Finally got some time to write some more of these. I guess the Ibiki and Tobi ones went the best with you guys, though. Enjoy!

Title: Of Prison
Pairing: MizuSaku
Prompt: Eject

"Society" is an unforgiving mass of self-righteous nosy people with nothing better to do with their lives than to judge people unfairly because of something they have that "society" doesn't, don't need something "society" does, or experience something "society" can't. "Society" requires ignorant gossipers and people with nothing better to do with their lives than to ruin someone else's.

Kakashi had experienced "society's" coldness with his father; Sasuke had been mercilessly gossiped about when his brother decimated his entire clan; Naruto knew the ruthlessness that was life's cycle since he was a child because of the kyuubi; and Sakura was smack-dab in the center of "society's" latest exploit, all because of one escaped prison convict.

His name was Mizuki, and he had fucked with the wrong person.

How he'd managed to escape the holding complex was beyond every ninja there. He had been in his cell when dinner was served but when the trolley to collect the dishes had returned, he'd gone missing. Due to his immense knowledge of Konoha and Naruto's kyuubi, ANBU were sent out to capture him.

Sakura Haruno, ANBU Squad 7's captain, had been the first to make contact outside of the village. She caught him in a hotel in Mist, signing papers for divorce from his wife. Her katana's sharp edge slid against his throat and she witnessed the tensing of his body.

Minutes went by with the blade held there, Sakura's breathing softer than Mizuki's. He let out a slight chuckle and Sakura removed the katana, sheathing it in the case strapped onto her back.

The older man stood and turned around. Abruptly, he pulled Sakura to him and, upon ripping her mask from her face, initiated a kiss, smirking against her mouth. He felt her return the motion as her hand swatted her mask free, the other patting his cheek as she removed herself from him.

Jade orbs gazed at onyx ones and Sakura giggled, intertwining her fingers with his.

"That, my love, is the taste of freedom."