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Naruto sat in the dim light of pre-dawn, ankles crossed, arms draped loosely around raised knees, watching the sleeping figure not five feet from him.

He wondered briefly if it was creepy to watch a sleeping person, well…sleep?

Oh well, what the teme doesn't know won't hurt him.

He wouldn't quite say the bastard looked peaceful in sleep—that wasn't the word that came to mind, at all—but Sasuke's striking features, normally so carefully controlled to reveal nothing of what he was feeling, or thinking, were much more relaxed. Unguarded, his mind supplied. Yeah. That was the word.

The blond drank his fill of the sight—he knew, somehow, this was a side of Sasuke not many saw—and wondered if he'd stayed the other night what other hidden facets he might have seen. Would he have woken tangled in the other's limbs as he had earlier?

He sighed, perching his elbow on a knee and his chin in his palm, his eyes never leaving Sasuke's slumbering form as his mind drifted to that memory.


Something had been tickling his senses and his cheek. Something very soft, silky even. It had roused him gently from sleep—the first night's sleep in four days where he hadn't been tossing and turning—and made his eyes reluctantly flutter open to discover what the culprit was. The inky strands that swayed so gently with every one of his breaths, maintaining their teasing, tickling, game made his eyes widen and caused his gaze to lower.

To say he was surprised to see—and feel, now that he was aware of it—Sasuke's limbs tangled enticingly around his own would have been the understatement of Naruto's life. But there he was, smirking, sneering, proud Uchiha Sasuke pressed flush against his left arm—which was tingling with the pins and needles thanks to the weight against and half on top of it—his leg entwined between both of Naruto's, his chin resting lightly on his shoulder as he almost—and he had a feeling the Uchiha would be quick to dismember him on the spot if he heard the word applied to himself, ever—cuddled into his side in his sleep.

Naruto didn't want to move, didn't even want to breathe for fear that he'd wake the bastard and receive a tongue lashing or worse. He was sure that Sasuke would find someway to pin the fault for this whole situation on him. Even though it was clearly not his fault, he wasn't the one on the wrong side of the tent after all.

He sighed. He was too tense to fall back asleep and too tired to move. And if he was honest with himself, which he usually was, to an almost brutal degree, he didn't really want to. He wasn't exactly uncomfortable and, really, it was nice to feel Sasuke beside him.

Gradually, when the brunet didn't wake in a fit of anger, Naruto started relaxing again. Except now he was fully awake and he couldn't sleep.

This is all your fault, teme, he thought, somewhat affectionately, glancing down at Sasuke again.

If he hadn't fallen asleep on top of his sleeping bag, instead of inside it—Naruto hadn't had the heart to wake him again. He knew Sasuke needed the sleep to relax his straining muscles after the long day they'd had—there's no way he would have ended up interlaced with Naruto. And it wasn't Naruto's fault he always slept on top of his bag—he always got too hot inside of the things—or that they only had one blanket—which Naruto had magnanimously laid over a sleeping Sasuke instead of taking it for himself—but it looked like even in sleep Sasuke was ungrateful, as he'd abandoned the blanket—sort of, as only a small scrap of it was trapped between their bodies and draped over Sasuke's hip—in favor of good old-fashioned body heat.

Which considering how bundled up he was Naruto couldn't understand why he even needed it. Whereas he was laying in thin track pants and long sleeved tee, Sasuke was bundled up nearly from head to toe in a light fleece, a long sleeve shirt, black flannel pants and socks.

He felt the softest twitch of a smile at the corner of his mouth as he took in the sight of the bundled, cuddling Sasuke—his mind again reminded him to NEVER mention these adjectives to the brunet if he valued his life—and felt a soft squeeze around his heart. He had an urge to move the inky bangs that had fallen into Sasuke's eyes and kiss that pale forehead gently. Before he'd even registered the thought, his body was moving to comply.

His fingers brushed back the black silk, just skimming an angular cheekbone before tucking the strands behind Sasuke's ear. His head turned, bending just the littlest bit, and his lips dusted the barest whisper of a kiss onto Sasuke's brow.

He pulled back slowly, alarm setting into his features, making his hand tremble slightly, as the impact of what he'd just done hit him. He'd never done that before. Never felt the need to. It just wasn't something you did with a casual fling or a one-night stand.

That was just sex, skin on sweaty skin, sliding, slick. No emotions, no complications, no intimacy. A soft, tender kiss with no expectation of leading to more, given just because…because…

That was far more intimate than any sexual thing Naruto had ever done.

It was something you did with someone you cared for. Someone you loved.


Right. It was time to untangle himself. Yep. Definitely. He just needed a little distance. A little cuddling and he was obviously losing his mind. After all, he'd only known the bastard for four days. And sure he liked him, even liked him a lot, perhaps even a little more—alright, he admitted he'd been falling for the prickly bastard—but people didn't actually fall completely in love in five days. Nope. That just didn't happen. Exactly.

Breathe, Naruto. Just breathe.

He did. It helped. Only a little though. But that was enough to make him start trying to slide out of the sweet tangle he was in. He just had to do it without waking Sasuke.

He reached for the pale hand lying across his belly and right before he reached it, Sasuke moved.

And when Sasuke shifted, his hand slid lower. Very low, in fact. So low that if his hand moved another inch south, Sasuke would be getting a handful of Naruto's favorite body part.

Naruto whimpered as vivid images accompanied the thought and his body betrayed him.

Oh fuck. Oh no. No. No, no, no. This was wrong, very wrong. Sasuke was sleeping for goodness sake! This was…Ohhh...

His unbidden erection suddenly reached the long, elegant fingers that had woken it and it liked that. It apparently liked that very much. This time Naruto bit his lip to keep from making a noise, though it was hard considering the sight of Sasuke's hand resting on his half-hardened cock was erotic as fuck.

But it was wrong—why again? 'Cause I'm asleep, idiot, he could virtually hear the teme speaking in his head—and as such he should remedy the situation immediately, Naruto told himself. His hand reached again and like before Sasuke shifted at the same time.

This time, the pale hand slid up and away from dangerous territory. Oh thank god. Naruto thanked whoever was watching out from above for the small favor.

And then he quickly cursed them again when the leg that had tangled between his own slid up. He could feel the top of that muscled thigh right there, just out of his reach. Fuuck, if he just scooted down, just a bit, Sasuke's thigh would be rubbing against him, providing delicious friction for the problem his hand had caused.

Bastard. Even in sleep he was tempting.

But he was Uzumaki Naruto! He could do this. He would. No sexy as hell, sleeping Uchiha bastard was getting the better of him! Believe it!

The pep talk helped calm his heart a little and banked the fires of hormonal passion just enough that Naruto felt safe moving. He nudged Sasuke's leg with his own softly, causing it to slide back down to a safe distance.

He looked at Sasuke. He showed no sign of stirring awake. Good. He breathed a sigh of relief.

Emboldened by his prior success he used his right leg to lift and push Sasuke's left off his own as he wiggled slightly away until suddenly, he was free. Yes! Victory!

Alright, he was doing well. Now he had to move that hand splayed across his stomach. He reached for it, waiting for the shift, but this time none occurred. Okay. That was good. He picked it up, resisted the strong urge to lace his fingers with it, and placed it on Sasuke's thigh.

He waited a second, double checked Sasuke was still sleeping, and resumed his mission. All he had to do now was get Sasuke's head completely onto the pillow instead of half on his shoulder. That task would be harder he knew, but he was on a mission and there was no room for failure. Really there wasn't, because if he failed, there would be ravaging of one Uchiha Sasuke without his consent.

He licked his suddenly dry lips. Failure sounded so, so tempting. Oh, but Uzumaki Naruto did NOT fail! BELIEVE IT! Okay. Pep talk. Good. That always helped.

He turned his head to watch Sasuke's face as he so very torturously slowly started to inch… his… shoulder... down. And then he heard it.


Holy shit! Really, Naruto could only take so much temptation before the need to roll over, pin that body to ground and kiss those pretty pink lips until they called his name just like that, only louder, and breathier, moaning for him to touch, to taste, to take everything that was Sasuke and claim it for himself, forever, overtook him.

His hands shook with the effort to quickly, but gently free himself. He needed to, had to get away. Now.

Naruto knew that if Sasuke breathed his name like that again and he wasn't completely untangled and on the other side of the tent or further away his self control would snap and he would pounce. Pounce and ravage and consume the prickly, beautiful bastard that was quickly proving to be his undoing.

Speed and time were of the essence now, much more so than gentleness, so Naruto quickly slid his shoulder free, the move so fast Sasuke's head barely shifted on the pillow. He breathed a slow sigh of relief as he scooted away before standing. He needed to put distance between them, between his hunger and its temptation.

Naruto headed for the tent entrance and stepped out. A second later he darted back in, spreading the nearly abandoned blanket over Sasuke's form. Shooting Sasuke a rueful smile that he wouldn't see in his slumbering state, Naruto stepped back outside for some much needed cold air.


It had been so warm. But it was cold now. He shivered.

Sasuke noticed vaguely that there was a warm patch beside him and slid into it, wrapping the blanket tighter around him as he snuggled deeper into the pillow.

Hmm… it smells like Naruto.

That was probably just him dreaming again though.

Very quickly, he was back asleep, dreaming of a blond man sleeping at his side.


"Hungry?" Kakashi's low, lazy voice didn't surprise him. Not like it had when he'd been younger.

He'd been prone then—well, in reality he still was—to midnight snacking and had often found himself wondering around Iruka's in the middle of the night, heading for the kitchen. Which had been fine, until the first time Kakashi had spent the night. Naruto, in his nine and a half-year-old panic at encountering some man wondering around his house at three in the morning, had nearly screamed. Would have too, if Kakashi hadn't been so quick in crossing the room and covering his mouth lightly with his hand.

Naruto remembered staring in awe, rather than fear, at the man. He hadn't even heard him move. It was like one minute he'd been on the couch and then next he was crouched in front of Naruto at the base of the stairs, as if he'd 'poofed' there by magic. He remembered thinking Kakashi was super cool, like a ninja, the second he'd recognized the scarred man.

Kakashi had asked him the same question then in that same, low, lazy tone and he'd nodded his little blond head, wondering if the new guy was going to get in the way of his snack. But he hadn't, he'd just followed him into the kitchen quietly and asked him if he did this often.

"Uh huh. I wake up hungry and then can't go back to sleep and then I have to come down here," he whispered conspiratorially into the quiet night.

Kakashi remembered asking him what he usually ate.

"Peanut butter and jelly. Sometimes milk and cookies. At first, just peanut butter sandwiches though, cause I was scared I'd wake 'ruka up if I opened the fridge. But then I learned that he could sleep through a tornado and not wake up, so it was okay." Naruto had answered in his honest, babbling way as he made his sandwich.

Then Naruto had asked him a question, tilting his head as he did so. "Were you hungry too? Is that how come you're up like me right now?"

Kakashi remembered being surprised by the unexpected and innocent question. He hadn't had to answer to anyone about his sleeping habits in…well, ever, really. He couldn't really tell the little boy the truth, he wouldn't have understood. So he'd answered the best he could. "Maybe? I just remember waking up and not being able to get back to sleep."

And Naruto, sweet, young, innocent Naruto, had cut his sandwich diagonally and given half to Kakashi. "You can have half. And a glass of milk. That always helps me sleep, maybe it helps you too."

He watched Naruto pour two glasses of milk, his tongue peeking out of the side in concentration.

"Okay." What else could you say to a little kid that just offered you half of their midnight snack just so you could get back to sleep? So he took his glass and his half of the sandwich and ate quietly while Naruto filled the silence with his stories. And something dark and icy had melted in Kakashi that night and made him a little more human again.

That was the day Naruto and Kakashi had become friends.

The incident repeated itself with such frequency afterwards that it became a sort of ritual between them. He'd grown up having midnight talks with Kakashi, who, he'd learned, was sometimes much easier to talk to than Iruka. Especially about embarrassing subjects during puberty. He tended not to blush as much as Iruka did.

It was only when Naruto was older that he'd learned the real reason Kakashi spent half the night awake. His dreams haunted him with nameless faces from countless missions from the years he'd been a Seal and before. Inevitably they would wake him and then he'd head downstairs and read his book until he was tired enough to go upstairs, curl into Iruka and fall into a dreamless sleep. At some point during this Naruto usually came down craving his midnight snack, which during his teen years had switched from peanut butter and jelly to instant ramen. Kakashi always asked him the same question, the answer was always affirmative and then they would eat together while he rambled about whatever had happened to him that day and asked his advice, if needed.

So the soft question didn't surprise Naruto this time. Was he hungry? His thoughts wandered to the lean, pale body he'd left behind in the tent tangled up around his own, that roaming, elegant hand, that shifting , muscular leg and those pale pink lips parting on the barest whisper of his name so seductively that his control had nearly snapped. Oh yes, he was hungry. He was very, very hungry, but not for anything related to food.

"Yeah…something like that…"

The unusual response had Kakashi arching a brow and eyeing the young blond knowingly. They would talk this night, he could tell. He stood and gathered the necessary supplies and soon Naruto had a peanut butter sandwich on his lap.

He blinked at it a few times before picking it up and smiled in recognition. "Thanks."

They sat in companionable silence as he ate, Naruto watching the stars, Kakashi reading his book, until Naruto broke the silence.

"Kakashi…how do you know when you're in love?"


Slowly, Naruto's thoughts drifted back to the present. He watched Sasuke sleep—albeit from a much safer distance—and noticed the first ray of light hit the tent, casting soft dapples of warm color across the proud, perfect face.

He really should wake the bastard, Naruto thought, so he could watch the sunrise in the canyon at least once. They were beautiful in this part of the canyon, with its little creeks and small waterfalls. Serene, romantic. Even the bastard would have a hard time resisting the appeal.

It was too bad he didn't like mornings though, he probably wouldn't get to do this again for some time.

Oh. That was true. Yes. He definitely needed to watch the sunrise. Who knew when he'd be back? A playful grin split his face as the thought came to him.

Naruto uncrossed his legs and nudged Sasuke's thigh with his toe. "Oi, teme, wake up."


Undeterred, he nudged harder. When nothing happened again, he crawled across the tent floor to get closer.

"Teme…" He poked him in the shoulder. Once, twice, three times until inky lashes fluttered.

Sasuke squinted at the smiling thing that was filling his vision, wondering why it was poking him.

"Wake up, bastard…oh you are, good. Get up then." It spoke.

Sasuke's half lidded eyes looked around the thing and he noticed it was still dark. He scowled—it wasn't nearly as menacing when he was practically asleep and his muscles weren't fully cooperating, Naruto noted—wondering, why?

"Sun's not up yet…" The brunet murmured, closing his eyes and turning around to go back to sleep.

Naruto eyed the back now turned to him and rolled his eyes.

"That's the point. It will be, in five minutes."

"Then I don't have to get up for another five minutes…" was the slightly muffled reply as Sasuke snuggled down into a pillow—his pillow, Naruto noticed, mouth twitching into an amused smile.

"You can't watch the sunrise if you're asleep for it, idiot. Wake up!" And this time his finger went into a rib and wiggled. The startled squeak and sudden twitch he was rewarded with had him grinning stupidly.

Too easy.

"What is it with you morning people?! Why can't you let the rest of us normal people sleep like the universe intended? Go away." This was the indignant, huffed reply from the pillow as Sasuke pulled the blanket tighter around him.

Naruto sat back on his heels, lips pursed. Apparently the teme didn't think sunrises at one of the Seven Wonders of the World were worth getting up for. Okay then—Naruto's smile turned just a little bit wicked and lascivious as he realized that Sasuke was now at least half awake—I'll give him something to wake up for.

Naruto knelt back up on all fours and lowered his lips until they were hovering just centimeters from Sasuke's ear. He puffed out a little breath, scattering the dark strands there and his mouth lowered just a little more.


Ohh. It was back, that voice. That voice had been in his dreams whispering all sorts of…enticing things to him before he'd been so rudely awoken. MmmDobe…

Naruto didn't miss the little shiver.

"Come on, Sasuke…watch the sunrise with me…it'll be…fun…" And if, as he whispered, his tongue darted out and flicked the shell of that ear just slightly, well, there was no harm in that right? It wasn't his fault the teme had such delicious looking ears.

Sasuke floated there in that place somewhere between sleep and consciousness and listened to the voice. It was sending little sparks of pleasure down from his ear. His ear? Hnn…that was weird. Ohh…but that felt nice. And that voice made 'fun' sound… appealing…erotic…

"Fun…?" He murmured, subconsciously reacting and turning his head towards that voice.

Naruto might have pouted at the loss of that earlobe, would have, maybe, if he hadn't found himself one hard inch from the corner of Sasuke's slightly parted lips. Hypnotized, unable to move, Naruto stared at temptation.

He remembered how soft they were when he'd traced his tongue over them before sucking that full bottom lip into his mouth. He recalled the rich, intoxicating and dangerous taste that was Sasuke. He really wanted to feel that softness again, taste that power again…

"Yeah, fun…" Naruto whispered softly as he finally let the heady sensation overtake him and sank into the kiss.

Ohh… A swipe of tongue, a nip of teeth, warm, full lips pressing into his own…this was better than a dream or it was the best dream ever. It felt so real, that kiss, that tongue teasing at his lips, asking wordlessly for permission.

Naruto groaned, unable to help himself, as Sasuke granted him access. He explored lazily, his tongue sampling and memorizing the feel of Sasuke's mouth, teasing the other into playfulness until they danced and chased each other from between Sasuke's lips to Naruto's and back again. Gods, he could do this forever.

What are you doing to me, Sasuke?

Sasuke woke fully to a soft, pleased humming sound and the feel of a tongue slowly tracing the seam of his lips. That felt nice, he thought, as his tongue darted out to tease back, sinking into that summer night taste, and his hand reached up to fist in thick, blond hair.

Mmm…do it again, dobe…

His eyes flashed open in shock at that thought and he saw that yes, Naruto was in fact kissing him. He didn't know when that had happened or how that had started and…fuck! So Sasuke did the only logical, Sasuke thing to do.

He shoved Naruto back as hard as he could.

"Idiot, get off me! You're not supposed to molest people when they're sleeping you know?!"

Blue eyes narrowed. "You weren't asleep and I wasn't molesting you, bastard! You had my head in a vice grip and your tongue down my throat, in case you weren't paying attention."

"Hn." Sasuke refused to admit to anything of the sort.

Naruto took in the crossed arms and defiant gaze over the light blush and gave up all hope that the bastard would ever NOT look sexy to him. Even with that crazy hair sticking up all over the place and a pale pink line on one cheek from the pillow he'd been sleeping on, he looked downright edible.

Focus, Naruto. You woke him for a reason, remember? Sunrise, romantic setting, getting him to open up and relax around you?

Oh yeah. That. "Oi, relax Sasuke-teme. Look, I won't mention it again…" Sasuke glanced at him suspiciously from the corner of his eye. That was unlike the dobe. He never gave up that easily.

"But…" Ah, there it was. "But, you have to follow me right now. Come on!"

Sasuke eyed the hand extended towards him from the standing blond and debated whether that was actually safe or not. And goddamn it, did it have to be so early?!


"Hn. You play dirty, dobe."

Still, he let the blond pull him to his feet. If his hand lingered in that strong grip a second or two longer than was necessary it was only because he wanted to make sure he had his balance. He'd only just woken up after all. Right. It had nothing to do with how warm those hands were or how nice they it felt to have their fingers interlaced—because of course it didn't; handholding was so NOT something Uchiha's did.

A golden brow shot up at the Uchiha's words and a smirk curved over Naruto's lips. He rubbed a circle on the elegant with his thumb.

"You have no idea, teme."

Sasuke blinked at the blond—no, his stomach had not just flipped deliciously at the implication. Not at all. And damn it, could he stop doing that with his thumb?!


Sasuke tugged his hand free—no, that was not reluctantly. He was perfectly content keeping his hands to himself. Even if the warmth had been kind of nice—and mumbled, "Where are we going, dobe?"

Naruto rolled his eyes. He'd already said this. Twice! "To watch the sunrise, Sasuke-teme. Now hurry or we'll miss it."

Already a black brow was arching. "All this for a sunrise?"

Naruto shot Sasuke a grin over his shoulder. "No. All this over a Grand Canyon sunrise."

And then they both stepped out.


Alright, so Sasuke could admit, grudgingly, that it had been a very nice sunrise. Beautiful even. The idiot had made him hike up into a little outcropping overlooking a 100 foot waterfall and they'd sat there, side by side, as the sky slowly lit up. The morning light had bounced off that waterfall so brightly, making it sparkle like a spill of diamonds.

And when Naruto had scooted closer, pulling an edge of the blanket around him, he hadn't said anything. The smile he'd received in turn though had made his heart skip a beat. If he'd been more alert he might have even summed up the energy to worry about it. But he hadn't, so he also hadn't protested too much when Naruto had leaned his head on his shoulder as he told him about Iruka, one of his elementary school teachers, adopting him when he'd been eight, a little less than two years after his dad had died—I'm sorry, he'd interjected, knowing what that particular pain felt like. Don't be, he'd replied, squeezing his hand reassuringly, it wasn't your fault. Life happens—because no one could locate any of his relatives and Tsunade, his dad's lawyer and his temporary guardian, didn't want him to become a ward of the state.

He talked about Kakashi joining their ranks, as the ex-Seal often said, and his uncle Jiraiya finally getting the notices and flying over immediately from wherever he'd been doing 'research', which Sasuke had been told, was Jiraiya's euphemism for being pervy, only to discover Naruto was already adopted and adapted to his new family. Since then he'd spent the school year with Iruka and Kakashi and at least part of his summer vacation traveling with his uncle.

And somewhere in the middle of a story involving ramen, Pakkun, one of Kakashi's dogs and Kiba he'd noticed that Naruto had fallen asleep on his shoulder. He'd considered poking him awake—as he'd been so rudely poked that morning—then remembered that Naruto had been up for much longer than he had and ,in a moment of very un-Uchiha like compassion, he'd just let him doze. And since he'd been sleeping, Sasuke hadn't really seen the harm in placing his arm around the blond. Just to make sure he didn't fall backwards of course.

Maybe, he conceded, the dobe wasn't all bad. He was kind of…amusing…to have around, even if he never stopped talking. And he was…thoughtful…even if you'd never guess that from his self-assured cocky attitude.

He brushed a lock of sunshine hair that was tickling his ear back and unaware of it, began running his hands through the golden strands. And…he wasn't hard on the eyes—not that he'd ever admit that to the blond. When he realized what he was doing almost a minute later he dropped his hand like he'd been burnt and stared at the blond head on him, surprise and wariness in his eyes. And maybe he was dangerous…his mind supplied.

When the sun had fully risen, some fifteen minutes later, he'd knocked his head lightly on Naruto's and shouldered him off to wake him. They'd made their way back down to camp and had started breakfast and then had to wait about an hour for Kakashi to finally surface.

The pointed exchange of Naruto accusing him of being late and Kakashi rattling off some lame excuse about the road of life seemed like an established ritual of sorts and Sasuke had just watched, somewhat fascinated and completely baffled by it all. All he and Itachi did was glare at each other if they had the audacity to make the other wait.

Now they were in another side canyon, Matkatamiba, or something like that, after a few smaller rapids, nothing compared to the last three of yesterday where they'd both ended up tossed into a hole and soaking wet, and Naruto kept going on and on about how this was the best hike on the trip. So they were in for a long afternoon break.

"Seriously teme, I can't describe it, but trust me, you're going to love this."

Kakashi led the hike into the narrow gorge. It twisted and turned and looped around. Sasuke noted that he obviously knew the route by heart.

The walls were fascinating and completely different from the main canyon. They looked like individual slabs had been placed one on top of the other almost haphazardly, undulating softlyu. And then, above that narrow entrance, the gorge opened up into a Garden of Eden oasis that was simply breathtaking.

Naruto was grinning as he watched Sasuke trying to take in the raw beauty of this place and saw the awe in his eyes. For all his cold, unreadable demeanor, he had very expressive eyes.

"Naruto, this is…" Sasuke wasn't sure he knew the word for what this was. Obviously he'd been spending too much time cooped up in his office if some rocks and a creek were leaving him speechless, but seriously, it was a sight to behold.

"Yeah, I know." They stood quietly, side by side, much like they had in the morning during the sunrise, looking at the canyon, not needing to speak to understand each other. Then Naruto shot him one of those mile-wide grins of his, grabbed his hand and pulled him along to explore.


"Oh god, I'll be so glad when we get to Havasu. My arms are killing me!" Naruto had taken over the raft and given up the kayak to Kakashi, whom, he knew, enjoyed the rapids as much as he did. He'd watched in mild amusement as the challenging glint had come into Sasuke's eyes the second he'd seen Kakashi's surreally graceful paddling.

Where Naruto was talented on the water, Kakashi was downright masterful. He'd figured the teme's pride wouldn't let him take it in stride and, sure enough, Sasuke had begun to watch Kakashi's movements with a hawk-like intensity until he'd—somewhat to Naruto's surprise—begun to copy them. He had to give the bastard credit, he had good eyes.

Upset rapid had almost, but not quite, resulted in carnage. Kakashi had surfed the top of the crazy hole at Upset and, after hovering on the edge of disaster there for about three seconds, he'd managed to power downstream. The happy, squinty-eyed smile after the fact showed Naruto how much he enjoyed the danger at times.

And though the three of them had had fun joking and yelling, teasing and insulting each other back and forth, his arms hurt and he couldn't wait to go swim in the warm, spring fed pools of Havasu Creek and just relax for the remainder of the day.

No sooner had they pulled in and secured the raft that Naruto had grabbed Sasuke's wrist again and begun leading him away. "Come on Sasuke, waterfall time!"

"What? Wait! Oi, dobe!"

Kakashi noticed that despite the fact that his protests had gone unheeded by the blond, Sasuke seemed resignedly amused to be led away.


"Nnnnggghh!" Naruto's eyes were crossing in pleasure. Oh Kami-sama that felt sooo good. If he moved just a little… "Fuuuck!"

Pleasure laden, half-lidded blue eyes met his own. "Sasuke…god…it's orgasmic, I swear."

Sasuke knew his breathing had sped up, just a little, and his cock, gods, it was uncomfortably hard after having watched that little shower fantasy come to life. Fuck, but the idiot was hot!

"Hn. I would have never guessed by the noises you were making, dobe."

"Shut up and get under here, teme. You'll thank me for it." Naruto asserted as he started dragging Sasuke towards the falls that had just been beating down on his sore muscles, giving him the most exquisite massage.

"Will I? How exactly should I thank you, Naruto?"

Sasuke surprised himself. He hadn't meant to say anything. Teasing, flirting, insinuating comments were so unlike him. But really, the combination of that sinfully beautiful body without a shirt on, the sex noises and the rapture filled expression on the blond's face as water sluiced over his body… even Uchihas had limits.

The words stopped Naruto in his tracks and his head turned, slowly to regard Sasuke over his shoulder. The cerulean orbs, filled with mirth and pleasure seconds ago, narrowed and flashed in predatory lust.


Damn. He could live forever and he'd never get enough of that voice.

"…Don't start something you don't intend to finish, teme…"

Jet black flashed in response, fueled by the implication. Sasuke stepped towards the blond, so close it would have been more natural to be touching, and breathed into his ear.

"I always finish what I start, Naruto."

Then he pulled back, walked around the frozen blond and stepped under the spray of the falls.

Fuck. Fuck. Get a hold of yourself, Naruto.

He closed his eyes, sucking in a ragged breath. That was so much easier said than done. He could feel his heart raging, pumping blood loudly and harshly throughout his body, most of it spilling south to the raging, almost painful erection straining against his board shorts. His lungs were doing their best to suck in the air that seemed to have vanished with Sasuke's words. And his body, his body was trying not to shake with the fierce need the arrogant bastard had ignited with his proximity, with his breath ghosting over his skin.

Naruto turned again slowly, so slowly, almost afraid of what he'd find. Sure enough, the sight that met him hit him like a physical blow and almost brought him to his knees.

Sasuke, fuck!

He stood there, head arched back in pleasure, lips parted on a moan too soft to hear over the thunder of the falls, water running down, down all over his body. Down his face, his throat, to his chest, over his nipples—oh god, his nipples were so pink on that creamy skin and hard from the spray and the cold, baiting him to come lick, suck, bite….ngghh!—down over his abs and lower, most drops disappearing under the low hanging board shorts, save for the few to tangle in that barely there trail of dark hair that contrasted so vividly with that fair white skin before they too vanished southwards.

Stupid, fucking, droplets.

He forced his eyes up, cursing the water droplets that were touching Sasuke, his Sasuke, as he went, until they reached that face once more. And, as if aware that he now had Naruto's complete attention, Sasuke's eyes snapped open.

You going to run again, Naruto?

Gasoline to a burning fire might have been less combustible, Sasuke would think later.

That look, that cocky, taunting look finally snapped his control. He'd been trying to be good, to take it easy, to not scare the skittish bastard into running again, but really a man had his limits, and he'd been put through this hell more times than he cared to remember today, and enough was fucking enough.

"Naruto, what…?" He hadn't seen him move. When had he crossed those last few feet? All he knew were that hands, strong, tan, powerful hands wrapped into his upper arms, shoving him backwards, underneath, behind the falls, where the spray was lighter, almost rain like.

"Shut up." His eyes flashed and, if they could have changed colors, Sasuke would have sworn they'd be red.

They'd have more privacy here, even though the falls were deserted right now. He looked at Sasuke, water still spilling over him, washing down his body as if it had the right to touch that pale flesh. They would need it. Fuck yes, they would need it.

Naruto saw Sasuke begin to open his mouth and cut him off again. "Just shut up." He was searching that face, desperately for any hint to stop, for any sign that Sasuke would run.

Don't tease me, teme. Don't fucking tease me.

All he could see was lust and surprised anger from being held losing its foothold to the desire. His gaze dropped to those lips, pink, full, soft lips that he wanted to—they started to move again. He didn't want to hear it. He didn't want to hear that biting remark that would push him away, telling him to get off, that this wasn't happening.

"Shut up, teme. Just…fuck!"

And he crushed his lips to the Uchiha's.

Naruto devoured, ravaged, plundered, until that mouth—that damnable, tempting mouth—groaned and let him conquer, until he could hear the small growling noises the bastard was making. He ate at those sounds, fed on them, and dove deeper. That taste, god that taste...

Hands twisted into blond hair, angling his head just so and the fight was on.

Teeth and tongues and lips were their weapons, biting, stabbing, sucking at the other's mouth. They fought. They battled. Each strangled moan was a victory. Each hungry growl and breathless little sound that fed them, another triumph.

Hours of frustration, of need, of fear poured into that kiss. Fear that this was happening too fast, was too intense, too emotional for either of them to handle, but Kami-sama it felt good and he didn't want to stop kissing the idiot. He needed those rough, golden hands on his body, touching him, making him burn, making him want so much, so desperately that he could forget everything but this.

Sasuke, fuck, Sasuke…

One hand rose, tangling into heavy black hair, yanking back hard enough to make the brunet cry out, as his other hand pressed the Uchiha into his fevered body, making them both shudder in pleasure as their clothed cocks slid against each other.

He watched Naruto from half-lidded eyes tilted back by the fist in his hair, watched him try fight for control and hissed. His hips surged forward harshly, making his eyes roll in pleasure—god he was so hard, it hurt, it fucking hurt and he refused to let the one person who could fix this gather his wits about him and walk away, again.


Naruto growled, warningly, hungrily, before ripping his mouth off Sasuke's and beginning to attack his jaw, his ears, his throat.

Pleasure. Exquisite, acute pleasure. "Yesss…."

"Sasuke…god, Sasuke…what are you doing to me?" Teeth raked over the pale neck, tasting Sasuke and water, making him ache and hunger for more.

"Why? Why the hell do you taste so good, bastard…?" His breathing was ragged, the voice ripped from his throat with emotion. "Why can't I ever get enough of you?"

He didn't understand, couldn't understand. He'd been with people twice as long as he'd been with Sasuke and never wanted any of them half as much. Never needed them. But gods, gods! He needed Sasuke. Needed him like he needed his next breath. More.

He'd give up breathing air right now, forever, if it would have meant breathing in Sasuke's scent, tasting that smoky flavor of Sasuke's skin, slightly dangerous and electric and so uniquely Sasuke, or seeing those dark as midnight eyes liquefy and melt in pleasure, hearing those agitated little noises, mewls and pants and moans, of desire spilling from that parted mouth and touching, fuck, touching every inch of this lean, gorgeous man he could get his hands on, instead.

He was on his knees before Sasuke—he didn't remember getting down, didn't know when it'd happened—his lips and tongue on Sasuke's stomach, on that beautiful, defined stomach, tracing concentric circles around his navel. Fast…faster…faster! The circles tightened, grew smaller, closer to that enticing valley he couldn't wait to dip his tongue into until he was there, his tongue sliding into that small dip, licking, swirling, teasing with the promise of doing that to his body elsewhere, elsewhere where the pleasure would be so intense that the small shivers of running over Sasuke's body now would seem like child's play.

I'll make you scream for me, he'd said, in that voice that could melt steel, before he'd fallen to his knees. I'll make you feel so good, you'll scream bastard. Believe it.

Fuck. Oh fuck. He did believe it. Sasuke believed it fervently as he bit his lip too keep from crying out the blond's name as another stab of that clever tongue sent a small shudder coursing through him. He didn't understand…Naruto wasn't touching him anywhere interesting, just his navel. His navel, where he'd never have guessed he was so sensitive, somewhere he'd never thought a mere flick of a tongue—oh fuck, just like that!—could almost buckle his knees. It seemed to Sasuke that there had to be some strong, invisible line connecting his belly button to his cock since every lick, every stab, every scrape of that talented tongue made it harden, twitch, jump and leak more. It was unbearable, excruciating, painful pleasure to be this hard, to want this much.

And then he felt those hands, those hands that had been sliding up and down on his cloth covered thighs, that held his hips to keep him from buckling completely, that had slid up and cupped his ass—a rather violent shiver shot through his body at that contact—and pushed him closer to his ravaging mouth, those hands were sliding forward once more, over his hips, fingers trailing just on the edge of his boardshorts, dipping in just the tiniest bit, scraping gently at the sensitive skin there, drawing closer together, making him breathe harder with every inch they covered, until they reached the tie in the center. The tie that was straining to stay flush against his body and losing the battle to his angry, throbbing erection.

Naruto didn't ask, he didn't really need to, his fingers just went quickly to work, pulling the loose bow free, snapping open the strip of Velcro—the sound was loud and out of place in their oasis behind the waterfall, but still sent a shiver of anticipation through them both—and parted the cloth.

Sasuke closed his eyes and shook almost violently with the intensity of the thoughts, the feelings that assailed him as Naruto kissed his navel one last time. He felt the blond pull his head back and almost whimpered at the loss of contact.

Naruto…Naruto, don't go! His eyes were wild, he knew, as he looked down at the blond. Irrational with his fear, with his longing that had no name.

I need…I want…dobe…gods Naruto…what…what is this?

He saw them there, the emotions, those confusing, frightening things that were whipping through his mind, through his heart like a tempest; he saw them reflected in the Prussian blue staring up at him.

He couldn't look away from Sasuke's eyes, from the wicked need he saw there, the fragile vulnerability and that spine-tingling sense of inevitability. He felt it too. The rightness of this, of them, together. It was so right, so perfect, it seemed almost wrong.


Thumbs rubbed small, unsteady circles on his hip bones, just inside the parted cloth. He was being given an out he knew, one final chance to back away and escape the intense…connection…that seemed to flow between them. And he saw the effort it was costing Naruto to keep his hands there instead of letting them wonder, to keep his gaze locked on his own instead of looking down.

Naruto, loud, brash, cocky Naruto, who said what he meant and did what he wanted, who didn't give up or take no for an answer, who had the body of a god and could have anyone, anywhere if he wanted, was on his knees in a shallow pool, up to his hips in water, with mist like rain trailing rivers down his body wanting him, wanting him with a desperation that was making him shake, and yet willing to let him walk away if he needed to.

And deep inside Sasuke, the tumblers on the lock to his heart turned.

"Teme…" The word was raw and filled with need. Naruto couldn't take this anymore. His hands started to pull away when he heard Sasuke speak.


Just…just don't let go…

He didn't have to say it; Naruto could hear the unspoken words clearly.

I won't, teme. I couldn't, even if I wanted to…

He wasn't sure if Naruto meant physically or something else. He wasn't quite sure what he'd meant himself. But really, it didn't matter. He trusted him.

Sighing, Sasuke finally closed his eyes and let himself be swept into sensation.

Touch me, Naruto….taste me…

So he did, those bright blue eyes finally fell from that perfect face that had imprinted itself on his mind, his heart, his soul and found his prize escaping from its cloth confines.

Fuck, he was beautiful. He had no right to be this beautiful, this pale, this long, this hard. He had no right to be that and not have been in his life sooner.

And that thought, the thought that he was finally, finally, getting to touch Sasuke again made him growl and nip the bastard hard on his hip as his hands began to move.

Fuck. Oh fuck that sound, that purely animalistic sound coming from Naruto was so hot. And the teeth, oh god, the teeth on his skin.

Sasuke moaned and thrust his hips up.

Blue fire flared in his eyes and Naruto's patience, his gentleness, vanished on the whirlwind of need caused by that sound. His fingers wrapped around that straining cock and pumped down hard, once, twice.

"Ngghhh!" Sasuke bucked, the cry falling from unbidden.

Naruto licked his lips, his grin vulpine as he slid fingers inside the cloth in his way and scraped down.


Sasuke's head fell back with a strangled cry as fire coursed down his thighs, blending pain and pleasure in a heady mix that made it hard to stand.

You'll scream for me yet, bastard, just wait.

In a soothing contrast though, his lips kissed slowly up the four lines his finger nails had made than ran nearly from hip to knee as he lifted first one, then the other of Sasuke's legs to free him from the shorts that floated uselessly on the water around them.

He crawled forward, pushing Sasuke back gently until he was leaning on the canyon wall for support. If he did his job right, Sasuke would need all the support he could get.

"Watch," Naruto commanded softly, his lips sliding over a hipbone now, drawing closer to his arousal.

"Hn." But onyx eyes followed the blond nonetheless, mesmerized by erotic sight.

Naruto smiled into the deep indent of Sasuke's 'V' muscles. Gods, the bastard was sexy. It was unreal.

Sasuke shivered. Mmm. He was so close now, so close he could feel Naruto's breath ghosting over his weeping cock. Just a little more, dobe. Just…huh?

Naruto rolled his eyes up at the little mewl he heard. He barely restrained the chuckle at the look in those midnight eyes when he'd moved onto his other hipbone instead of down to that blushing, pink cock.

Patience, teme. Patience. I want to savor you.

There was that look again, that look Sasuke remembered from the poker game, as if he were staring at something precious…important… His breath hitched, just the tiniest bit, at that look.

Naruto licked and lapped at the skin of that pale hip, nibbling, the taste of Sasuke exploding on his tongue, subtly richer, more intense the lower he went. His eyes were riveted now on the flushed, column of skin he kept drawing closer to.

His hand trailed lazy patterns on a pale thigh. It bobbed softly. His teeth nipped taut muscle. It jumped, nearly thumping against Sasuke's abs. He drew a patch of skin into his mouth and sucked insistently, branding Sasuke. He heard a moan and watched fascinated as a bead of pre-cum formed at the tip.

Like that, did you, teme?

He didn't know why. He hated hickies, hated marks on his body. But watching Naruto suck the skin at his hip, branding him possessively had Sasuke's eyes rolling into the back of his head. "Naruto…"

Oh god, teme, don't do that! I can't deny you anything when you say my name like that.

Naruto groaned, giving up all pretenses, as his mouth and hand finally reached Sasuke's leaking erection.

Fingers trailed up that smooth, velvety skin, so hot, so hard, for him. He could feel Sasuke watching him, his breath slightly labored. Slowly, he wrapped his fingers around Sasuke's base, holding him steady, still fascinated by the contrasting sight of his hand on that pale, pink skin.

The hiss of pleasure sped his pulse. Naruto looked up, meeting that dark, intense gaze. Holding Sasuke's eyes, he ran his tongue slowly up that thick, blue vein, over the ridge and finally, finally dipped into that weeping slit and tasted him.

"Ohhh…fuck." Yes. Gods yes, that's what he wanted. He arched his hips forward, his cock grazing a scarred cheek.

Naruto moaned. Holy fucking hell, he was doomed. He'd never get enough of Sasuke now. That taste, that slightly salty, slightly acrid, completely addictive, dangerous taste was burned into his tongue as the hottest thing he'd ever tasted.

He wanted more.

He wanted it all.

He wanted it now.

He growled, low, menacing when Sasuke's hips moved. They thrust again at the sound, followed by a hungry little noise. His hands slid back up to grip lean hips. He licked his lips, eyes darting to Sasuke's again, and, giving him no warning, swallowed him whole.


Told you so.

The scream was torn from his throat by the sudden sensation of hot, wet heat surrounding his cock. Oh Kami-sama, he could feel the gripping tightness of a muscled throat pulsing gently around him as Naruto fought not to breathe. Fuck. Fuck!

As he stared into those pools of blue, Sasuke had to fight every instinct he had screaming at him to thrust into tight throat. "Nar…Naruto…gods…."

Then those dark pink lips wrapped around him and that blond head began to move.


He scrabbled for purchase against the rocks behind him, needing something, anything to help him stay upright as pure, carnal lust bubbled through his system. Naruto…

When the idiot started humming around his cock, Sasuke screamed again and almost fell.

Naruto's eyes sparkled in wicked delight at the fact. The soft chuckle though had Sasuke whimpering as his eyes crossed in ecstasy.

He played with the bastard, watching Sasuke watch him, driving him slowly crazy as he teased and licked and flicked around the head, letting his tongue lap at the little pearls of pre-cum, while his fingers jerked him slowly. When Sasuke started shaking, he moved lower, kissing, laving the shaft between his sliding fingers and then lower still, drawing first one, then the other of the teme's balls between his lips, sucking, rolling them around until Sasuke screamed again.

You taste so good, bastard…You feel so good…Mmm…

And then Sasuke, somewhere in his sensory overloaded mind, decided that he shouldn't be greedy.


Naruto moan-screamed around the cock in his mouth as he felt Sasuke's shin press into his own throbbing erection.

God bastard, what are you… FUCK!

He wasn't given time to think as that leg started moving against him, providing the sweet, harsh friction his cock had been crying out for.

Oh gods. Oh gods. Oh gods. Sasuke!

His mouth sped up, matching the feverish pace Sasuke was setting. Up. Down. Up. Down. Faster. Faster.

His tongue swirled at the end of every upstroke, darting into that weeping slit, causing Sasuke to buck into his mouth despite the hands that pinned his hips.

Sasuke, fuck!

"Naruto…Naruto…" It became a litany, the only word he remembered as the pleasure started building. Each swell grew larger, stronger, looming just out of reach... "Na…ru...to…"

He focused on sucking, swallowing, and taking that gorgeous cock to the hilt until his nose buried into black curls and he inhaled the musky, concentrated scent of Sasuke. He was trying desperately not to think about that leg moving over him, against him making his hands curl into those pale hips until he was sure indents of his nails were scored into Sasuke.

"Nnnggh…Naruto…oh gods…close…nngghh…" Dark locks thrashed from side to side as Sasuke tried to twist, to buck, to do something to ease the pressure.

Naruto could feel the erratic thrusting of Sasuke's hips against his hands.

Come for me, bastard. Let me taste you.

When he scored his nails down the inside of pale thighs, the reaction was immediate.


And Sasuke was coming, screaming around the sudden pleasure that ripped through him like lightening, spilling burst after burst of white, hot cum down Naruto's throat.

He swallowed it all, reveling in the taste of Sasuke as he watched that dark head fall back in ecstasy, a dark blush painting his cheeks, lips parted, panting, the expression on his face so like the one in the waterfall earlier that had blown his mind.

And he knew, knew in that moment that no matter what happened between them, he would be forever haunted by this sight. This perfect, gorgeous sight of Sasuke coming.

And that sight was what finally ripped the orgasm from his body with a scream of Sasuke's name.