Um, constructive criticism is greatly needed. Sorry for those people who got the Alert email and had to CLICK THE LINK AND ALL THAT to find N-O-T-H-I-N-G of use. That's gotta be annoying.

I'm working on this fic now, because my non-fic, the Mudblood princess has been getting WAY to many flames and I'm sick of it.

And SORRY for those who didn't like the ending, I'm not about to change it. I like stories where Snape has the bad ending. That's why I wrote this. Actually, tragic endings are the best when writing fanfiction, because, hey, you don't own the characters.

And for those who wanted Snape to have a happy ending, well, sorry. Like I said, I'm not JKR is since she made Snape's life suck, I have to GO ALONG with the book. See how that works?


PS: AU's don't fit under that rule.

Though I don't agree with AU's since they don't go along with the book…but that's MY opinion, not necessarily yours.