TITLE: Lucky

FANDOM: Vampire Knight

DEDICATION: To every Zero/Yuki or Kamane/Zero shipper who is scared shitless of the fandom and the violent, angry Kaname/Yuki shippers. Much love to you all.

CHARACTERS: Zero Kiryu, his issues, and Bloody Rose.

RATING: High teen, just for safety. Beware of guns, self-destructive impulses, and all around Bad Ideas.
Zero sits down for a chat with a good friend.

AUTHOR'S NOTES: What's that you say? You're saying that "Bloody Rose" isn't a revolver? That's it's actually a pistol and therefore doesn't have chambers? That the logical outworking of all this is that Zero wouldn't be able to play Russian Roulette with it and that I'm clearly stretching canon for dramatic effect?

Crazy talk, I say. Crazy talk.


Zero likes routine. There's just something about process and repetition in general that feels right to him. It soothes him, it satisfies, and he's never been one to mess with a good thing.

Okay. So maybe that's a bit of a lie. (And the Dead Sea's got just a bit of salt in it.)

He's very good at messing with good things.

He still likes routine though, that much is true, and this one in particular is his . . . second favourite. It's dwelling on that one routine he likes even more that's got him here right now though, Bloody Rose in one hand and a gleaming bullet in the other.

You'll feel better, even if only for a little while.

Please, don't. I won't be able to forgive myself.

Yes. I know.

His room is dark, his hands are steady, and now is as good at time as any.

Zero's fingers move with the precision of familiarity, opening Bloody Rose up to accept a small offering. There's a solemnity to the whole process that's nearly spiritual, and if he were the type to laugh, he'd certainly laugh at this.

There are other things at hand though, like Bloody Rose. She demands his attention, and he gives it.

The bullet fits in to the chamber oh-so-neatly, sliding in like it's going home. His mind drifts (his teeth fit in to her neck like they're going home his hands feel right clasped around her shoulders there's a small and quiet and twisted part of him that cherishes the way she grips at his shirt as he drinks deeper and deeper) but he pushes the stray thoughts away as he shuts the cylinder and spins the chamber closed.

His breath doesn't even hitch as he presses Bloody Rose to his temple, and he takes a deep, albeit knowingly misplaced, pride in this.

Zero doesn't even need to do the math anymore; the figures are burned in to his mind like hatred. Six chambers, one bullet, a sixteen percent chance that he's not walking away this time.

He doesn't know if it's a smile, but his lips at least curl up slightly as his finger curls around the trigger.

He pulls it.


The sigh Zero gives is a surprisingly soft one. Looks like he's (un)lucky again tonight.

The corners of his mouth even out as he takes Bloody Rose in hand again and opens the chamber once more. He tilts Bloody Rose back, opens the cylinder, and that one gleaming bullet tumbles right back in to his hand.

The light of the moon outside makes its way through his curtains, glinting off it in a mocking promise – same time tomorrow night, handsome.

He'll be there, of course. He always is.