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NoDrogs created the twins in his story A Small Possibility. I changed their origin in my stories.

At the end of the chapter I adapted lines from "I Got It from Agnes," a lesser known song by Tom Lehrer.

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An Offer You Can't Refuse

At Global Justice headquarters Jan called a message in through the open door of the youngest Team Leader in the organization, "Hey, Kim. You got a call. Some judge on line three."

As she picked up the phone she expected a question about someone GJ had brought in, or possibly a thank-you for some of the recent missions she'd been involved with. It took her a minute to place the voice on the other end.

"Kim, hope you don't mind me calling you at work. I've got something I don't want to ask Sharon."

"Um, excuse me, but who is this?"

"Alice, Alice Armstrong. I hope you haven't forgotten me."

"No, not at all. I just had my mind somewhere else."

The judge laughed, "I don't mind being forgotten. Look, I have a big favor to ask. But I don't know if Sharon will be honest with me. I can be intimidating, and she might be afraid to say no-"

"Really?" Kim asked ironically, "I wonder why." "Would that be because you're the lawyer who kept her out of jail, a professor at her law school, or a senior partner in the firm where she just started working."

The judge laughed again, "I'd like to think Middleton's hero has the guts to tell me to drop dead if you think this is a bad idea."

"Not when you've got Shego's future in your hands."

"You've been to the Legal picnics in the Spring and Fall," the Judge reminded Kim.

"Yes," Kim answered slowly, wondering where this was going.

"The board and I thought a winter get-together might be fun. You've got so much room at your place I suggested we hold the party there."

Kim did a fast head count of the crowd at the picnics. "I don't think we have room for that many people," she told Alice honestly."

"Oh, sorry. I wasn't clear enough. We invite everyone in the state to the picnics. Hell, people come in from out of state for them. No, this is just for members who live in Middleton. It might be small enough we could all fit in the dining room. But we're not thinking dinner - probably more of a cocktail party."

Kim felt the pressure, but refused to fold quietly, "I'm not sure either of us has the time to plan hosting something like that."

"I think all I'm asking for is use of the house. The Legals will hire a party planner to set up and clean up the next day, and I'll find some caterer to do the cooking. All you and Sharon need to do is smile and shake hands. Oh, and let your twins look cute."

Kim smiled, "That last part sounds easy enough. What date are you thinking?"

"December twenty-second"

"The twenty-second?"

"Winter Solstice. Can't offend the Jewish, Moslem, or any Wiccan members by having a Christmas party now, can we?"

"I suppose not."

"So," the judge continued, "do we have a place for the party?"

"Well, I suppose it's-"

"Great! Call me tomorrow if you change your mind. Day after that I talk with the board."

"Ah, okay." Kim hesitated, "Can I recommend a catering crew? Ron has connections with the hospitality department at the U."

"No problem. Oh, one last point. This is Solstice party so we can be PC. But if you want to have a big Christmas tree there in the entryway I don't think anyone can object. After all, it's your house."

"That's kind of a touchy subject. Shego objects to having a Christmas tree since she's Jewish."

"Will she let you call it a Chanukah bush?"

"Nope, she's clear on that."

"Tell me, Kim. If the Legals spring for a Solstice tree as part of the decorations, do you think she could object?"

"I have great faith in her ability to object."

"Tell her it was my idea and refer her to me. I've got a lot of experience overruling objections. And besides, I can be intimidating."

While Alice maintained her vision of a smallish gathering of Middleton lawyers the Legals were a close-knit group; they're just as close as they can be and just because they really care whatever they get, they share!

Tom heard the news from Agnes, who heard it from Jim. And it must have been Louise who gave it to him. She got it from Mary, who got it from Marie. Daphne passed the news to Sheila, and also to Joan. The news spread through the legal communities in Upperton and Lowerton like an infectious disease. But when Edith got it from her Daddy, who gives her everything (and had been one of the first straight men to join the Legal Lesbians), the news jumped the state boundary because Edith kept in touch with everyone via the Internet.

Several people were a little put out at not receiving official invitations, but Legal functions were always fun and a chance to network with people who might be able to recommend you for job or hire you. Add the novelty of the Legal's first winter gathering and the restored Kringle Mansion and the draw proved irresistible, although without an official invitation most Legals decided to leave children, spouses, significant others, or that amazing person they just met at the bar last Wednesday at home when they went to Middleton for the party.