"Power Rangers Psycho Impulse"

Book 1.5: "Count Zero"

Chapter 3: "Combined Contortion"

Disclaimer: Power Rangers belongs to Disney. I only own the idea for this story and most of the characters, not to mention I'm not making any money off this story.

Author's note: It's Megazord time! Yes, some of you have been wondering when the Psycho Rangers will get Zords and that time is now. Hopefully, you enjoy this Zord fight, because it's gonna take up most of the chapter . . . I hope.

San Angeles, United States

"You think your puny little vehicles can beat me?!" Chimerax asked. "I will shred you all into tiny little pieces of wreckage!"

"Bring it!" Psycho Red snarled, gunning the Phantom Wing into a dive bomb. As soon as he was close enough to Chimerax, he fired a missile at the cybernetic beast and ascended out of the way. Chimerax roared in rage and pain as the missile detonated against his armored body.

"You little s#$%! I'm going to kill you for that!"

"Look alive, Chimerax!" Psycho Yellow shouted, driving Jupiter Right between Chimerax's feet. She skidded on the road and stopped to open fire on Chimerax, who screamed in outrage and fired upon Psycho Yellow, who dodged his attacks with mocking ease.

Psycho Pink rode Demeter Left up Chimerax's leg and torso. Chimerax attempted to swat her off him, but she twisted onto his shoulder and opened fire on his neck, eliciting more howls of outraged pain from him. She rode on his flailing arms and jumped off his farthest arm as though it were a ramp.

Psychos Black and Blue opened fire on Chimerax from Vulcan Grip and Blizzard Core. He yelled in anger and returned fire, forcing them to dodge. Unfortunately, the two were not as fast and maneuverable as their comrades' Zords and thus they got hit, causing them both to cry out in surprise.

"He's gonna pay for that!" Psycho Black snarled.

"Yes, he will," Psycho Blue agreed. "As long as we stay focused."

"Hey, ugly! Over here!" Psycho Red shouted, firing more missiles at Chimerax, who swatted at him. Fortunately for Psycho Red, Phantom Wing was very maneuverable, enabling the twisted Red Ranger to easily dodge Chimerax's attacks.

Psychos Yellow and Pink rode their motorcycle Zords around and between Chimerax's feet, forming an infinity symbol that solidified into an energy trap for the monster. They rode in opposite directions, tightening the trap around Chimerax's ankles and forcing his legs together. Due to the sudden force of the ensnarement, Chimerax fell on his front.

"Got him," Psycho Pink stated in grim satisfaction.

"You . . . think you have me?" Chimerax snarled. "You think you have me?! YOU'RE WRONG!"

Chimerax disassembled his robotic body, leaving behind the control crystal he inhabited, and then the control crystal re-formed into a vehicular version of his robotic body. Chimerax strafed Psychos Yellow and Pink from his perch in the sky, both female Psycho Rangers struggling to outmaneuver his rapid fire. The only thing that interrupted his vengeful shooting was Psycho Red's missiles.

"You still interfere with me?!" Chimerax roared. "Die!"

Chimerax fired a smart bomb at Psycho Red, who attempted to dodge. Unfortunately, it was a smart bomb, meaning that it followed Psycho Red. The twisted Red Ranger gunned Phantom Wing as fast as he could, but the smart bomb continued to pursue him. He pushed Phantom Wing into an ascent, but the smart bomb continued to pursue him. Finally, he simply descended . . . toward Chimerax.

"I may go . . . but I'm gonna make sure you feel it!" Psycho Red snarled.

"What is he doing?" Psycho Blue asked.

"Suicide run," Psycho Black replied, "which I'm not letting him get away with."

Psycho Black prepared one of the missiles in Vulcan Grip and fired it at the smart bomb. "Psycho Red, get out of the way!"

Psycho Red dodged just as Psycho Black's missile hit the smart bomb, the explosion scarring Chimerax's back. Chimerax opened fire on Psycho Black, only for Psycho Blue to retort with a missile from Blizzard Core. Psychos Yellow and Pink raced up opposite skyscraper facades and shot off at Chimerax, firing at him. They landed on his back and continued firing up close and personal, forcing Chimerax to fly fast to get them off him. The female Psycho Rangers dived off Chimerax and plummeted together.

"What's this guy's weakness?" Psycho Red asked.

"Why don't you try using your onboard A.I.'s analytical systems?" Psycho Pink asked.

"You're the one who's plummeting to your death!" Psycho Red protested. "How are you so calm?!"

"Death happens," Psycho Pink replied calmly, even as she and Psycho Yellow landed roughly on the ground. "But not today."

Psycho Red decided to follow Psycho Pink's advice. "Phantom Wing, scan Chimerax for any weaknesses."

"Commence scan," the onboard A.I. responded. Psycho Red's cockpit was suddenly alight with a heads-up display of Chimerax's internal workings and schematics. Highlighted in red was the control crystal that housed his real body, which was embedded in the front nose of the aircraft he was controlling. "Scan complete. Weak spot found."

"Hey, guys!" Psycho Red shouted. "I found his weak spot! I'm uploading it to your onboard computers!"

"We see it," Psycho Blue said.

"Yeah," Psycho Black agreed.

"Got it," Psycho Yellow added.

"Much obliged," Psycho Pink said.

"Just one problem," Psycho Red said. "How are we going to get at that weak spot? You guys are ground vehicles and I'm an aircraft. I'll be all alone up here!"

"I thought you could take care of it by yourself," Psycho Yellow remarked sardonically.

"Well, maybe I was wrong on that count!" Psycho Red retorted.

"Calm down," Psycho Pink advised. "There's no need to shout."

"Your assault vehicles can combine into a larger robotic assault vehicle called a Megazord," Miyuki's voice spoke in their Zords' communications systems. "All you have to do is command your respective onboard A.I.s to synchronize with each other."

"Ok, then," Psycho Red said. "Let's do it!"

"Initiate Zord synchronization process," Psycho Pink commanded.

"Initiate Zord synchronization process," Psycho Yellow ordered.

"Initiate Zord synchronization process," Psycho Black instructed.

"Initiate Zord synchronization process," Psycho Blue ordered.

"Initiate Zord synchronization process," Psycho Red commanded.

"Zord synchronization process initiated," all five onboard A.I.'s spoke.

Jupiter Right and Demeter Left sprouted metal casings around their front wheels and raised themselves on those front wheels. Their bodies lifted upward, pointing at a right angle to their front wheels while those same front wheels remained grounded. Blizzard Core reconfigured itself into what resembled an armored humanoid torso and thighs. Vulcan Grip twisted and re-formed itself into a pair of shoulders and arms that attached itself to the top of Blizzard Core. Vulcan Grip's arms lifted to grab Jupiter Right and Demeter Left, pulling the combination of itself and Blizzard Core onto the two motorcycle Zords and forming a larger configuration with them. Phantom Wing flew down toward the headless mecha formation, its wings breaking off and attaching to the undersides of the mecha's arms. Its body and head reconfigured into a humanoid head that attached to the top of the mecha's shoulders.

The Psycho Rangers transferred themselves into the main cockpit of the completed mecha configuration. They sat in a singular row of the cockpit, with Red in the center and Pink and Yellow on either side of him with Blue and Black next to Pink and Yellow.

"Zord synchronization process complete," the onboard A.I. spoke. "Megazord formation online."

"How come you get to sit in the center?" Psycho Black asked.

"That's just the way it worked out," Psycho Red replied. "Deal with it."

"Seating means nothing," Psycho Pink cut in. "I'm still in charge."

"Well, then, fearless leader, what do we do?" Psycho Red asked.

Psycho Pink permitted herself a smirk beneath her helmet. "We defeat him."

"I don't care how big you are, you're going down!" Chimerax shouted, opening fire on the Megazord. The Megazord crossed its arms at the command of Psycho Black, forming a particle beam aegis that blocked Chimerax's assaults. Furious, Chimerax broke down his vehicular body and reconfigured it into his standard twisted humanoid shape, landing on the ground to confront the Megazord.

At the command of Psycho Red, the Megazord withdrew its wings from its arms and brandished them as weapons. "Come on, mother#$%&!" the twisted Red Ranger challenged. "Let's go!"

"As you wish!" Chimerax roared and whipped his tail at the Megazord, which blocked his tail with its wing-blades. The Megazord retaliated by slashing Chimerax with its wing-blades, only for Chimerax to return in kind with a strike from his tail. The Megazord staggered but did not fall, combining the wings into a singular weapon. At the command of Psychos Yellow and Pink, the Megazord ran at Chimerax and impaled him through his head, where the control crystal resided.

Chimerax howled in pain as his giant robotic body broke down and the control crystal he inhabited shattered. The normal-sized Chimerax fell to the ground hard, his armor damaged and blue-black blood leaking from the damaged parts of that armor. The Psycho Rangers jumped out of the Megazord and stood before Chimerax.

"And now for the coup de grace," Psycho Blue said.

"Yes," Psycho Pink agreed, leading the charge. The Psycho Rangers charged up their energies and combined them into a concentrated blast of green lightning that ripped Chimerax apart.

"Done deal," Psycho Red said.

Washington, D.C., United States

In Capitol Hill, the Senate Committee on Military Commissions was meeting . . . and they seemed rather pleased. They managed to contain themselves, but anyone looking at them could tell that they seemed rather satisfied. The most satisfied was the committee chair, Dania Henson.

"The Rangers killed Slypha's creature," one of the senators, a bespectacled man with a comb-over, remarked.

"It doesn't matter," another senator, this one a woman with well-kept graying hair, answered. "Slypha will create more creatures to distract the Rangers."

"And so will we," Senator Henson replied. "We still need to gather their precious materials so we can wipe out the Slypha."

"There is some trouble with that," a third senator, a man with a well-groomed hoary head, spoke. "We have been dealing with interference."

"From whom?" Senator Henson asked.

"We don't know," the first senator answered. "But he is just as troublesome as the Rangers."

"You'll deal with him, I trust," Senator Henson stated.

"Yes," the second senator spoke, "but we will have to call in Fairabaddox."

"Call her in, then," Senator Henson responded. "Just make sure this interferer is eliminated."

"It will be done," the third senator stated.

XIPHOS Base Lounge – New York City, United States

"I can't believe we did it!" Robin exclaimed. "Our first giant monster, and we kicked its ass! Who's the man, who's the man, who's the mother#$%& man?!"

"While your enthusiasm is much appreciated, could you please try not to be so loud?" Shango asked.

"I'm with him," Alaric agreed. "I like you, Robin, I think you're a great guy . . . but turn down the noise."

"Besides, you didn't do it all by yourself," Micaela added. "I believe it was a team effort."

"Ok, ok," Robin conceded. "But we gotta celebrate!"

"How do you propose we do that?" Micaela asked, sounding vaguely intrigued.

"It isn't time to celebrate yet," Achala cut in. "We still have much to do before we can do that."

"Don't be a spoilsport, 'Chal," Robin wheedled. "It's not going to kill you to have some fun."

"Address me by my full name or not at all," Achala answered.

Robin slumped on the couch. "Fine. We'll celebrate without you."

Achala snorted. "Shango. You can keep him out of trouble, can't you?"

"Yes," Shango replied with a vague smile.

"Then go and celebrate," Achala said.

"What about you?" the twisted Blue Ranger asked.

"I'll stay here," the twisted Pink Ranger replied.

"Sure, whatever," Robin said. "C'mon, guys, let's go."

End Notes: The Psycho Rangers have gotten their Megazord and seemingly beaten the bad guy, but what's with the conspiracy in the Senate Committee on Military Commissions? Who's interfering with that conspiracy and will the Psycho Rangers ever meet him? Is this mysterious interloper a Ranger, too, or is he something else? Is he even a "he"? For the answers to those questions and others, you will have to go to The Amazing Shrinking Violet, whom I've entrusted with the continuation of this story. In the meantime, I reiterate my apologies for taking so many years to update this story at all and I hope you'll let me know what you thought of this last arc by yours truly. Thank you all.