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Kissing Fuuma was always something enjoyable, but never something smart. He admitted that he loved kissing the older boy, just not like this. He didn't like kissing Fuuma when Fuuma wasn't himself. He didn't like that it felt good, because this wasn't the Fuuma he was in love with. This wasn't the Fuuma that had promised to protect him and love him. This wasn't Fuuma at all.

But his kissing felt so good.

Fuuma played the weakness to his lips all he could. Often when they met (was it by accident or planned?), Kamui left bruised and bleeding, unable to see through the deception that hides his true intentions every time. Bruised, bleeding but satisfied.

Maybe he had a learning disability? If he could grasp that one plus two equaled three, then why couldn't he understand the fuuma wanted to hurt him? Why couldn't he understand that Fuuma wasn't Fuuma anymore?

"You're not playing fair." Kamui panted as Fuuma broke their heated battle of tongues to kiss his neck.

Fuuma glanced up at him for a moment then smirked against his skin. "All's fair in love and war. And we are dipping in both."

Loving Fuuma was not easy. The hate in his eyes that made Kamui shiver, those passionate touches that felt so very good.

Fuuma was an enigma. Why he didn't simply just kill him and finished with, Kamui did not know. Why it was not the same for him was simple, he didn't want Fuuma to die.

This war they were fighting, it was serious. This love they were in, it was strong. Which one would blossom and become a beautiful flower, neither of them knew (or maybe Fuuma did, and he just wasn't letting on?).

All's fair in love and war, life and sickness, death and puzzles. To fight so simply, who would win? A war like that would drag on forever.

And Kamui just wanted it to stop.

"Then how 'bout this?" Kamui asked as his breath hitched him his chest at the feeling of Fuuma's mouth on his chest. "Nothing's fair?"

"A fight like that would last forever Kamui-chan, in this case, rules are meant to be broken. But...since there is no such thing as fair..." Fuuma resumed his pleasurable ministrations, making Kamui moan slightly. He glanced up when he felt the other seals of heaven coming to Kamui's 'aide.' "All's fair in love and war. But then again, this is not love." he left.

No, that did not sting. It was the truth. This mindless pleasure that Kamui couldn't understand the reason was not love. That demon wearing Fuuma's face, he was not Fuuma. In the end, there was no point in fighting.

But all's fair right? Maybe one day he'll get both.


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