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(Continuation of Edward's Flashback)

It took me so much will power to go upstairs and tell Alice to lay off Bella for a while. This was something she had to do with her best friend, and I respect that. Besides, it's not like Alice could see them.

I barely touched her doorknob when I heard her high-pitched squeak.

"Edward!" Alice's expression was torn and confused. Something acted up in me and I immediately demanded her to tell me what she saw.

"No, you paranoid groom." She snapped back. "It's just that I saw Renee settling on a mauve dress, which means I have to change the color of the carpet!"

I buried my face in my hands.

"Edward. Can you not see how serious this is? Imagine her walking on a fabric that could very well been used to make her dress! She could just lie there and be in great danger of being stepped on!" Alice's eyes were bulging and she was clutching a few brochures in both hands.

I stared at her in disbelief. She can't be serious, can she? But knowing my sister, she probably was. So I retorted, "Alice, it's a meadow. Why would you even bother putting carpet on grass, anyway? Also, need I remind you that there are but 12 guests?"

"C'mon! I gave in to that small number of guests! Can't you please be the nice brother you are and indulge me in my frustration on being a wedding planner?"

I hung my head back in exasperation and surrender. Alice ignored me and went back to checking her brochures using one hand and dialing on her cell phone with the other.

"What are you here for, anyway?" Alice asked distractedly. I explained to her my concern and she looked up for a split second, only to raise one finger and stop me in the middle of my sentence.

"Yes, hello, this is Alice Cullen. I'm calling for the Cullen-Swan Nuptials. I know it's such a late notice, but could I possibly change the carpet back to the original color we talked about?" There was a long pause.

"Yes, yes, not the dark red, the lighter one. NO! Ah. No. Hmm. A new one? About two shades lighter? Oooh." Another longer pause. By this time, I already settled back on her couch. I leaned back and started throwing upward a rubber ball I found perched in her desk upward. I caught it and threw it again. And again. And again.


"Ooooh. Uh-huh."



A few more "Uh-huhs" later and the call ended. She started, "Edward, if she's going to talk to Jacob, then there's really nothing I could do about it. Besides, even if she isn't, my mind is too preoccupied with the wedding details. My visions are clouded. All I can see as of now are things related to the preparations. Now, hold on a sec."

She started dialing again and I knew it was my cue to leave their room. I could not possibly stand another conversation like that. When it comes to Bella and her brief phone calls, I could. But Alice is a totally different case. No wonder Jasper is more often seen downstairs these past few days.

I called Jacob about 30 minutes after Bella left. I knew that I should simply trust her, but somehow, I was not able to shake off that nagging feeling of fear. It was not directly aimed at Jacob—though he did play quite a big part on it—but it was something vague. I am not sure if I really am just paranoid, but knowing Bella's luck, you can never be too sure.

"Yes?" Jacob muttered gruffly on the phone. Quil and Embry started to find him two days after he ran away. They managed to bring him back to La Push. Of course, it took them about two weeks in their wolf form just to hunt Jacob down, and that's saying a lot. I give Jacob credit for that.

"Why are you at home? Were you not supposed to meet Bella at the beach? She left a few minutes ago. She should be there by now."

"Huh? I don't know what you're talking about. I haven't even talked to her ever since you—"

But I clicked my phone off and ran as fast as I could.

The wind whipped my hair and I narrowed my eyes in concentration. I could already smell her scent, but I could not breathe a sigh of relief. I followed the sweet smell and turned towards the thick clump of trees, going deeper and deeper into the woods. My eyes strained for a sign of her.

I was losing it, and I absentmindedly tried to humor myself into thinking why and how Bella went this far. I could not see her truck anywhere. Could she have gotten lost? Bumped a tree or ran over something? Fallen over or gotten lost here? Typical. That's Bella. That's my Bella.

Her fragrance grew stronger and stronger. It submerged my sense of smell in a powerful, lingering aroma that I could almost taste her blood.

Then I saw her. And she was not alone.