Last time I checked, I was the first with this pairing. I hope I still am! It'd be nice to inspire people to start going for more of these! And Sakura is perfectly legal by this point in time, 18 or older.

Title: Of Closets
Pairing: EbisuSaku
Prompt: Quotidian

It wasn't like he had a stalker. It was more like he was overly paranoid because getting caught would mean –in his head- the loss of his precious job instructing the Third Hokage's grandson, the ultimate honor to any shinobi. He was careful with what he did, and being a jonin he could generally detect even a glance his way by means of -his overly paranoid brain- feeling it.

He stealthily exited his apartment by means of his window. The fence would conceal him long enough to slide into the crowd of people rushing the streets. From his average appearance he could calmly enter the grocery store and head down the aisles, stopping to "contemplate" ripe tomatoes and plump bananas.

Once his observations led him to the back, he would covertly exit through the "Employees Only" door, dash through the storage room, and leave through the back door. The alley was so small that there was barely enough room to open the door to the building beside it. Once he had sneaked in, he would round the bookcases and approach the "Children's Arts and Crafts" aisle where he would snatch a book on piñata building with a large ink stain on the front.

He'd bring it to the front of the store and purchase the book before he'd calmly exit the bookstore and reroute around the perimeter of the village before he finally arrived home. Upon entering through his front door, he noticed the stack of piñata building books, each with an ink stain on the front, beside his couch.

With a grin, he opened the one in his hand and a vibrant green cover looked up at him, the circle with a slash through it –Not Legal for Readers Under 18- a blaring red in contrast to the green. Gently removing the book from its confines, he tossed the piñata building book onto the pile and crushed the green one to his chest.

With a nervous glance, he locked all fifteen locks on his door and raced to shut every window and close the blinds. When he was satisfied no one could interrupt him, he settled down on his couch and flipped open the book.

His thoughts were filled with the main character of this edition of the book, the famed virgin heroine who fought evil and saved lives. The situations she found herself in would require any other heroine in any of Jiraiya's other books to have sex, but this particular woman conquered her foes and stayed pure (while also looking dangerously and painfully alluring).

He brushed a few pages aside to get to the first chapter, telling himself that one day, he would be the one she would allow the honor of her first time. The first page held a gorgeous pearly smile, lighting her face beneath emerald eyes set upon a flawless, tanned face which was framed by silky, glossy pink hair.