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Lessons Learned

Drakken's gingerbread men had come out exceptionally well. And Kim preferred leaning against Shego to the idea of returning to insanity central. And Shego paid no attention to the time as she sat there, ignoring Drakken with the ease of long practice, with her arm wrapped around Kim.

"We really need to go back and make sure we still have a house," Shego eventually reminded Kim.

"One more cup of hot apple cider and another gingerbread man?" Kim pleaded. "I really don't want to go back to that."

A half hour later Drakken suggested, "Take some gingerbread men home for the twins," as he wrapped up a half dozen.

"You two coming home soon?" Kim asked her brothers.

"We'll go home when you leave. Can we come up to the house with you? Do you think there are any naked lesbians left?"

"And what would either of you two do with a naked lesbian?" Shego demanded. "You don't have anything she'd be interested in."

"Hey, we just want to look," Tim explained.

"Yeah, no harm in that," Jim echoed.

Kim shook her head, "Then you should have gone home as soon as we figured out who you were. Has it hit you that Shego and I are just killing time because we don't want to go back to a house full of lawyers gone wild?"

"Really," Shego assured them. "One is all your sister can handle. If she's the right one."

"Yes, dear," Kim laughed. "But remember, I made an honest woman out of you."

"Hah! I'm a lawyer, remember?"

"If you two are going to be cute we're going home," Jim grumbled.

"We'll leave too," Kim told them. "Thanks for everything," she told Drakken as he handed her the gingerbread men.

Shego gave the blue man a kiss on the cheek, then the couple followed Kim's brother's out to the lab parking lot for the trip home.

"We need to do this more often," Kim told Shego as they drove back.

"Run away from home?"

"No, silly, get out together in mission gear."

Shego laughed, "You are so the romantic. We've got an anniversary coming up. What would you like me to steal for you?"

Kim and Shego felt grateful that almost all the cars were gone when they arrived home. When they looked in the living room Ron sat in the large easy chair, with Bonnie on his lap and Kasy crowded in beside them. The judge sat in the middle of the couch, with Roberta on her right and Steve Crandall on her left. The assistant DA's wife sat on a smaller chair, with Sheki on her lap. "She's beautiful," Mrs. Crandall told them. "Our Briana is the same age. Maybe we'll bring her next year."

"Next year?" Kim repeated nervously.

"We're going to be more careful," Alice assured them. "Invitation only. You'll have to show it at the door to get in."

"I don't remember being asked about this," Shego muttered.

"Well, you weren't here," Alice reminded them. "Speaking of which, where in the hell were you?"

"We… I got a call about a break-in at Lipsky and Load, Kim went with me to check it out."

"Lipsky and Load called you?"

Kim spoke up, "Shego does some security work for them. They keep her on retainer."

"You have to moonlight? We don't pay you enough?"

Shego panicked slightly, not sure how to answer the question correctly.

"Don't let her play with your head," Roberta told the pale woman. "You are allowed to have a life outside the firm, even if some people don't have one."

The assistant DA's wife addressed Kim, "Honestly, dear, being married to a lawyer is a pain."

The non-lawyers all laughed, Steve Crandall joining them.

Alice steered the conversation back to the original topic, "I will host a Solstice party again next year, I'd like to do it here - if you'll let me. It won't be a repeat of this year, I promise."

Kim and Shego looked at each other. Shego raised an eyebrow and Kim shrugged. "You can," the green woman told her boss, "but no repeat of this zoo."

"And no tree," Kim told her. Sheki was awake enough to groan in protest. "Sorry, it is beautiful. But not next year."

Shego looked at Kim and smiled, then addressed Sheki, "Actually, your mom and I haven't decided on that for sure yet. I don't want her to have to give up something important to her. Mommy and Eemah both want the other one to be happy - even if we're not always sure how to do it. No promises today, but maybe we'll have another tree."

Kim's right hand sought Shego's left, and each gently squeezed the other's hand. The two joined the general conversation for another twenty minutes, then Alice and Roberta and the Crandalls headed home.

As Kim and Shego got into bed the redhead asked excitedly, "A tree again next year, with no complaints? Really?"

"You're as bad as the four-year olds," Shego complained, drawing her partner close. "I didn't promise anything. I'm just saying we need to try and find a way where we can both be happy. I don't want one of us feeling like the other one dictates family policy, and both of us unhappy is not a good compromise."

"Umm," Kim purred, "let me have a tree next year and I'll see to it that you are very, very happy." Then she stuck her tongue in Shego's ear.

"That is, uh, very nice," Shego told her, "but I meant in terms of, um, you respecting, ah, my Judaism."

Kim took her tongue from Shego's ear long enough to assure her, "I promise to respect you in the morning. This is just a reminder of how I can keep you happy." Kim's lips then went to work on the pale woman's throat.

Unnoticed by all in the house, the unfortunate Milt slumbered in the library. He had not been overlooked in the cleanup, rather he had been left in retribution.

The knocking on her door awakened Bonnie the next morning. "Go away," the brunette yelled.

"You're in the paper, I want to offer congratulations," came Shego's muffled voice.

"Offer them later!"

"Oh, I interrupted you in flagrant delicto?"

"NO!" Bonnie shouted.

"Was that 'no' at me," Shego asked, "or did Ron take my hint and try something naughty?"

"Ron doesn't take hints," Bonnie answered. "I should know."

"Well then, I'm coming in to confirm the newspaper story."

"The door is locked—" Bonnie began, then realized the thief didn't care. And the green woman had aroused Bonnie's curiosity. Had she received a nomination for some award?

Bonnie wrapped the sheet around her for decency, exposing somewhat more of Ron than Kim would have been comfortable with Shego seeing.

"So, the story is true," Shego grinned at the sight of the two.

"What story?" Ron demanded.

"Society page in this morning's paper," Shego answered, waving the newspaper at them. "Something about 'Bonnie Rockwaller, star on the soap opera Tomorrow is Another Day, announced her engagement yesterday to Ronald Stoppable. Mr. Stoppable is currently enrolled at University of Middleton."

A surprised look went across the faces of both Ron and Bonnie, "It's in the paper?"

"Well yeah, I just told you it was. So, Ron, when did you pop the question?"

"I didn't," he groaned.

"So the thing in the newspaper…?"

"I said it last night at the party," Bonnie explained. "I was tired of lesbians hitting on me. So I said Ron and I were engaged so I could get some peace."

Shego shook her head, "I was hoping for a better story than that."

"Not getting it," Bonnie responded. "Don't let the door hit your butt on the way out. And lock it behind you – I don't want Kasy or Sheki coming in while Ron is with me."

Shego left reluctantly. Ron turned to Bonnie, "So, what are we going to do about the announcement in the paper? You want to call and tell them it was a mistake?"

"I'm not going to call the paper. It would make me look bad to announce my engagement one day and call it off the next. You can call and say it was a mistake if you want."

"No way! Call and tell the paper I'm not engaged to the most beautiful woman in Middleton? No one thinks I'm the sharpest knife in the blender now. They'd commit me to the nut house. You call and tell them you were misquoted, you aren't engaged to me, you're enraged with me."

"I told you, I'm not going to call."

"Well, if you don't everyone is going to think we're engaged."

Bonnie raised one eyebrow, "And your point?"

Ron stared at her in shocked silence.

Bonnie laughed, "Tell me the beautiful part again."

He took her in his arms, "You're beautiful." He kissed her. "You're really beautiful." He kissed her again. "You're the most beautiful woman in the room." She tickled him as he kissed her again.

"I didn't tell you to stop," she scolded.

"You're never going to ask me to stop saying you're beautiful."

"And your point?"

"You asked Shego to lock the door behind her, didn't you?"

Bonnie nodded happily, "He's finally taking a hint."

-The End-