-1Sam couldn't move, as much as he tried. His arms and legs resistant to his orders, finally he stopped. It hurt to much to move, knowing that him moving in agony would provide entertainment for some random who took him.

He sighed, the only thing that he could make out in the pitch black room were the candles that were distanced from himself. The ground was icy cold cement could be seen by the flickering of the candle light.

"Why am I even here? And Dean and Jess, are they even alive now? I shouldn't be thinking like this"Sam thought soberly with a sigh, "They'll be fine, probably looking for me now"

"You are that Winchester's brother, is that correct?" Sam froze, he glanced in every direction yet couldn't find the source of the voice.

"He's not my brother!" Sam yelled at the darkness, knowing some source of evil was lurking in the darkness. Waiting for him to say something that he would ultimately regret later on.

"Yet, the boy cares for you as if you were. We took you only to get the boy you named Dean. He owes us, you look a lot like him" The voice mused, Sam could feel the stare, although he was sure there was more then one pair of eyes watching him intently.

"His not my brother, and so what if he was…what would happen then?" Sam questioned to the darkness. He jumped, a shadowy figure appeared before him. The figure bent down and smiled slightly, before whispering to him.

"You'd die"


Dean sighed in relief plopping down on the cheap ass bed, though for someone who was used to that sort of thing found it rather comfortable.

"Man, I stuffed"

"So? We have to find Sam. Do you have any new leads now or was that a complete waste of time?" Jess asked, sitting on the only chair in the room.


Jess stood and pointed a accusing finger at Dean.

"You were talking to that person and you didn't get ANY leads!?" Dean laughed, shaking his head slightly.

"Of course I got leads, but first, I gotta take a leak" Dean answered with a smile, he quickly stood and excused himself.

Closing the bathroom door, Dean opened the letter- the one and only thing that the yellow eyed demon would ever give him- and read it.

"If he's not dead now, he will be. And it's all your fault, Dean Winchester. I can't begin to say how much you deserve this, your poor defenceless brother. I could, help. That wouldn't be any fun though now, would it. Come find me, without that woman. Then we'll discuss properly, the wharfs…bring the cult…I know you have it, I'm not stupid boy. Give it to me, and I'll direct you straight to your killers, or is that your brother's killers?"

Dean growled at the letter, it said nothing about anything. Dean didn't have time! He walked out and smiled at Jess.

"You want a drink?" He asked, moving to the small, broken kitchen.

"I don't want a drink, I want to find Sam"

"If you don't have a drink you'll dehydrate and die. Just have a drink" He said, fixing her a drink, slipping in sleeping tablets.

"Fine, after this though, Sam"

"Fine" Dean replied, handing the drink carefully to her.

Half an hour later.

"Sorry Jesse, gotta look for my brother by myself. I can't have you get in my way. This is my turn to save you, Sam" Dean said, reaching for the colt and tucking it in his back pants.

He got into his car and sped off, leaving a drugged and unconscious Jess on the bed. He reached the wharf just in time to see the Yellow eyed demon standing, back toward Dean and the Impala.

A smile played on his lips, cruel and unpredictable, just how a demon's are supposed to be. Dean walked up to him, just in time to be surrounded by twenty demons.