You Left Me

Naruto 6 sasuke 7

Naruto sat infront of a small pound in the large backyard of the Uchiha house hold. Sasuke Uchiha sat at his side. Both were looking peacefully at the pond watching their reflections float.

Naruto fell back and sighed. "Sasuke?"

"hm?" Sasuke responded. He too, then, fell back. He closed his eyes and put his hands under his head.

"Will you love me and be there for me?" Naruto asked. A frightend feeling came over the young blond. He expected his raven-haired friend to say 'no'. The small kitsune like boy had been alone all of his life. Sasuke was the only person to ever really be there. Hopefully, Naruto, wouldn't have to be lonely in the future.

Naruto felt Sasuke take his small hand into his own warm, soft one. The seven year old snickered just a bit then turned his face to look at the younger boy. "naruto..."

Naruto then turned and looked into the onyx eyes of his friend. A pink-ish color crept to his cheeks.

" I will always care about you, I'll never leave."

Naruto 13, Sasuke 15 ...(almost Naruto's birthday)

The blond boy walked through the doors of Konohagakure Senior high school.

It was his first day of freshman year. The school had a huge banner that hung over the main office with the village of the hidden leaf's symbol. The halls smelled of paint and old text books. The other students wore school uniforms. As was Naruto. The Chatter and happy screams that the groups of friends made could make you def and the florecent lights gleamed enough that naruto even saw one kid with sun glasses.

The kitsune had been looking forward to this day since he was a kid. Naruto would finally see Sasuke his old friend.

Since Sasuke lived in a different part of the village his elementary and middle school was not the same that Naruto went to. So now they were to finally be in the same school. Konoha high being the only high school in the village.

The kitsune walked to the pile of schedules and found his.

Uzumaki, Naruto
locker number-- 401 fourth floor
1st period- English 327 -- Kakashi
2nd period- History 411 -- Iruka
3rd period- Gym-- Guy
4th period-Biology 312-- Orochimaru
5th period-Math 108-- Kurenai
After studing his schedule he decided to search for his first class. Naruto took the stirs to the third floor. As he turned the corner he saw a majority of the student body. The kitsune watched as almost everyone found their classes only leaving a few left to search.

The tan blond looked at the doors as he passed them, trying to find 327. Not watching where he was going he bumped into anouther student. The student fell to the floor with an 'umph'.

Naruto nervously looked at the fallen student. "Oh i'm so-" he started to ramble but stopped.

He was now staring into the cold, angry eyes of..."Sasuke?!"

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