~Chapter One~

The Boy Who Overcame Time…

And the Girl Who Was Just Overcome


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Summary: It's the plot of Inuyasha with everything switched around and turned upside down. Kagome is the hanyou, who was sealed by the priest Sesshoumaru and released by his reincarnation, Inuyasha. It will follow canon for a little while, but it should branch off soon.

Pairings: Inuyasha/Kagome, plus some Sesshoumaru/Kagome (like the canon Inuyasha/Kikyou).


It was a warm summer night. The air was stuffy and still, and even the crickets had decided that chirping would be a waste of energy. The villagers had, for the most part, retired to their huts for the night. The silence was complete.


A figure with long black hair burst from the shrine, clutching a glowing pink jewel.


She ran from the village, triumph in her eyes. Ha! I've got it now! Into the forest she ran, when a voice from behind her yelled, "Kagome!"

She turned slightly, still half running, to see Him behind her. His silvery-white hair blew in the wind, and his clothes were bloodstained. Despite his obvious injuries, he pulled his sword from its sheath. She watched in horror as he shifted it. She had no time to move, and saw rather than felt it ram through her chest. The swords momentum threw her backward, embedding itself into the big tree and pinning her to it. Blood dripped to the ground below her as she cried out, "Sesshoumaru! Sesshoumaru, you bastard!" Her world faded to black. The Shikon no Tama fell from her limp fingers, as claws receded into nails.

Kagome never saw the man she had once loved crumple and fall to the ground. She never heard him whisper with his dying breath that he wished for the jewel, that terrible pink jewel that had caused all of this to happen, to be burned with his body. The man called Sesshoumaru died with her, but she would never know…



A silver-haired boy turned over in his sleep. "Five more minutes." He mumbled.

His mother gently shook him again. "I know it's your birthday, but if you don't get up now you'll be late for school."

She had him from 'birthday.' He nearly knocked her over running to the bathroom. She smiled indulgently. Her little boy was growing up fast. Still smiling, she walked downstairs to finish making breakfast.

When Inuyasha came down to breakfast, he rolled his eyes. His grandfather was telling his little sister another of his tall tales.

"It's true, my girl! Five hundred years ago, at this very place-"

"-a bunch of medieval villagers were bored outta their skulls waiting for somebody to invent the TV."

Myoga pouted. "Don't mock me, you impertinent youngster! This shrine is full of history!"

Inuyasha snorted, "You think pickles are full of history, old man."

His grandfather fumed, "Why, when I was your age…!"

Izayoi cleared her throat. "Sit down, Inuyasha, and eat some breakfast." she suggested brightly.

Inuyasha sat and ate his eggs, seemingly unconcerned by the glare his grandpa was shooting him. Indeed, he seemed to be in rather a better mood than usual. Turning fifteen will do that to you. After wolfing down his breakfast, he said goodbye to his mom, stuck his tongue out at his grandpa, and walked out the door, whistling a jaunty tune.

He stopped short, however, upon seeing his sister edging into the well house.

"Hitomi! You know you aren't allowed in there. That building's so old you could fall through the floor."

She started at the sound of his voice. "I know, but the dog ran in there." She said, turning to meet his eyes. She looked guilty, and more than a little nervous. Inuyasha sighed.

"Alright, alright already. I'll get him out." He nudged her aside, and walked in.

The room smelled like mildew and dry rot. He winced, and held his nose. Smell aside, this place gave Inuyasha the creeps, and he didn't want to spend any more time in there than necessary.

"Totosai… C'mere boy…" He nearly yelped when he felt the family dog crashed into his leg. "Stupid dog." he muttered. Totosai licked his knee, barked, and ran up to greet Hitomi. At least she looked grateful. Inuyasha followed the dog up the stairs. Looking up, he saw that Hitomi's happy grin had faded into a look of pure fright.

"Inuyasha! Behind you!"

"Wha-" he couldn't finish his words before he felt claws digging into his back, pulling him down, down, down into the well.

Inuyasha floated in a vast black space. He tried to move, but found himself restricted. He turned his head to see what was holding him, and immediately wished he hadn't.

It was as if somebody had taken a crude sketch of a woman's head and torso, and attached it to the body of a centipede. But the centipede's flesh was rotting, barely clinging to its cracked bones. Its tongue extended, and licked his face. "Give it to me."

"What?" Inuyasha managed to choke. That smell was truly nauseating. He could barely think! And what the hell could be going on? A strange demon-woman pulling him into a well? This sounded like a story that his grandfather would tell.

"The sacred jewel! I must have it!"

"Yeah, you must, 'cause I sure as hell don't!" He was really getting pissed. If this was a figment of his imagination, he needed to stop watching B rated horror movies.

"I know you have it! I can feel it! Already my strength returns!"

That last part certainly appeared to be true. The smell of rotting flesh had gone down considerably, and the creature's many legs were scuttling about. Its centipede-like appendages began to curl around his body. It opened its mouth, revealing serpentine fangs. "I want it! I need it! Give it to me!" Its foul breath blew into his face.

"GET OFFA ME!" Inuyasha bellowed, shoving its face away. Pink light exploded from his hand, literally blasting away… whatever it was. It writhed in agony, dropping him. He fell to the floor with a sickening crunch.

The scent of decaying leaves brought Inuyasha back to consciousness. He slowly picked himself up off the floor. "What the hell…?" He remembered Hitomi asking him to go into the well house. Right, because Totosai was being an idiot and wandered in there.

"Hitomi?" he called, "Are you up there Hitomi? 'Cause I think you'd better get Mom."

No answer. "That's odd…" He had a splitting headache. "Must've hit my head on the way down." He said to himself, "Which explains that dream, or whatever it was." That did it; he was going to give up horror movies for good. Imagining demons! He had to be… huh?

He looked up, to see bright sunlight shining down. "But there's a roof!" he argued, lamely. He decided that, since it was obvious that nobody had heard him, he would have to climb out of the well. Another oddity presented itself: the well was full of vine-like plants. But he wasn't about to look a gift plant in the mouth, and so he began to laboriously haul himself out.

Reaching the top of the well, Inuyasha's remaining faith in his sanity vanished. Instead of the dusty old well house, he found himself in the middle of a meadow. 'Meadow' being defined as 'pretty stretch of grass with butterflies/flowers etc., but no sign of the family shrine.'

Totosai, we are so not in Tokyo anymore.

"Great. Just great." Inuyasha did not like to think of himself as a whiner, but reality struck again. "I've got no effing clue where I am, with no sign of my house, which was RIGHT HERE a minute ago, and I'm having hallucinations about centipede-girls licking my face…!" He cut off, "Thank god, the tree."

For he had indeed spotted the Goshinboku, the same great tree that had been his favorite part of the family shrine. It seemed to poke up from a massive forest, but that didn't deter him. Instead, he ran towards the first familiar thing he had seen.

Upon reaching it, he drew a blank. He had half expected to see the family shrine, but it was obviously missing. The tree was obviously the same; there was no mistaking it. However, it looked… different, somehow. Younger. There were far more vines tangling over its trunk than he remembered, and what was that bulge?

He drew back with a gasp. Was that… a girl?

"Um, hi." He called out to her, "What'cha doing up there?"

Gingerly, he moved closer. Her kimono was a dark green that blended in with the vines, probably why he hadn't spotted her immediately. The obi was a dark red, which in the shadows blended quite well with the tree trunk. Looking more closely, he made out a stylized pattern of white leaves down one side. It certainly was an odd garment; more like one of his grandpa's beloved historical costumes than anything normal people would wear. Her eyes were closed, apparently sleeping. Her skin was porcelain pale and smooth, and her face was beautiful and delicate. Her long black tresses fluttered in the breeze. Inuyasha found himself blushing: this girl was hot.

After a moment's awed staring, Inuyasha did a double take. What were those triangles on top of her head? He leaned forward, and was shocked to discover, "Ears? What kind of girl has ears like that? Is there a cat out there with human ears, or something? Like a transplant?" He shook his head. They probably fake, anyway. One good yank, and they'd come free. He reached up, and tentatively pulled one. It stayed put. He found himself playing with her ears drew back, blushing harder. Of course, if this place has human centipedes, why not catgirls? He stifled a laugh; his perverted friends would love this.

His hands brushed metal, and he looked down. He scrambled back, horrified. This girl had a bloodstained sword sticking out of her! He was so shocked and appalled that he didn't notice that the sword pulsed under his touch…

"You there!"

Inuyasha spun around, disoriented, to find himself face to face with a mass of men dressed like they came out of a history book. He was not at all pleased to note that the ones nearest to him were pointing crossbows at his head.

"Why are you in Kagome's forest?" The man nearest him growled.

Inuyasha blinked. "Couldn't tell you. No idea."

He quickly found that this was the wrong answer, and found his arms pinned behind his back.

"Walk. We don't take kindly to demons here." The same man growled from behind him.

"Demons? What the hell are you jawin' ab-"

"Make way for High Priest Jaken!"

"-out?" Inuyasha looked up to see what looked like a medieval priest bearing down upon him.

"Demon, be gone!"

Inuyasha had had enough of this. "FOR CRYING OUT LOUD, I'M NOT A DEMON!" he yelled, flushing.

The crowd of villagers muttered ominously. He managed to pick out a few garbled phrases like "foreign spy" and "fox in disguise."

"Are ye not?" The priest, unlike his fellows, had lost none of his composure. "Then what were ye doing in the forest of Kagome?"

"Nothin' much. Just looking around." Inuyasha tried to get a look at his surroundings. It looked like a haphazard collection of wooden huts; a medieval village or something. That part certainly went along with the strange apparel that the people here sported. 'What did I do, get blasted into the past, or something?' He snorted at the thought.

A funny look crossed the priest's face. "What is your name, boy?" He lifted Inuyasha's face, examining it.

Inuyasha jerked away, "It's Inuyasha, old man."

"I see." The priest looked him up and down, "Then tell me Inuyasha; how it is that you came to look exactly like my dead brother Sesshoumaru?"


The priest Jaken handed Inuyasha a bowl of stew, which he took without comment. The inside of the hut was more comfortable than he had thought it would be, but he wasn't about to show any gratitude to this guy.

Jaken spoke up, "I hope you understand that these are difficult times. Somebody with strange clothing like yours, and showing up in Kagome's forest… it does not make one think for the best. Even an ordinary stranger would be subject to much skepticism."

Inuyasha looked down, and snorted. Strange clothing? Like this guy could talk! Inuyasha was just wearing his school uniform. Sure, black wasn't really his color, but it was normal. Unlike this freak show. "I'm really not in Tokyo anymore." he groaned.

"To-ky-o?" asked Jaken, stumbling over the word, "Is that where you come from?"

Suddenly, a man burst into the room. "Lord Jaken, a demon!"

The three of them –one of whom was very reluctant- burst outside, to see…

"That butt-ugly centipede again?"

The demon in question turned at the sound of his voice. "Give me the Shikon jewel!" She nearly slammed into him, but Jaken pulled him aside.

"Jeez, talk about your one-track minds!" Inuyasha rolled over to escape another attack.

Jaken shot Inuyasha a searching look, "The Shikon no Tama, she says? Have you it, Inuyasha?"

Inuyasha shook his head wildly, "I've never even heard of this thing before!" A determined look came into his eyes, "But if it wants me, then I can get it away from here!" And he took off running.

Four stubbed toes later, he was cursing his rashness. He had no clue of where he was going, and the centipede-lady was right on his heels!

"Argh!" He ducked under her/its legs, doubling back toward the forest. 'Maybe I can lose it in the trees!'

He ran and ran, until he found himself in the glade with the Goshinboku, and the dead girl sealed to the tree. Although, she didn't look quite so dead now…

"What's the matter, Sesshoumaru?" she taunted as Inuyasha stumbled. "Can't squash one teensy weensy little centipede?"

Inuyasha gaped, "You- you're alive!" 'Alrighty then, this day just got weirder.'

She ignored him, "Honestly, you got me, right? Me, Kagome, one of the most powerful demons in existence. That pitiful demon isn't even on my level. The Sesshoumaru I know would have obliterated her as soon as seeing her."

Inuyasha growled, "Keh. Whoever this 'Sesshoumaru' is, he sure ain't me."

She snorted, "Of course you are. White hair, gold eyes, vacant expression, who else could you be? There's no way that anybody else could smell just like-" She sniffed, eyes widening, "Wait a minute…"

But there was no time to wait a minute, because at that precise moment our dearly beloved centipede decided to show up. It knocked our hero into Kagome's legs, and wound itself around the tree. "Give me the jewel NOW!"

"I TOLD you, I don't HAVE it!" Inuyasha yelled. The demon squeezed the tree- and Inuyasha- tighter. Just as it began to get unbearable, there was a loud squelching pop. Something pink flew out of his side, and rolled onto the ground. The centipede demon's made a beeline for the tiny thing.

The sound of running footsteps approached, and Inuyasha saw the priest approaching through the trees, along with what looked like most of the village men, all of whom were gaping at the still-rolling gem. He felt the Kagome shift and murmur, "The Shikon jewel… It was inside his body?"

Inuyasha himself didn't feel too comfortable with that thought. Here he was, already queasy from being squeezed by some sort of woman/centipede/possibly boa constrictor hybrid, and now it turns out that he had some sort of jewel inside his body? This was really not going to be in his top five favorite birthdays. Not even his top fifteen.

Make that sixteen- even the actual day of his birth had probably been more pleasant. At least he had no memories to the contrary. This day just took the cake for awfulness, and he had the distressing feeling that he would never be able to quash it from his memory. The centipede-woman had found the jewel, extended her tongue, and swallowed it. Inuyasha wondered how he could have thought that he had felt nauseous before. Sure, moments before his situation had been exactly the same, but the centipede-woman had undergone some sort of transformation by swallowing the jewel. Let's just say that if he had thought that she was hideous before, at least before she looked like a she. Now, the demon's "human parts" had become scaly and maroon. Its eyes were red, and its fangs much too large for its face.

Inuyasha felt bile rising in his throat and tried desperately not to vomit. His best efforts couldn't keep his face from turning green, though.

Kagome smirked, obviously noting his discomfort. "Bit useless, aren't you?"

Inuyasha scowled back, "For somebody who called herself a powerful demon, I don't see YOU doing anything."

She gritted her teeth, "I can't. In case you haven't noticed, I'm sort of stuck here!"

Inuyasha grabbed the handle of the sword. Jaken yelled, "Inuyasha, no! If you set her free, she'll kill us all!"

"Yeah, well, it's not like we're better off now!" He yanked, hard, and the sword slid out. The sword gave off a pink glow, and pulsed. So did Kagome, who grinned and flexed her claws. Inuyasha was shocked to see that there was no remnant of a wound where the sword had been.

"Oh boy, do I ever feel good." Kagome's grin widened.

Inuyasha missed most of the next minute's events, happening too fast for his to see. All he knew was that Kagome had torn the centipede to shreds, and he was lying on the ground. His headache from before, forgotten because of all of the strange events, returned tenfold, and he tried once more to keep his stomach from escaping through his throat.

Jaken shook him gently. "Where is the jewel?"

Inuyasha was taken aback, "What?"

"Tell me where you see the jewel. Otherwise, Mistress Centipede will reassemble herself."

At the thought, Inuyasha's hold on his treacherous nausea began to slip. He steeled his nerves, concentrating for a moment solely on breathing. He would not be the sort of sissy that threw up at the first sight of gore. Hadn't he spent half of his life playing video games? Sure, even the most impressive graphics were nothing on firsthand experience, and couldn't come anywhere near to capturing the smell, but he would tough this out like a man.

Finally, he looked up. "Um… there!" He pointed to the pink glow in one of the chunks of flesh. Wiggling flesh. He closed his eyes, trying to burn the image from his mind. When he dared to open them, Jaken was holding the jewel. All that was left of the centipede demon were bones, still steaming. Inuyasha felt very woozy indeed. He stood up with minimal difficulty, and mentally congratulated himself for taking this so well. All right, not well, per say, but better than most people would.

Jaken walked over, and dropped it into Inuyasha's left hand. His right, he realized, still held the sword that he had pulled from the tree. Does that make me king of England or something? He laughed at his own thought, before examining the jewel more closely. He was utterly horrified.


"If you don't want it, why don't you give it to me?" came a silky voice from behind. "I promise I'll take really good care of it. Why don't you just hand it over?"

Inuyasha met Kagome's eyes. Blue, he noticed, and slightly overlarge. Thick eyelashes, too. She looked almost cute.

"Nope." He shook his head. "Somehow, I just don't trust you. I've seen that look on my little sister- nobody who looks so innocent can be all she seems."

Kagome's pleasant demeanor evaporated. "In that case, hand it over or I'll rip it from your lifeless fingers!" She flexed her claws, and sprang.

Inuyasha threw up the sword in an attempt to block her.

"Not bad… for an amateur. Why don't you just give up? It's obvious that you can't use it. Just hand over my sacred jewel."

Inuyasha snorted. "Your jewel? Give me a break!" 'Argh, was that crack my arm? I can't hold her off much longer!' He found himself being pushed backward through the trees by the force of her blows. "This just gets better and better." he groaned aloud.

Meanwhile, Jaken was fiddling with a bunch of beads. He began to chant under his breath, and the beads glowed. Still chanting softly, the beads flew around in a high arc, and circled around Kagome's neck. Puzzled by her new necklace, she stopped her onslaught. Inuyasha fell to the ground, panting for breath. The sword flew out of his hands.

"Quickly, boy! Your word will bind her!"

Inuyasha looked over at Jaken, bewildered. "Huh?"

"What you say matters not. Whatever it is, it will stop her from causing harm."

Kagome snorted. "Stop me from causing harm? Yeah right, old man." She swooped down on Inuyasha, who threw his hands up to shield his face.

"Down, girl!"

The necklace glowed pink, and pulled Kagome face-first into the ground.

Inuyasha blinked, "Now why the hell didn't I think of that earlier?"

Kagome growled, and started to stand.

"Bad kitty. Down, girl."



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