Will snuck another glance at Djaq, who was sitting next to him. Everyone was at camp, except for Morgan, who was taking Hollis up north. Usually, they didn't mind, but given their budding relationship, they had been hoping for some time to themselves.

Djaq was racking her brain, trying to think of a reason to leave. She'd already gathered herbs, and the hunting was done. Much was busy cooking, Little John was taking a nap, and Robin and Marian were talking quietly in a corner.

"Much, what are you cooking?" Djaq asked.

"Some venison, and I've thrown together a salad. Just some lettuce really," he answered, slightly distracted. "That's what you wanted, right? A salad?"

"Yes, but if it's only lettuce, it's not much of a salad," Djaq pointed out, the perfect excuse presenting itself to her. "I'll go get some honey to put on it. Maybe some nuts. Come on, Will."

"Hold on, why does Will have to go?" Much asked. Djaq rolled her eyes, as if it was obvious.

"Because the Sheriff has men in the forest today, Much. You think I'm going by myself?" she asked. Will stood, smiling at Much.

"It's ok, Much. I don't mind going," he said, turning to Djaq. "We'll be back soon." With that, he allowed Djaq to take his hand as they left camp together. Much stared after them.

"Honey, my Aunt Sally," he muttered, shaking his head and going back to his cooking. "I haven't even got an Aunt Sally!"


"It's alright, Hollis. You don't have to hold my hand so tight," Morgan joked as they walked down the path. Hollis snuck a glance over at Morgan, his voice catching in his throat as he tried to laugh it off.

"The trees," he started, but his voice trailed off as Morgan looked at him, patiently waiting for him to talk. Even though everyone at camp was aware of his little crush, he had yet to spend any time alone with Morgan.

"You were saying?" she asked, tucking a stray strand of her raven hair behind her ear, adjusting her headband.

"Oh, nothing. I was just going to say that the trees look rather nice," he mumbled, looking away from those large, green eyes.

"Aye, I suppose they are," Morgan agreed.

"It was really amazing, being able to hang out with the gang," Hollis commented. "Robin is so cool."

"Really?" Morgan asked, raising an eyebrow. Hollis nodded.

"Yeah, he reminded me of my dad. And Lady Marian smelled of lavender, like my mother," he reflected.

"Well, me mum is nothing like Robin and Marian. She's a bit cantankerous, if truth be told. A loving woman, but brutally honest," Morgan commented.

"Like your brother?" Hollis asked. He saw Morgan's look of confusion and explained himself. "Djaq was telling me about him. Said he was a right honest bloke."

"Aye, he was," Morgan agreed, and suddenly, there was a sadness in her voice that Hollis hadn't heard before.

"I'm sorry," he apologized quickly. "I didn't mean to bring him up. I shouldn't have."

"It's alright," Morgan mustered a smile, "Come on, then. We've got a ways to go before dark." They walked a bit further, completely silent. Hollis slipped his hand from Morgan's, wiping his sweaty palm on his shirt.

"That bloke from before, the one that works for the Sheriff. Is he your husband?" he asked curiously. Morgan looked away to hide her blush.

"No, he's not," she giggled. "I don't have a husband."

"That's good to hear," Morgan stopped short, drawing her bow and spinning on heel. The voice didn't belong to Hollis. A strong arm grabbed her around the waist, and whoever it was pressed a knife to her throat.

"Don't do anything silly," a harsh voice whispered in her ear.

"Let her go!" Hollis shouted, drawing his bow. "I'm warning you, David, let her go!"

"Cost me everything, you did, Hollis," he grunted, "My gold, my gang, my camp. Sheriff's been hunting me down like a dog."

"Then I suggest you let her go before I finish the Sheriff's work." David scoffed.

"I know you. You've not got it in you. You're soft. Besides, you're a rubbish shot. You'd hurt your friend here," he pointed out smugly, forcing Morgan's body against his. Morgan shuddered, wishing that there was a way to scratch the man's eyes out before he'd have the chance to slit her throat.

"Not necessarily," Hollis returned, though he knew that the David was right. Still, he held his aim. He stared past David and Morgan, watching as someone rode up on a white horse. The cloaked figure put his hands to his lips, warning Hollis to keep quiet. The teenager watched as the cloaked figure slipped off of the horse, stepping behind David. The outlaw was rambling, completely unaware.

"You're a pretty girl, maybe we can come to an agreement," he suggested, his breath hot against the skin of Morgan's neck as he talked. Hollis stepped forward, stopped only when David pressed the knife to Morgan's neck.

"Hollis, how much do you love your cousin? Be honest, because I'm going to kill him," Morgan asked as she tried to pull away from David's grip, glowering at the smelly outlaw. Hollis saw the cloaked figure drawing nearer and tried to stall for time.

"Honestly? I'd sooner stab my eyes out than ever see this lousy git again. He's dirty and repulsive, and he deserves to fall on his own knife," he hissed. The cloaked figure drew a dagger from his robes.

"As you wish, lad" he muttered, plunging the weapon into David's back, giving it a harsh twist. Morgan let out a sigh as David fell, releasing her. Her hand shot to her neck, rubbing at where the knife had been. Hollis was staring, wide-eyed, wordlessly pointing behind Morgan. She turned, gasping herself. The cloaked figure had pulled back his hood, revealing a familiarly bald head.

"Wait, did you just save me life?" Morgan asked, backing away, utterly confused. The Sheriff looked casually down at David's body, shrugging as he retrieved his dagger.

"It would seem that way," he muttered disinterestedly.

"Why?" Morgan questioned suspiciously, her hand closing around the hilt of her sword. The Sheriff got back on his horse, as if he hadn't just done something uncharacteristically heroic.

"I've been chasing this 'lousy git' all day. Don't flatter yourself, lovely, little blacksmith," he warned, turning his horse back towards Nottingham.

"Besides, I owed you one," he remarked, imitating Morgan. He dug his heels into his horse, riding off without another word. Morgan and Hollis exchanged glances, completely floored by the bizarre series of events.

"Did that just happen?" Morgan asked. Hollis looked to his cousin's corpse.

"I suppose it did," he muttered.


"What took you so long?" Much snapped as soon as Morgan reentered the camp. His anger faded to concern when he took in her appearance. She looked positively disheveled, dirt smeared across her face and hands, a stain that looked something like blood on her shirt.

"What happened to you?" Little John asked bluntly.

"We were ambushed," Morgan admitted, "Hollis' cousin came out of nowhere." From their seats at the table, Robin and Marian whipped around, standing, preparing to leap into battle.

"Is he all right?" Marian demanded.

"Hollis is fine. He's with me mum. His cousin though…" she trailed off, still a bit shaken by the afternoon's events.

"Did you kill him?" Robin asked. Morgan shook her head.

"Did Hollis kill him?" Robin changed his question, relieved when Morgan shook her head again. Hollis was far too young to be killing things. Still, it did leave quite a large hole in Morgan's story.

"Then, what happened?" Much asked. Morgan opened her mouth to tell the gang, but the words seemed to get lost on the way out. She stared, in something of a daze, unsure of what to say. Little John impatiently slammed his staff against the ground, startling Morgan from her thoughts.

"Now, I'm not entirely sure, but I think that the Sheriff just saved me life," she said slowly. Robin laughed.

"That's a good one, Morgan," he admitted, with a chuckle, only to see that she wasn't laughing. "What? Are you serious?"


Will realized that he was very lucky that Djaq was different from every other girl he'd ever met. He had a nagging feeling that he'd be complete rubbish trying to deal with any other girls. Other girls would expect him to woo them in that traditional way, with flowers and sweet whispers and trinkets and the like. Djaq just expected him to be who he was.

He laced his fingers in hers as they sat by the stream. He looked around for a brief moment before sighing in feigned disappointment.

"I can't find any honey," he frowned. Djaq smiled at his joke.

"Perhaps you aren't looking in the right place," she suggested, kissing him on the lips. It wasn't long after that Morgan came round the bend, intending to get washed up. Upon seeing Will and Djaq involved in intense honey gathering, she stopped short, slowly and silently walking backwards, deciding that perhaps a spot further downstream would be better.

"Was that Morgan?" Djaq asked casually. Will shrugged. Djaq playfully pushed him in the shoulder.

"You know, if we ever get married, you're going to have to do more talking," she joked, laughing as Will turned red.

"Married? But we've only started courting today," he asked.

"Relax, I was only joking," she smiled, leaning against him, resting her head on his shoulder. Much to her surprise, Will made a casual remark.

"But, you have to admit. Djaq Scarlet certainly has a nice ring to it."


When the sun had gone done, and everything was settled from the day's adventures, Morgan left the camp, pausing only momentarily to look at Robin, who only nodded in approval. She barely remembered walking to Locksley, though she rarely, if ever, did. The walk to and from wasn't what she liked to think about, it was the time she spent in the village that made the trips worthwhile.

Allan had prepared a veritable feast. There was steak and fresh vegetables and even a bit of wine. Morgan had started to ask him how he could afford such a nice spread, but the smell of the carefully prepared food beckoned her to sit. They ate in relative silence, enjoying the food, each other's company, and the candlelight. It was all very romantic, in Morgan's opinion.

"It'll be nice when all of this is over and done with," Allan commented, stabbing the last bit of meat on his plate with a fork, holding it up and inspecting it before popping it into his mouth. "And we can do this without sneaking around and stuff."

"I don't know. I think the sneaking around makes it fun," Morgan smiled, picking a grape from the bowl in front of her. "I think I may actually miss it."

"Morgan, have you tried the bread?" Allan suddenly asked, pointing at the untouched loaf on Morgan's plate.

"Obviously not. I thought I would bring it back for the gang," she said, smiling. Allan nodded.

"Well, you should at least try it. You know, just rip it apart and take a bite," he encouraged.

"I'm so full, Allan. I don't think I could eat anymore, really," she whined. Allan put on his best "puppy-dog" look.

"Please?" he asked. "Just try it?" Morgan considered his bright blue eyes and smiled, knowing that he knew she wouldn't say no. She took the loaf of bread and pulled it apart, jumping slightly as an envelope fell out of it.

"What's this?" she asked, picking up the envelope, which had her name on it. Allan shrugged, though he was trying to hide his excitement. Morgan opened the envelope and pulled out a ring. It was a simple ring, a silver band with a small gemstone set in it.

"Oh, it's gorgeous," she whispered, slipping the ring on her finger.

"I figured that since Robin already knows, there couldn't be any harm in you wearing it," Allan explained. "Make sure that you get everything out of the envelope." Morgan double checked. There was also a note in the envelope, and the look on Allan's face told her that she needed to read it immediately. She unfolded the parchment, her eyes brightening as she looked up at Allan, unable to say anything.

The parchment hosted only two words, large and bold for all to see. Morgan read the note again, pinching herself in the arm to make sure that this was really happening.

"What?" Allan asked, "Did I spell it wrong?" Morgan shook her head, dropping the note on the ground as she launched herself across the table, hugging Allan tightly.

"Is this a yes?" he asked, sighing with relief as Morgan nodded. "Good." He returned her embrace glancing down at the note, which stared up at him from the floor. He read the letter himself, though he knew what it said. He'd spent the better part of the past month, trying to write up a long, romantic poem, but in the end he had decided to keep it simple. A part of him had always known that he wanted to marry Morgan, and the inexplicable jealousy that had flared up when he caught the gawky teenager watching her a little too closely had spurred him to action.

Marry me? He had worried that perhaps this wasn't the right way to go about it, but Morgan's reaction quashed his apprehension.

"Morgan A Dale," Morgan said out loud, smiling. "Certainly has a ring to it."


The end! So, Will and Djaq are kissing by the stream, Robin and Marian are surrogate parents, Allan and Morgan are engaged, and the Sheriff has done a good deed. This is all a bit AU, when I think about it. XD

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