possible ever end. And George felt the same way. Jacob was so lucky to have a relationship and life like this. To have someone he'd been completely and absolutely in love with since he was 21 years old and still was, was a very rare thing and a major success story. He and George's relationship and love hadn't changed much throughout the course of their marriage; they loved each other as equally and in a similar fashion as to when things had started getting serious for them. It was like living and loving with your best friend. If Jacob could have chosen his life, he would have picked his own from the many he was offered.

And they now lived in Scotland, again for Jacob. No one had had any particular quarrels about that apart from Anne and Angelina as Jacob had had to pry the house from his sister's fingers and Angelina hated having to organise Fred to come out every week to Scotland. Jacob didn't care, he loved the house in Inverness and getting places for two wizards was never an issue, it was more a breeze. Life was grand. Weasleys' Wizard Wheezes was still going so well and George had even mentioned retiring once or twice in the past few weeks but Jacob knew he wouldn't give up the job so easily. Not any time soon, anyway. Jacob still worked with him in the shop, helped out and did all the stuff George didn't want to do or couldn't be bothered with. Jacob had started playing club Cricket again for the Inverness club team and had found that he was quick good at it (and the club loved him because he was right at the beginning of his prime years). For a small town they had fantastic players and had made it to a few impressive competitions but had never progressed passed the semis but it was impressive nonetheless. To George's horror Jacob had even introduced Fred to it and the little boy had loved it at first play. Fred had been given the choice of playing Quidditch or Cricket and much to Angelina and George's annoyance he'd chosen Cricket. George had been irritable for a while when his son had chosen Jacob's sport, Jacob often thought that Fred had only chosen it because he'd seen Jacob play and saw that Jacob was rather good at it. Fred had never seen George or his mother play Cricket and he'd only heard of how good they were. Secretly, Jacob quite liked it that Fred looked up to him when he played and treated him as his role model for the sport. George had told him not to be disappointed when Fred dropped Cricket when he got to Hogwarts because there was no way he could play at the school.

God, life was good. He worked hard in the shop still, loved a great man, played Cricket hard and well and had a family. He reached across to the bedside table and pulled out the papers George often left there so he wouldn't lose them in the mess – however organised – of the rest of the house. It was a good place to leave them because it meant Jacob didn't have to leave the bed to write them up and do what was necessary. But as he looked at one he felt an overwhelming drive to not do it at all. That was when he was saved by George who had entered the room and pounced on the end of the bed and crawled up the bed to lean his head against Jacob's thigh.

'He smashed a plate with his Cricket bat,' George said softly and Jacob squirmed as his breath tickled him. That caused George to smirk and let out a soft chuckle but he didn't move his head at all and just continued to tease Jacob as he spoke. 'That bloody Cricket bat, I would have been a lot happier if he'd smashed something up with a beater club. No one at Hogwarts will know what the bloody hell Cricket is.'

'I know he'll have to stop playing, you've told me before.' Jacob put the paperwork down and ran his fingers through George's soft red hair. 'But it's a good game!'

'It's so long.'

'So is Quidditch. Days and days, weeks sometimes! Seriously, that game you went to with Harry, Ron and Ginny lasted for a week. How insanely crazy is that?'

'Cricket isn't a real sport, you have tea breaks. What kind of a sport is that?'

'A good one!' Jacob retorted lamely.

'Doesn't matter,' George murmured pulling one of Jacob's hands away from his hair and kissed the back of it softly. 'You look amazing when you bat, did you know that? You look so, so incredible, Jakey.' He made a strange soft purring sound in the back of his throat that for some odd reason did not sound weird or made him want to laugh, it made him push his hand away from George's and gently stroke his right cheekbone with the back of his thumb. 'All the other wives and girlfriends of the blokes in the team are fucking jealous I've got you. They gossip, I've only been to a few of your games but Merlin, do they gossip! You're a favourite you are. Not a favourite in the game, not for them, but a favourite because your gorgeous and charming. That's why the ladies like you. And I suppose the blokes like you because you are fairly decent at the game.'

George was actually right about that. The girlfriends and wives of the men he played with were very gossipy and sometimes, much to the annoyance of everyone playing, you could actually hear them from the field – which as much as it was annoying, it could also spark up some embarrassment as it had for Jacob a couple of times when George had come to the game to see him play. Most of the guys in his team would have been happy if their "better half's" had decided not to come yet Jacob was quite happy when George came because he didn't talk, giggle annoyingly, or shout out motivational phrases with strange nicknames attached. As much as he didn't like the game he watched awfully intently, with deadest focus.

'Hey,' George murmured, 'if I played Quidditch, would you come and watch me?'

'Of course,' said Jacob. 'Every game, the whole game and then I'd come shower with you after the game, I'm just that good of a husband.' He grinned down at George who was looking like he was about to take this proposition seriously and announce he was playing Quidditch once more and that Jacob would have to shower with him after every match because of what he just said. Not that it bothered Jacob much as showering with George after games wouldn't be any different from the norm.

'Now I'm almost disappointed that I'm not playing. That sounds like a good idea to me. Doesn't matter,' he said, 'we shower together anyway.' He waved it away with a dismissive hand that was torn from Jacob's tight grasp. 'Maybe I should come to more of your games.'

'Seasons nearly over.'

'Don't you train throughout winter, though?'

'Yeah, that's why we're so good,' Jacob said loftily in a tone Draco would use. 'You could come to my practises if you really, really wanted to. But it's fairly boring, no exciting moments like in a proper game.'

George snorted with laughter. 'This game's got you fooled, hasn't it? Cricket having exciting moments? You're crazy, Jakey! It's boring through and through. But I want to come more because you love it so much and you are brilliant and the team isn't bad at all! You lot do really well. I'm going to be like one of those annoying woman next season, all right?'

'Please not entirely like them.'

'Not entirely because I'd freak myself out, I'd hate to be as womanish as they are. Thank Merlin I fell in love with you and not a woman. But my point is: I'm going to come more because I know you'd actually come to all my games if I played anything and not just the occasional one.'

'I don't actually mind, George,' Jacob said though smiling bashfully and blushing at George's sweet attentions.

'No, I'm to come and then when everyone has gone home afterward, we can play for as long as we want in the changing rooms and showers. Deal?' he asked raising an eyebrow to him. Jacob laughed and leaned down towards George kissed the top of his head before the man lifted his tips to Jacob and they kissed.

'That is definitely a deal. It's your fault if I get distracted thinking about you if you are there, ok?'

'Mm, I think would certainly be my fault.' He suddenly spluttered. 'Your hair was getting in my mouth.'


'No, it's ok. Don't get it cut either; I like it at this length. It's sexy.' George kissed his lips softly and teasingly before pulling back and saying, 'Fred leaves tomorrow, for his mum's. House to ourselves for another week.'

'We can have sex wherever we want,' Jacob purred back at him. It was awkward having Fred around when they wanted to have sex with each other as the boy usually walked in at really inconvenient times – not at all unlike his uncle Ron.

'Ah, not until you've done the paperwork like you said you would,' said George determinedly. 'Not that face! We have a business to run. After you've done that and he's gone,' George promised.

'I'm doing the paperwork now then.'

'But Fred is still here.'

'I don't care; I'll get it over and done with for when he does finally leave.'

'You're a legend,' George said with a grin and a wink. 'I love you, Jakey boy.'

'Love you, George.'

And that was how life went for the pair of them, just different each day but relaxed, very relaxed. Jacob loved his life.

And thus it is the end of this fantastic story! I've had so much fun writing and really do love this story, I've grown quite attached to Jacob as my own character, and have even thought about putting him in some other fandoms but thought it would ruin this story to read about him in another.
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