Title: Between You And Me
Author: Gawd Complex
Genre: Drama/Friendship
Summary: The fight between Sasuke and Naruto at the Valley of the End ended quite dramatically, and when they woke up, everything was quite mixed up. Literally. Time travel with a twist

A/N: Welcome to this story, everyone. As said in the summary, this is a time travel story… with a twist. -wiggles eyebrows- I'm yearning for this story to be my best one yet. I haven't got everything planned out (except the global story-line) because that just doesn't work for me, as I've noticed in previous stories of mine. I want this story to be spontaneous, it's the style I always used to write in, and it always worked for me. Until I met fellow-writers who convinced me that planning stories out is the best thing in the world. I could start a rant, explaining why it didn't work for me and such but I will spare you that fate. Unless you want to discuss it with me. In that case you may send a PM. ;D

Don't run away—I WILL finish this story! I promise.

Disclaimer: I hereby declair I do not own Naruto or any of its characters, and I do not make any profit out of this story. And if I did, I'd deny it anyway.

Fusuma: traditional Japanese sliding doors, to put it bluntly.
Otouto: younger brother
Futon: is a type of mattress that makes up a Japanese bed, according to Wikipedia
Sandaime: it means third, I will use this word to refer to the Third Hokage.
Nuke-nin: Missing Nin.
Nii-san: older brother
Aniki: more respectful term for older brother

Between You And Me
Chapter One: For Our Sake

You don't understand. You wouldn't understand!

With all the power the two boys could muster they set off to each other. One's hand filled with angry lightning, full of killing intent. Other's hand had a ball of madly swirling energy in it. It wasn't filled with killing intent, but it did have intent for an agonizingly painful beating.

The two lights collided.

The sound was so deafening, the light so blinding, the impact so overwhelming, that the boys couldn't feel, hear or see anything. And for one second they were in another dimension. The only beings there were the two boys themselves. After a moment of hesitance, one boy smiled peacefully, extending his hand to the other.

But the other only slapped the hand away.

The other boy's smile wavered, and was replaced by a look of grim resolve.

Maybe I don't understand everything, but I will try. For our sake

The other boy's frown faltered, if only for a second.

Then the world went black.

Naruto groaned. It felt as if someone had punched him with something hard in his face. Repeatedly. He tried to open his eyes, but his body didn't seem to function properly anymore. His thoughts were just one big collection of chaos and mayhem. And his body felt sore, too.

And he felt cold. So cold.

What had happened? What could've done such damage against him? Or, rather, who?

Naruto attempted to sort his thoughts out. But all he really could think about was that he just felt utterly exhausted, and so very, very sore. Groaning, he just wanted to know what the heck was going on.

And he wondered why it was so hot all of a sudden… It was like the weather was playing a game with him… Would that mean he was outdoors?

Naruto tried to open his eyes, but everything just seemed so vague… What were you supposed to do when opening your eyes? What were you supposed to… why were his thoughts getting so incoherent? It was as if he couldn't think straight anymore. Now all he felt was the soreness that plagued his body.

Vaguely, Naruto registered voices around him. But as he barely could make out his own thoughts, he could almost not understand the ones talking. Also, the voices he heard were not familiar.

Naruto could just barely make out the words "fever" and "concussion" before he once again felt oblivion take over.

Between You And Me

Sasuke seemed to have the same problem as Naruto… but still a little different. His mind didn't feel very chaotic, but still he couldn't grasp anything. He wondered how he ended up here. He wondered where he was. He wondered why he felt… furious. He felt such hate, he felt like ripping off someone's head.

He was livid.

He felt sore, felt sick, felt exhausted and above all, the thing he felt the most, was this rage he couldn't explain. He noticed there was an absolute silence in the place where he was. If only his eyelids would obey him, and open…!

And then, just then, he remembered something. A certain blond-haired ninja floated through his eyes. And once again he felt this intense hatred rising up. But now he knew why. Memories of the Valley of the End came to mind. Naruto had tried to take his dream away, and noticing the lack of proper medical treatment, Naruto probably succeeded and now Sasuke was rotting away in one of Konoha's cells.

A rotten smell entered his nose, which made Sasuke almost puke in disgust. Swearing quietly, Sasuke tried to open his eyes, if only to see where that foul smell came from.

Relief washed over him as his eyes finally opened. He blinked a couple of times as his eyes tried to adjust to the room's brightness. The room wasn't that bright. In fact, it was actually rather dark, with the curtains closed. But to Sasuke it felt as if he hadn't opened his eyes in a long, long time.

When his eyes had finally adjusted a sharp pain ran through his head. His vision blurred for a moment, and he closed his eyes tightly. It was as I his eyes were burning. Gasping he brought his hand shakily to his head and touched his cheek.

A wet substance wetted his cheeks. Shakily, Sasuke tried to ignore the agonizing pain coming from his head, and opened his eyes only a tiny bit. He looked at his hand through narrowed eyes, and saw it weren't actual tears staining his cheek. The substance was darker… it was… more red. It was blood.

It took him a couple of seconds to realize what was going on.

His eyes were bleeding.


Naruto awakened because of something… something wet. Something wet on his forehead. Yeah… but what was something wet doing on his forehead, he wondered. Slowly, he opened his eyes. He blinked at the overall brightness of the room, though it wasn't particularly bright. Actually, it looked as if it was night time.

Naruto wondered where he was. He stared at what must have been the ceiling. His couldn't really concentrate on it: his mind just felt too hazy. He blinked slowly. This kinda felt wrong. That ceiling didn't feel as his ceiling. Nor the hospital's. Naruto tried to recall something, anything, but the fog that lingered in his mind just wouldn't go away. Naruto felt a splitting headache coming up.

Groaning, he twisted his head to look at the furniture in the room. Slowly he felt something falling from his forehead. Confused, Naruto stared at it. It was a wet cloth, and it just fell from his forehead. What the hell? Trying to figure out what the thing was doing on his head in the first place, Naruto failed to notice someone shoving the fusuma open.

It wasn't until a slightly familiar voice called out: "Otouto, I see you're awake." that Naruto turned his head so suddenly that he almost sprained a muscle in his neck.

A young boy, no older than twelve stood just inside the room, staring with an unnervingly neutral gaze at Naruto. The fact that his eyes were startlingly dark didn't help much. The boy had his long, dark hair tied up in a low ponytail. Naruto realised the boy looked oddly familiar, but he couldn't figure out for the life in him who it was. The fog in his mind just wouldn't lift, no matter how hard he tried to dig in his memories. Instead of the wished effect, Naruto's headache only grew.

Naruto groaned a bit, when he received yet another stab of pain. He closed his eyes, and wished he were elsewhere, a place where he wouldn't feel sore, or have headaches… Where there wasn't a fog in his brains whenever he tried to think. That had to be the most annoying thing in the world. Not being able to think without receiving a stab—Ow! That hurt. A lot.

Naruto felt something wet being placed on his forehead, and he opened his eyes just to hear the boy mutter something. "Rest well, otouto." Then he closed the fusuma behind him, and all Naruto could hear were the boy's silent footsteps fading away.

Naruto registered that the wet cloth was once again resting on his head. He still didn't know why the thing should be on top of his head, but maybe, just maybe, it had some use. At least he felt somewhat calmer now.

Naruto smiled unknowingly. That boy that'd just left… he was actually kinda nice.

Tiredly, Naruto closed his eyes again, only to open them abruptly when he realised something.



In the distance Sasuke heard voices. Some were clearer than the others. But they were all vague enough not to be heard. He was in a daze. He didn't understand what was happening or where he was.

Pain shot through his body, but most of all, through his eyes.

What happened anyway? He couldn't remember anything. Maybe, it was the pain. Maybe he couldn't remember because the pain was too much. As much as it hurt his pride, it was the only logical explanation for now, so he stuck to it. At least until something better presented itself.

The voices in the background became clearer. Sasuke could decipher what some of the voices were saying now. The sound of their voices talking hurt his ears. That was something less pleasant, but at least he could understand them now.

"He's out of the danger zone now, I think." A tired voice spoke.

"But his eyes are still bleeding." A female voice pointed out.

"Not as much as before." A third, and by far, a more happy voice spoke. "It seems as if the bleeding is getting less."

"I wonder what happened to his eyes, though." The female voice said, sounding concerned.

"It is quite a mystery." The tired voice endorsed. "How come his eyes were bleeding all over, though they're not damaged for even a bit?"

There fell an uneasy silence. Sasuke imagined them, standing awkwardly next to each other, trying to figure it out but failing, and smirked inwardly. Not that he himself knew the cause, but it was still kind of ironic.

"Who will report to Hokage-sama?" the perky voice said, breaking the silence at once.

"I will." The female voice said. The sound of fading footsteps rang through Sasuke's ears. Thank Kami, Sasuke thought relieved. One riddance less. His head hurt enough as it was.

As the footsteps faded away the perky voice suddenly turned sombre, and more intense, and Sasuke realised the perkiness had been a façade.

"What do you think about this?" the now serious voice asked.

"I haven't seen anything like this in my whole career…" the tired voice replied. "Do you think it could be…" the medic nin hesitated as if he was looking around for someone eavesdropping.

"Nobody's listening, you paranoid fool. Just spit it out."

Ignoring the snappy remark, the tired sounding voice resumed, "Do you think," the doctor said, an etch of worry and wariness to his voice. "Could it be… the Fox?"

Between You And Me

"It seems the fever is almost over, though he still has a concussion. Make sure he rests and drinks well. You should keep him inside: light may not be the best for him right now."

"Thank you, doctor-san."

"And don't forget to wake him up every hour. He should be fine in a week or two."

"I won't. Thank you, doctor-san."

A door closed.

Naruto woke up from the sound of voices, but when he finally had gathered the strength to open his eyes, the speakers were already gone. He heard a weird pounding sound, and had a splitting headache. What'd happened that he hurt so much? Naruto's memory was fuzzy. Wait, didn't Shikamaru come to his house for a mission or something? He remembered Sakura, and how hard she'd been crying about something. He'd promised to find something for her… but what?

I promise I'll bring him back!


Suddenly feeling awake, Naruto bolted right up. Only to fall down with a miserable groan as he was attacked with a vicious stab of pain, and dizziness. Memories came back to him. He remembered the fight at Valley of the End. He remembered his words against Sasuke, and how they'd had no effect, at all. Sasuke had been so fixated on killing Itachi… he so desperately wanted to kill Itachi, he'd betrayed Konoha. He had…!

Lifting his hand, Naruto brought it close to his heart and touched the area.

Sasuke had tried to kill him… twice. He'd been impaled twice with the Chidori right through his heart. How come there was no scar? What had happened? He remembered most of the Valley of the End… but the outcome was kinda fuzzy… Sasuke had impaled the second Chidori into his heart… and Naruto himself had his hand in Sasuke's torso… He'd smiled weakly at Sasuke, as if apologizing… but Sasuke had given him a fuming look in return.

Oh great. The bastard probably was mad because Naruto had intervened with his idiocy. Now that he actually thought about it: where would Sasuke be? In the hospital, being treated as one should treat the last Uchiha? In the prison, treated as any common traitor would be treated? Maybe he'd died? Maybe Naruto's rasengan had been too strong and—no. No, mustn't think that way, Naruto told himself.

Where was he himself, anyway? Naruto wondered, not wanting to even remotely think about Sasuke's fate. It made his head ache even worse than when he would try to sit up. He studied the room from his position on a futon. Any sudden movements, or just sitting, would cause him another wave of dizziness, and another vicious stab of pain. He just hoped the fight had been worth it.

Wrong thinking direction.

Okay, where was he? Oh yeah—the room. It was the same one as last time he woke up. At least the wet cloth thing wasn't on his head anymore.

It still puzzled Naruto where he was. He wasn't in the hospital, that much was clear. It looked like a normal house, but I didn't look like his apartment, at all. His apartment was anti-traditional Japanese house, something which this house definitely was. The only option left, was that someone took him in.

But why wouldn't they just let him stay in the hospital?

Pondering about this, Naruto didn't notice a boy coming into the room. It was the same boy that'd entered the other day, but in his hazy feverish conditions Naruto had quickly forgotten that event.

"Otouto." The boy spoke.

Naruto almost jumped in agitation, but managed to just widen his eyes. He really didn't feel like getting more of those vicious stabs.

Naruto looked around him, and noticed the boy was just a meter away from his futon, and had taken a sitting position next to his futon. His dark eyes stared intently at Naruto. Naruto felt very much unnerved by them.

"How do you feel?" the boy asked, not offering any sort of comfort. It was as if this was a formal business talk.

"Err, I…I'm fine." Naruto stammered, unsure of what to do. Especially with those all-knowing eyes staring at him so disapprovingly. Wait a minute… that squeaking voice just now… No way that was his. It sounded so young… what had happened?!

"What's wrong, otouto?" the boy spoke again.

Just then Naruto realised something else.

"I'm not your otouto." He murmured to the dark haired boy, still in his weird squeaking voice.

The boy just stared stoically at Naruto. Naruto stared at his blankets and kept quiet, waiting to see what would happen.

The dark haired boy lifted his hand up and lay it down on Naruto's forehead. Naruto wondered just what the heck the dark haired boy was doing, but didn't make any move to stop it. There was a certain gentleness coming from that hand, unseen in his eyes or demeanour but still… apparently it was in his hands.

Without a sound the dark haired boy disappeared. Naruto wasn't sure if he was relieved, or if he was disappointed with the dark haired boy's reaction.

Sighing, he made himself somewhat comfortable on his futon. Was this the reason they'd taken him in (whoever 'they' were)? They thought he was family? Naruto's little hopes of recognition faded. Well, at least he had Sakura and Kakashi, right?

Naruto was almost about to fall asleep, when he heard the fusuma slide open once again. Before Naruto could open his eyes, he felt, once more, something wet on his forehead. Opening his eyes, he saw the dark haired boy pulling away.

The wet cloth was resting on his head, once more.

Naruto looked up, completely stunned by the other boy.

The boy turned to walk out of the room. Just before he closed the fusuma, he said a couple of words that confused Naruto greatly.

Namely, "Get well soon, Sasuke."

That's when things went downhill.

Between You And Me

Sasuke opened his eyes, when he felt something… strangely familiar, though he couldn't point out what exactly. He opened his eyes, and stared unfocusedly at the ceiling, being aware that that was not the thing feeling familiar. He tried to avert his attention, but somehow it felt as if it was the hardest thing in the world to do. He sighed miserably, unsure of what to do in this state. His head was aching as if it'd been slammed into something very, very hard. Repeatedly. Especially the area around his eyes.

Other than that he felt just absolutely peachy.

At least he could open his eyes now. That was a lot better than last time he'd regained consciousness. He heard some shuffling beside his bed, and hesitantly turned his head.

Oh great. He had died.

How else was the presence of the (dead) Sandaime Hokage explained? Yes, that's right. Turning his head, Sasuke found out the familiar thing he'd been feeling was the subtle encouragement the Third had always inspired into people. It still didn't explain why heaven looked like Konoha's hospital.

But maybe it was because he had died in action as a shinobi? Other dead shinobi might have a heaven that looked like their local hospital. Yes, that must be it. Oh, seriously, thinking straight with this terrible headache was simply frustrating the hell out of him.

When Sandaime felt Sasuke awaken he smiled kindly at him. "I'm glad to see you're awake."

Sasuke simply blinked. Now it was just getting weird. Sandaime was glad to see that he, a traitor, had finally woken up?

"Um… okay." Sasuke stammered, a squeaky sound indeed, not wanting to invoke the wrath of someone as powerful as the Third. Not that the Third was particularly short-tempered, no, he was the only one who had as much patience with Naruto one could have, but well, he was powerful… and not entirely pleased with traitors to his country, Sasuke might guess.

"So how are you feeling?" Sandaime asked, his entire frame being kindness, and comfort-ish things. Those things Sasuke had missed ever since Itachi had turned Sasuke's happy childhood, into an angst-filled childhood.

"Okay." Sasuke said. He figured uneasiness didn't fit him, and tried to sound surer of himself.

But wait… this couldn't be his voice. It was too squeaky and childish… Coughing, Sasuke tried to hear whether his squeaky voice would last or not. Even his cough sounded young, and high-pitched. Groaning, Sasuke asked himself what was happening.

"Are you sure of that, Naruto-kun?"

Sasuke attempted to answer, but the answer didn't come out. Instead his mouth just froze in an 'o' shape, making him look much like a fish on the land, gaping for water.

Naruto? Last time he checked, his name was Sasuke. But now that he thought about it… the voice he just spoke with… he'd heard it before. It was familiar. It sounded younger than last time he'd heard it, but it was, in fact, Naruto's normally exuberant voice only turned more Sasuke-like. Sasuke studied his hands and arms. They weren't his. Too small, too graceless, too tanned. Alas, they weren't his pale, graceful, adolescent hands.

Lifting his hand, Sasuke grabbed some of his (now rough) hair, and pulled it in front of his eyes.

They were blond.

By now, Sasuke was pretty sure he was not in his own body, but he needed the final argument that he, truly, was in his most hated rival's body. Slowly, he let his fingers trail on his cheek. There they were. The three whisker-like scars that had always made him wonder.

Sasuke really was in Naruto's body.

Observing Naruto's odd silence and behaviour, Sandaime frowned. "Are you sure you are okay, Naruto-kun?" he asked for the second time, concern evident in his eyes.

"Eh, yes, Sandaime-sama." Sasuke replied, trying to be as believable as possible.

But instead of the wished effect Sandaime looked even more concerned than before. Sasuke wondered what he'd done wrong. It seemed the Sandaime was thinking deeply about Naruto's condition. Finally, he lifted his head and looked straight at Sasuke.

"I'm sorry to ask this Naruto-kun, but when they brought you in, you were in critical condition. It's a wonder you're still alive." Something flashed behind the eyes of the Sandaime, and Sasuke had the feeling Sandaime knew exactly what the 'wonder' was.

Sasuke nodded quietly.

By now he'd figured out he was not dead. But he wasn't okay either. There seemed to be something wrong with his eyes: they felt sore and dry. Luckily nothing was wrong with his vision. The worst thing would be the fact he was in his rival's body.

How did he get here, anyway? He remembered fighting Naruto in the Valley of the End… he remembered the finale, and the terrible pain he felt in his torso area. Naruto who'd smiled a painful and regretful smile… Then darkness. And very vaguely he remembered a dark room, and after that a hospital room… and some medic nin discussing his condition.

I thought they were supposed to do that somewhere where the patient was not in hearing range, Sasuke thought wryly. Or maybe he'd been in a very critical situation. Why else would they discuss his condition while he was in hearing range? Maybe it was because they had been certain he wouldn't hear.

Maybe it was because they had wanted him to hear.

Sasuke's thoughts were abruptly interrupted when he felt a hand on his shoulder. Without thinking Sasuke slapped the hand away, not even knowing, or caring for that matter, whose hand it was.

If Sandaime had been a little concerned before, the he was definitely alarmed now. Bringing his hand to his lap he stared at it for a moment, before reverting his attention to Sasuke again.

"Naruto-kun, do you remember what caused you this?"

Sasuke stared at his blankets with a troubled look, not even hearing the Sandaime's words. He was still wondering how this could have happened. Being in Naruto's body was weird enough, but it still didn't explain how the Sandaime was here… Unless… but such things were impossible, weren't they?

It would explain why his body was so small… or why his voice sounded squeaky… or why the Sandaime was still alive. But still… it was too unrealistic.

Jutsu like that would have been destroyed immediately. Forbidden, burned, locked in an underground cellar and having the key thrown away, people and shinobi would have to be mind wiped, or even killed.

After all, the power to change everything would have to be one of the most dangerous things in the world. But it was the only theory Sasuke could think off.

Time travel… But how in the world was it possible?

Sasuke and Naruto both used some weird powers in the battle. Sasuke had used his Cursed Seal; Naruto had used… whatever that power was. Could it even be real? It had been one the most terrifying chakra Sasuke had ever experienced. He was sure of one thing.

Whatever it had been, it had not been normal.

Sasuke tried to remember the fight, but his headache kept worsening as he tried his best to remember.

The end of the battle… there was something off about the way they'd ended their battle. But what?

"Naruto-kun?" the soft voice of the Sandaime echoed through the quiet room.

Sasuke looked up, once again interrupted from his thoughts.

The Sandaime sighed. "I asked you if you remember what happened to cause you this condition."

Sasuke looked into the gentle eyes of the old man. Lowering his eyes, he replied, "I can't remember. I really can't remember…"

This really was far worse than mere defeat.

Between You And Me

So… were Naruto's thoughts, as he lay down in his bed, very aware of the two eyes that were gleaming at him through the dark.

Yes, maybe he had messed things up a bit. Well, at least he had his fever as an excuse. Now 'his parents' just thought he was being delusional thanks to his fever and concussion.

He wasn't too sure about Itachi though. The dark haired eyes from the other side of the room just kept staring at him intently, as if trying to figure him out. It was creepy as hell. Well, at least Naruto thought it was creepy as hell when spending the night in the same room as a S-rank nuke-nin.

Oh wait… Itachi was a future S-rank nuke-nin.

Instead of the wished effect Naruto didn't feel much comforted at all.

Well at least Naruto had learned some things. Namely, he was in Sasuke's body, and everyone here wouldn't believe he was, in fact, Uzumaki Naruto, which was good, he supposed. Because he wasn't exactly in his own time or in his own body anymore. Naruto somehow had managed to time travel to times that the Uchiha actually still lived.

Naruto clearly couldn't believe what was happening. Even his thoughts were acting messed up and all mocking. And that wasn't really Naruto-like.

Naruto sighed dramatically at the unrealistic situation he was in. Immediately he felt two eyes rest on his body.

Damn. Naruto thought. He attempted to pretend he was sleeping by closing his eyes and snoring a little, but Itachi wasn't easily fooled.

"I know you're awake, otouto." Itachi's somewhat neutral voice ricocheted through the silent room.

Naruto kept silent, not really knowing what to say. Last time he'd seen Itachi he'd called him bastard, but he supposed that wasn't fitting now that they were siblings. Aniki just sounded plain wrong. Maybe he should call Itachi nii-san?

Ugh, Naruto just couldn't do this. He'd just call Itachi something and if it were wrong, he's just blame it on the fever. Or his concussion. Hey, those two handicaps actually had some use besides from being a nuisance. Oh Kami! He was thinking all mockingly again! He hoped Sasuke's body, or brains or whatever, weren't affecting his mind.

"Um, yeah, I'm awake… nii-san?" Naruto muttered the last word somewhat hesitantly.

He heard Itachi's footsteps walking around the room until he was next to Naruto's futon. He kneeled besides the bed and, once again, had the wet cloth with him. He placed it down on Naruto's forehead.

"I think the concussion may have confused you a bit. Some sort of amnesia, perhaps." Itachi said kindly.

Naruto blinked. This didn't really fit his image of Itachi, the homicidal clan-murderer who Sasuke hated so much. The subtle concern he showed for his little brother was… unexpected, to say the least. But also very creepy. Naruto didn't feel comfortable at all. The cloth on his forehead was nice, though. Not that he would ever admit it.

Then Naruto remembered something he'd wanted to ask about earlier. "Uh, what's the wet cloth for?" Trying to avoid Itachi's gaze, Naruto stared at his blankets in front of him.

Itachi spared a moment to study Naruto's face but when he noticed his little brother was avoiding his gaze, obviously embarrassed, he just explained neutrally. "Wet cloths are often used to bring down the temperature of a person who has fever."

Naruto blinked. He'd never, ever heard of this before. Well, maybe it was because he never had fever before… or had he? Or was it because he had never had any one who would fuss over him when he was ill? He truly couldn't remember…

And had Itachi studied for this, or something? What he'd just kindly explained sounded like a fragment of some sort of basic medic encyclopedia.

Blinking, Naruto stared at Itachi's face. Then another question entered his mind.

"Where are… mom? And eh… dad?" Naruto asked, trying not to sound suspicious, but he couldn't help but stammering. Those words—mom, dad, and nii-san—they all tasted so… foreign on his tongue. Every time he spoke those words he just felt weird… it felt so unnatural.

Itachi gave Naruto a sharp look. "You want to see them?"

"Yeah—no. Um, I'm not sure." Naruto paused. Musing about the two persons who'd calmed him down, when he… eh, kind of panicked. Well, actually, one of them had calmed him down; the other just pissed him off.

The pretty woman with the long dark hair, she'd calmed him down… She had gentle eyes and a sweet voice. ("Sasuke, you are you. You're not anyone else.") Her name was Mikoto. He bet she was Sasuke's mother. Naruto wished he had a mom as nice as her, but hey, maybe his mom was even nicer than Sasuke's! Yes… Naruto liked Sasuke's mom…

But Sasuke's dad was another story.

Those stern looking eyes… Naruto didn't like them. They looked as if they hid something. They constantly searched for something to criticize; they constantly searched for something to approve of. But that wasn't the thing. Those eyes didn't approve of 'good' or 'great'. They strived perfection. Naruto didn't like those eyes. ("Sasuke, behave like an Uchiha and go to bed.") Too much disapproval… Too dependant on the name of their clan… as Neji had been. And maybe Sasuke had been as well.

Being dependant of a name wasn't any good. Individuals are easily forgotten when referring to a name. Neji had forgotten his own individuality. He'd been just a branch member, who defeated just a main member of the Hyuuga clan. He hadn't been Neji fighting Hinata. He'd been too obsessed with the ranks, with the names…

So, according to Uchiha Fugaku, representative of the Uchiha clan and father of Itachi and Sasuke, Naruto had to 'behave like an Uchiha'. Did he use to tell Sasuke such things all the time?

When Sasuke had decided to become an avenger… had it really been because Itachi had decided that fate for him? Wasn't it because Sasuke, even though dead had intervened, still struggled for the approval of his dad?

That trail of thought was sad, and Naruto preferred not to think about it.

He had other things to think about. Things such as: how to get out of this body and into his own, and how to get back to his own time. Those two would be great things to start with.

But… since he was here and in this situation anyway, he may as well figure some things out before he left.

To Be Continued.

A/N: Thanks for reading. Please let me know what you think of it. Criticism is welcome, as I really am eager to better my writing. Before you flinch, I really do know the difference between criticism and flames, thankyouverymuch, so don't worry about me yelling at you. :)

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