Forgiven4ever, typing on the computer: Okay, now, formatting story...

::Yazoo & Yuffie burst in::

Yazoo&Yuffie: STOP!

Forgiven4ever: Too late. Now my fellow readers, prepare for a story of love, passion, romance, and a murder most foul.

Bone Jangles(Corpse's Bride): Hey, sweet thang! That there's my line!

Yazoo, Yuffie, & forgiven4ever: -eye twitch-

::Bone Jangles does his tap dance and Jack Sparrow barges in and shoots him::

Jack: I hated that thing. 4ever! Look what I got!-shows a jar of dirt and sings-I got a jar of dirt! I got a jar of dirt! And guess what's inside it!

Yazoo: Uh...dirt?


Jack: I gotta go.-runs off-

forgiven4ever: Whatever. Okay. My first fic between Yaz and Yuff here, so be nice, since there's oh so few of them.

::Jack runs past them with the jar of dirt, abruptly stopping::

Jack: forgiven4ever does not own FFVII, or AC, or the hot sexy me-ducks a blow from 4ever-but she owns the plot, and it's PostAC, so don't get dizzy when you read.-turns and sees Jones' creatures coming after him- Bye!


The Pursuit

She panted as she clutched her sides and dashed through the forest. The young girl of sixteen with a bob of ebony hair, frightened eyes that looked as though they reflected the stormy clouds above her. Her creamy colored skin was now nicked with scratches as she pried through the snags of thorns. Her small but fitted frame was clothed with a green top which came down to her navel and was wearing white short shorts. In this stormy weather and in this thick forest, surely they would miss a small young woman. Oh, how wrong she was.

"There's the bitch!" one of the thugs scowled, hacking his way through the limbs that forbade him to go deeper. The small knife glinted and the young woman gulped knowing what ill fate befell her after he had his way with her. She continued to scamper over the rotting dead trees and the snagging limbs that tried to trip her.

"Where?" the other shouted, more off to the left, getting sidetracked and began wandering around the woods. He fell behind. He could not find his partner and he was kind of light in the head. "Come on, man! Where are you!? You said I could have at her first!"

The first thug licked his lips as he approached the fallen woman, lying flat on her stomach. She was nicely formed, not too curvy, and long legs. He flipped the young girl over expecting to see her frightened face, not the exact opposite. For some damn silly reason, she was smirking at him. It was suppose to be the other way round. No matter, he was going to have his share of fun one way or another.

Suddenly, he felt himself gagging from something clogging his throat. It rushed up into his mouth and his senses alarmed when he tasted something warm and sticky. The thrug grunted as he looked down at his stomach and saw the small, but effective shruiken, lodged into him. His red liquid trickled down the weapon and stained the young woman's hand. The man groaned and blood leaked past his thin lips as the woman pushed him aside and yanked her weapon out of him.

"No one,..." she breathed, seething. "No one, messes with the Great Ninja Yuffie, bastard." She watched her assailant croak uneathly noises in his throat and sighed as his eyes glazed over. She was about to turn when a strong arm grabbed her roughly by her tiny waist and held a small knife against her long neck.

"Oh, really, ninja?" her other attacker sneered in her ear. His hot breath made Yuffie struggle in protest, the knife just nicking her under her fine jawline. "The more you squirm, the more fun it is," the thug chuckled and threw her to the soft damp earth at the base of a tree.

Yuffie whimpered as she backed up against the tree. She could not believe the shit she was in now. It all started with her walking around Golden Saucer. She had 'picked up' a few moneybags, a materia here and there, a potion, a ribbon, and it had to be the damn Maiden's Kiss that got her in trouble. The two men chased her out of the Golden Saucer and into the wilderness past Barret's old town that started Avalanche many moons ago. It was also Marlene's hometown. Now, she was about to have her virginity ripped from her.

Just as the man was undoing his pant buckle, a shot rang out and a white bullet shot clean through the assailant's chest. The man gasped and swayed, hoping to maintain his balance, but more shots rang out, ripping through the man's body. The thug gasped and collapsed on top of Yuffie who screamed and stuggled underneath his weight. She could hear twigs snapping as the other man approached her. She winced and wimpered as the body was lifted off her and she had a chance to look upon her savior.

He was a man of nineteen, lean, tall, with a mystifying face and bright green orbs which reminded Yuffie of her cats as his slit pupils dilated as his eyes latched upon her. His long silver hair spilled over his shoulders, contrasting against the black leather jacket he was wearing which was zipped up all the way up to his throat and the jacket did not part until at the knees. He looked a lot like Sephiroth, but he did not have his gravity-defying bangs or the murderous look in his eye or the taut jawline. Yuffie knew it was one of the Remnants of Sephiroth Cloud had destroyed six months ago.

But why the hell was he here? Yuffie bitterly thought. And why the hell is he coming nearer?!?!?

This was true. The Remnant had approached her and knelt down beside her. Yuffie shifted away, but the Remnant caught her wrist and pulled her closer to him with no emotion written upon his face, but the Princess of Wutai knew that he was studying her face, trying to place her somewhere.

"You were in Big Brother's group," he almost whispered cooly. He then grabbed her and slung her over his shoulder.

"Hey!" Yuffie screamed as the Remnant carried her through the forest. "Put me down, you ungrateful son of a bitch!"

"No," the Remnant answered cooly as before.

"Where the hell are you taking me?"

"Can't tell."


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