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Sam smiled slightly as Jess walked over towards him, a blank expression on her face.

"Hey, there. There's a party going on, why don't we don't we go and check it out?" Jessica smiled, sitting on Sam's lap, Sam wrapped an arm lazily around her waist.

"No, I'm good, besides I think I should study for a test that I have" Sam answered, preoccupied with his own thoughts.

"And what would that be?" She asked, completely aware that he didn't have one, it was nearing the end of the year.

Sam sighed and looked away.

"I just, don't feel like going to a party, I'm sorry, it's just-" He stopped mid-sentence, he was thinking again about Dean. He began to feel angry towards the older brother that he hadn't seen since he was 10, he just left.

He only said sorry, like that was even good enough. Jess could feel Sam's anger, that's when she realised that he was obviously thinking about his family.

"Okay, so…what would you like to do?" Jess asked questionably, though a part of her knew that Sam wouldn't have liked to do anything.


That night, Sam woke. Not by any noise or anything else of the sort, but simply because he couldn't sleep. He sighed and sat up and glanced beside him at the beautiful woman lying next to him.

"Why should I even care any more, I have the love of my life, maybe not the best father but a father none the less, great grades. Why do I still worry about where he is, what he's doing. Dean, I blame you" Sam muttered to himself, mentally hitting himself for caring about Dean.

He stood and changed into something more suitable to go out in, he wrote a note downstairs to Jess when she woke to find him gone.


Gone out for a walk, I have a lot on my mind. See you when I get back.

I love you.


He left the premises and began walking down the empty street his hands in his pockets, the only light was from the half full moon, which barely gave off enough light. However, he had been trained to see well in the dark.

Sam came to a small, empty park and sat down on the park bench. He heard a rustling sound and became wide awake and alert. "What's or who's there?" He thought dimly.

A shadow exited the bushes and he saw someone, someone who he thought to never, ever in his whole life see again.

"I need to talk to you" The guy said, Sam felt anger rising yet again in his chest. He marched over to the figure and punched him hard on the cheek bone.

Sam didn't really know how else to react, after all these years, Dean finds him, almost, by the looks of it without trying.

"Sam, little rough for my little bro. What's the deal?" Dean asked in an amazingly calm voice, like they were best of friends.

"Don't, I don't need to deal with you. You just left Dean, like that gone! Why? You could've stayed, you could've been my big brother. The one that thing that I needed. You know, after you left, dad worked me so hard, it was suffocating. He said he didn't want me to turn out like you, you have no idea how hard it's been. I only barely escaped to go to Stanford" Sam cried out to Dean, he could feel tears just burning to escape.

Dean stared at Sam, he didn't realise what would've happened once he left. He didn't really think of it actually, he was only fourteen when he left after all.

"I didn't mean for it to be harder for you" Dean answered with a shrug. Sam felt like pounding Dean, he said all those things to him and all he does is shrug.

"Go away" Sam said too angry to be happy to see Dean alive and well. Inside he was happy, partly. Dean sat down next to Sam.

"I was only barely able to find you, haven't seen you since what, you were 10"

"I don't need this" Sam said, trying to calm down.

"I said, I need to talk to you" Dean answered, staring Sam straight in the eyes. Sam huffed and glared at Dean.

"Fine, what!?"

"I'm in trouble"

"What a surprise"

"No, Sam, I'm seriously in trouble. I would've went to John but I couldn't find him, like any where. Please Sam" Sam knew it was a lot for Dean to ask for help, he never asked for help like never. Even when they were kids.

"What's I mean who's after you?" Sam asked, caving into his big brother.

"Well first there's this chick that wanted money for that night when-" Sam cut him off.

"The real reason Dean, don't mess with me, I don't have to help you" Dean sighed and straightened his back, staring intently at his brother.

"Okay fine you want to know" Sam just sat there watching his brother, glaring was more the word.

"You're the one who wanted to tell me"

"Death" Dean answered, he didn't smile after he told Sam, Sam knew he was not joking.


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