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Edward's Playful Attack


I sat on Edward's floor, bored. He was teaching Jasper to dance (though for the life of me I don't know why – maybe Emmett talked him into it). He said he would be up soon.

While I waited I looked at his CDs. There were many I didn't recognize, but when I saw some of my favorites I felt a thrill rush through me. It was amazing how tuned into each other we were. Funny how that seemed possible when I was the only one immune to his useful talent.

I heard the door creak and I twisted to see him – my love, the only one who mattered. But I was not quick enough.

Before I knew what was happening I was in the air, flying toward the couch. I gasped, sure that something was wrong. Then I heard his laughter – so beautiful it sent shivers down my spine - and I knew all was fine. He was just playing.

We crashed into the couch, causing it to fall over. I wasn't uncomfortable, and it was very nice to be in such close proximity to him. I twisted in his grip, knowing full well I would never get out on my own. He just laughed harder and tightened his arms – they were like iron bars around me. A playful growl rumbled in his chest, and I laughed too. Looking up I could see his smile, and that alone caused my heart to pick up speed.

He sat down, situating me more comfortably on his lap. He was still growling, though not quite as loudly. I leaned against his chest, smiling as it rumbled beneath me. He placed his chin on my shoulder, his cheek pressing against mine. I turned my head to the side and was rewarded with a kiss.

My arms locked behind his neck and twisted in his hair, his cool body sending chills through me. Before long I had to pull away, gasping for air. Edward chuckled lightly, his hand caressing my cheek.

Once I could breathe, I asked, "Edward?"

"Mmm?" He replied as he kissed my neck and shoulders.

"What were you teaching Jasper?"

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