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KelDom – The next great stage

Prologue: This is about Kel & Dom. This takes place after 'Tricksters Queen' so the Scanra War has ended. Kel & Dom married 3yrs after the end of 'Lady Knight,' although they had been 'involved' for almost all of that time.

Dom is currently the Commander of Third Company, Raoul having decided to stay closer to Buri and not actually go out in the field all that often, although he was still a largely in control of the King's Own. After the war, Kel had started riding more with Dom and Third Company, much to the soldier's amusement.

When word got out about their relationship, the men, who still called Kel 'Mother' after their jaunt into Scanra, there after fondly referred to their new Commander as 'Father' – Kel was much amused at this development.

At this promotion, Dom was free to marry as he wished without having to leave the Own, but for 2 years Kel rejected the idea of marriage – she was having so much fun teasing him. This led to eventful missions (from the Own's point of view); the most memorable of which the time Kel was forced to hang Dom from the flag pole by his breeches – "He wouldn't shut up" – and shortly afterwards Dom was joined by the Meathead because of his "insufferable amusement at Father's expense." Kel was having a bad week … needless to say the men avoided Kel for the best part of a month.

Anyways we are joining the happily married Kel and Dom at the palace, which at the moment was a very amusing place to be…

Please read on, the story starts as Dom is re-taught why he should be wary of his oh-so-lovely wife.