Author's Notes - My first third generation story, gloriously un-beta'd! It's eventual AS/S, mainly because I can't stand the idea of Rose/Lily x Scorpius. And because it gives me an opportunity to write for a ship that no-one can sink. Feel free to nitpick, but at least be constructive with it.

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Albus Severus Potter was on the Hogwarts Express for the fifth time in his life. It had quickly lost it's magical appeal over the past two years, the journey was now just dull. The excitement of the prospect of Hogwarts had been great in his first year, and the excitement of not being the youngest had taken over. Sadly though, now that had all worn off, it was just far too long of sitting in a slightly musty compartment.

Sighing slightly as he stared out into the misty fog and rain outside the window, Al pulled a rather large book out of his bag and flipped to the page where he had left off. The Standard Book of Spells Grade Five lay open on his lap, a particularly fiddly spell on the page where Al was tracing his finger.

A quiet click of the compartment bought Al out of his daze, and his eyes quickly flicked up to see who it was. He was more than pleasantly suprised to find Scorpius Malfoy standing over him, smiling slightly, his glasses a little misty. Al had been half expecting his sneering brother James, and quickly shoved his stuff to one side, beckoning Scorpius to sit down opposite him.

"Hey, Al," Scorpius greeted him, his voice a tad weary, "Good summer?"

"S'ok, dull as usual," Al replied in a slightly off-hand tone, "You?"

"Three weeks with my grandparents," Scorpius made a long face, and Al chuckled, "Sheer torture. Mother insists on 'feeding me up', as per usual."

"Ah touché," Al replied with a grin, "Same here. I swear I've gotten fatter over summer."

"Yeah, look at all those rolls of fat," Scorpius teased, poking Al in the stomach, "Watch it Al, you'll grow to whale like proportions if you're not carefull."

"Shut up Malfoy," Al teased, poking his friend back.


Night was closing in on them by the time they reached Hogsmeade, and the platform was bathed in slivery moonlight. Al yawned as he and Scorpius rolled out of the compartment, leaving their heavy laden trunks behind. Al waved to Rose Weasley who was coming out of a compartment a few doors down, her arms cradling a few rather heavy looking volumes. She grimaced back at him.

It was cold and damp outside on the platform, and Al could see many of his fellow students huddling together, or wrapping their robes a little tighter. Scorpius stepped off first, Al behind him.

"It's freezing," He muttered, flattening his platinum blond fringe, "Bloody arctic."

Al nodded in agreement, pulling on a pair of woollen gloves. He squinted over at the lake, his eyesite wasn't really up to much in the dark. Glancing over at Scorpius, Al noticed he was talking to another boy in their year, Alec Townsend, whom was currently attempting to restrain a rather overweight tabby cat. He caught Al's eye and grinned lopsidedly at him, seemingly trying to ignore the quite obvious hissing sound.

Scorpius bid farewell to Alec and hurried over to Al's side, his hair almost translucent as the breeze hit it. Al noticed the gigantic Hagrid beckoning the terrified and trembling crowd of first years over to the boats - a journey Al would never quite forget. Scorpius seemed to notice him staring at the glistening lake and smirked.

"Thinking of taking the other route, Al?" He teased, cold eyes glinting.

"Shut up," Al snaped back, heading over to the horseless carriages nearby.

"Tetchy," Scorpius muttered, following him in long silent strides, "Don't like to think about it?"

Al didn't bother answering. Despite Scorpius being his best friend at Hogwarts, he had a certain way of getting on Al's nerves. His relentless comments and sacasm were a bit too much while he felt tired and hungry. The boating incident had been in the first year, where while getting to know his fellow students, he had accidently leant back a little too casually, resulting in a rather soggy sorting. Scorpius liked to remind him whenever it came up; Al remembered what a laugh it had been for he pale boy.

"Which one shall we get in then?" Al changed the topic, smiling brightly at the moonlit carriages, "That one over there's free."

"Sure." Scorpius replied, his bony hands winding a grey scarf a little tighter round his neck.

Al ambled over to it, occasionally greeting someone or waving. Scorpius stood next to him, smirking occasionally as Al talked to people. Al was, however, used to this. He had known since about halfway through first year when two girls had asked him out on Valentines day that Scorpius thought him to be a little overly-confident. Or, as Scorpius himself called it, smug.

They eventually reached the carriage, clicked the door open and clambered inside. Scorpius sighed as he took his seat, elegantly brushing hair out of his eyes.

"It's nice to be back, isn't it?" He said to Al in his icy tone, though more of a statement rather than a question.

"Yeah," Al replied feebly, "Dinner better be good, I'm bloody starving."

Scorpius chuckled, his head resting on the carriage side, "You really never stop thinking about food, do you?"


They shuffled in a large, soggy huddle through the Entrance Hall as per usual, then through the towering oak doors into the Great Hall. The Great Hall itself still possessed a certain sense of excitement for Al. He was fascinated by the ceiling most - the sky tonight a deep midnight navy, a blanket of grey clouds over it. His Aunt Hermione had always told him tales of the Great Hall, and had described the ceiling in great detail manier times.

A sharp blow to his back reminded Al he was meant to be moving, and Scorpius' voice in his ear, "Don't just stand there, move."

Al reluctantly took his seat at the Slytherin table, Scorpius next to him. Gradually he had gotten used to being in Slytherin, and, asides from James, everyone was perfectly fine with it. His Uncle Ron did occasionally make off-hand remarks about Slytherins, but Al could deal. He knew the stigma that surrounded his house and had grown to get used to it.

A strong cough sounding from the front of the Hall alerted Al to his sense's, and his face snapped up to see their deputy head, Professor Longbottom, placing a worn and patched hat on a little wooden stool in the centre of the stage.

Scorpius nudged his shoulder and whispered, "D'you reckon we're getting another Lovegood this year?"

Al detected the amusement in his voice - a long line of Lovegood's had so far joined the school, with no sign of ceasing anytime soon. He chuckled in response, he knew Luna and her husband, and had witnessed at least five little Lovegood's all running around his house in the Summer. They al greatly resembled their mother; bright eyes and floaty pale hair.

"Probably, they never seem to stop," Al chuckled in response, "God I hope this is over soon, I'm starving."

Scorpius had opened his mouth to respond, but the creaking of hinges asserted them to the fact that the first years were about to enter, and he decided against it. Al looked over just in time to see a procession of shivering eleven year olds huddled together, their new robes dripping along the stone tiles beneath their feet. A few were grinning at those already sitting at one of the four long tables - presumably to siblings and relatives.

"There we go," Scorpius nudged Al with a bony elbow, "A Lovegood."

Al looked over to where Scorpius was pointing, and indeed saw another pallid complexion, a girl seemingly apart from the rest of the world, her pale hair a damp knot.

"Breed like rabbits," Al commented, noticing Scorpius' smirk.

They sat in a comfortable silence for a few minutes, until a loud clear voice uttered, "Avery, Mary."

A small, dark haired girl scuttled up to the hat, picked it up, and let it balance on her head, going over her eyes. It was a few tense moments before the hat proclaimed - "Gryffindor!", and Mary hurried off to the table amongst applause and cheers.

A few more names were read out and assigned their houses, the Slytherin house alone gaining a fair share of pupils. The littlest Lovegood practically pranced off to the Gryffindor table to join her sibings. Al recognised quite a few surnames, not suprising in the tight-knit wizarding community. Amongst them were a few names that Al noted as being those of ex-Deatheaters, the fearsome followers of Voldemort his dad had often told him about. It seemed, however, that these groups were splitting from their Slytherin roots, and joining other houses.

The houses had seemingly lost their rigid stereotypes from what Al had gathered of the past at Hogwarts, and appeared to have become friendlier. In fact, he and Scorpius seemed to be what many teachers would call a 'perfect example' of unity. Al never quite understood this; it wasn't like they themselves had ever had any sort of rivalry.

"It's over, Al, you can stop day-dreaming," Scorpius'slightly sneering tone caught him unaware in his right ear, "Food."

The last syllable caught Al, who replied, "Oh, right."

"Geez, you really are vacant sometimes," Scorpius teased.

"Shuddup Scorp," Al snapped back, though his stomach rumbled loudly.

Scorpius chuckled, his eyes creasing, "Bottomless pit, that stomach of yours."


After an enlightening speech delivered by their elderly headmistress Professor McGonagall, a swift click of her fingers brought the banquet to their tables, silver platters laden with irresistable food. Al quickly starting to load his plate as high as possible, not bothering to try and seperate different types of food. Between piling his plate he glanced over at Scorpius next to him, his elegant fingers carefully spooing peas onto his plate.

Noticing Al's glance, Scorpius commented, "You're going to get indegestion, piggy."

"Yeah, well, I'm hungry," Al returned, irritated, "I eat normally. You just don't."

Scorpius smirked without looking up at his friend, "Well, it's a family thing."

Al scoffed, stuffing a mouthfull of chicken in his mouth. His eyes darted round, attemtping to catch the eye's of his cousin Rose, or Lily. He found them both sitting side by side at the Ravenclaw table, despite Lily not being in Rose's year. They both got on suprisingly well; Al guessed study must bring some people together pretty well.

"Who're you staring at?" Scorpius enquirred, leaning in to see Al's point of view, "Ah, dear Rose."

Al smiled, at least Scorpius didn't object to his family, well, his family besides James. Rose noticed his look, and smiled back, then turned to Lily and started chatting animatedly.

"Dear lord, looks like my cousin likes you Scorp," Al groaned. He for one knew how much Rose secretly admired his friend, though he heard Scorpius splutter to his side.

"God, really?" He enquirred, though Al noted the sarcasm in his voice, "I was always under the impression she rather liked Davies."

"Girls . . ." Al replied, shaking his head, "S'ok, she'll have moved on before you know."

Scorpius agreed silently, his eye's skimming the Ravenclaw table again. Al noticed his flush lips forming into a smirk as he took a small sip of the pumpkin juice in his goblet. He almost felt annoyed; Rose was his cousin after all, and he knew Scorpius would act this way.

"You okay there Al?" He asked, an eyebrow raised, "Full?"


"If you insist, mon petit copain."

Al noticed the snip at him, Scorpius did seem to get a thrill out of commenting on his height. So he wasn't exactly blessed in that department, but he wasn't short by any means. Scorpius Malfoy just happened to be elegantly tall; something that secretly irked Al a little.

Al was about to snap back at him, but his plate dissappearing from under his nose was more of a suprise. The look of shock on his face must have registered with Scorpius, who looked a little amused.

"Never seen that before?"


What would have usually been a brisk walk to their dungeon common room was turned somewhat into a hike. Al felt all too laden with food, and whenever he emitted a low groan he could hear Scorpius' snorting.

"Hey piggy, back here."

Al glanced up from his shows to see Scorpius standing by the all too familiar entrance to the Slytherin common room, smirking. Still groaning, Al hobbled over to it and let Scorpius politely let him in. Once inside the green-tinged room, he collapsed onto the nearest sofa, his feet resting dangerously near to the crackling fire in the large granite fireplace.

Scorpius sank in next to him, though a little more gently. One last grimace in Al's direction, and Scorpius pulled a hefty looking tome onto his lap, licking his finger to flick the pages.

Al, out of sheer curiousity asked, "Where'd you get that, Scorp?"

"Left it here over Summer, couldn't pack it in," Was the blond boys reply as he wiped his glasses on his trousers, "Let me guess, you forgot to bring any reading matter again?"


Author's Notes - It never occured to me before that I never quite learnt how properly to use apostrophes. Oh dear. In the mean time, I've just read Twilight, though can't get my hands on the others, and wouldn't mind reading some non ExB Twilight fanfic. Any hints?