Negima: 25 Days of Christmas

Chapter 1: Deck the Halls

It was November 27th at Mahora Academy and it would soon be the start of the Christmas season. The class bell rang and the students made their way towards the school. Konoka didn't skate her way there because of the snow fall they had last night. Last night brought a blanket of snow over the academy and a cool air blew through the grounds. Asuna caught up to Konoka shivering.

"Brr! When did it get this cold?" Asuna said. She had her dark red jacket over her shoulders with the zipper open. Konoka and Asuna stopped and she helped zip up her jacket. Asuna and Konoka each wore scarfs around their necks and ear muffs.

"Well, no wonder you're cold. Were you doing your delivery route with your jacket wide open?" Konoka said.

"Sort of. I rushed out so fast that I totally forgot to zip up." Asuna said. She looked at a nearby clock and it was five minutes before classes started. When the two of them reached their classroom, a lot of the other girls were there already. Many Christmas decorations like tinsel and wreaths were hanging in the room.

"Good. We're not late." Asuna said. Negi was sitting at his desk sipping on a mug with hot cocoa in it. Negi's winter clothes were haning on his chair.

"Someone's up early." Asuna said "You're usually not here until the rest of us are." Negi put down his mug and turned to Asuna.

"Well, there was so much snow and it might have slowed me down." Negi said.

"Whatever." Asuna said. She and Konoka took their seats and they hung their coats over their chairs. Just then, Konoe came into the classroom.

"Good morning girls." Konoe said.

"Good morning dean." the girls said together. Konoe smiled.

"I came in today to tell you that your professor and I were thinking of planning a field trip for you all." Konoe said.

"A field trip? This isn't to Kyoto again, is it?" Makie said. Negi and Konoe smiled and shook their heads.

"Then...where?" Haruna said. Negi ducked beneath his desk and pulled something out. He was holding a white shirt with the word "Wales" on it.

"Oh! Are we going to China?!" Ako said. Negi looked confused and looked at the shirt. It had a picture of a red dragon above the word.

"No. Not exactly." Negi said. He ducked down again and came up wearing a Santa hat on his head.

"The North Pole?" Akira said. Negi sighed.

"Where did you get that from?" Yue said. Negi looked at Konoe.

"Let them figure it out Mr. Springfield." Konoe said. Asuna looked at the shirt and the hat. Just then, she thought she figured it out.

"Is it your home town?" Asuna said. Negi smiled at Asuna and nodded.

"Yes. My sister has invited us to spend the holidays in Wales." Negi said "I told her it was a nice idea but I should ask my students first."

"Really? That's a great idea Negi!" Konoka said with glee. The other girls agreed with her.

"Wow. Christmas in...uh...where's Wales again?" Sakurako said.

"It's in England." Yue said.

"Thanks. Wow. Christmas in England. Wonder what that'll be like?" Sakurako said. In Fuka and Fumika's minds, they imagined everyone in Britain clothing singing carols. They both looked at each other and snickered.

"Professor. Is this a good idea? What about our families here?" Ayaka said.

"We spoke with your parents and they thought it was a fine idea. You will still be learning things on our trip." Negi said "So, you don't need to worry about your parents." Evangeline rose her hand and Negi called on her.

"Isn't someone forgetting that a certain SOMEONE cannot leave the school grounds?" Evangeline said. Negi smiled.

"The dean has allowed you to leave the academy for this trip Evangeline. We're agreeing to let you attend the trip along with your friends. So, don't worry about that little detail. Besides, you all might enjoy Wales." Negi said. Evangeline was speechless. Negi looked at her with a smile while she looked away.

"Wow! I can't wait. It must be beautiful there." Kakizaki said.

"It is." Negi said. Negi called on Kaede and asked her to hand out a piece of paper to everyone. It was a permission slip for the field trip.

"All we need from you is your parent's signature and a few things filled out on this permission slip. We also need a little money from each of you to pay for your tickets." Negi said. When Asuna heard money, she sighed and put down the paper. She then raised her hand and Negi called her.

"Excuse me Negi. I need to get some air." Asuna said. She then left the room with her coat and scarf on with the paper still in her hand and closed the door. Feeling a bit nervous, Negi followed after her after Konoe agreed to watch the class. Negi slipped his coat on and followed Asuna. Negi found Asuna sitting on some steps outside looking at the paper.

"Asuna? Is something wrong?" Negi said. Asuna sighed and looked at Negi.

"Did you forget I don't have any parents?" Asuna said "How am I going to pay for this?" Negi smiled and sat besides her.

"I thought you might say that. But the dean and I have agreed to pay for your ticket." Negi said "I really would like it if you came Asuna. You have to see Wales around Christmas. It's absolutely beautiful!" Asuna looked at Negi.

"Is that the reason you're inviting us? Is it just for me?" Asuna said. Negi shook his head.

"No. Of course not. I wanted all of you to enjoy yourselves. I really thought it would be something you would all enjoy." Negi said "Please Asuna? It wouldn't be the same without you." Asuna sighed and looked at the paper. She then thought back to all the previous Christmas' Asuna spent alone. She decided if Konoka would go and Negi too, she wouldn't want to miss out.

"All...all right then." Asuna said. Negi smiled and they both stood up and headed back for the school. For the next few days, the girls quickly got their permission slips filled out and they were all very excited on going. Some of the girls spent time at Library Island learning about Wales and some Britain Christmas carols while some of the others got some new clothes for the trip. Negi had called Nekane and Anya to let them know he was coming along with his students and they were both thrilled. On the night before the trip, Asuna and Konoka were just finishing packing their things with Negi and Chamo.

"Get in there!" Asuna said fitting her sweater in her bag. Konoka was sitting on her bag while she was zipping it up. Negi didn't have much and he stored them in his back pack. Chamo leaped up onto Negi's shoulder.

"Well Negi. Guess we get to go home for the holidays after all." Chamo said. Negi smiled and looked at Asuna.

"I'm just glad that Asuna is coming as well." Negi said "I really think she'll enjoy herself. I also can't wait to see Nekane again." Meanwhile, in Wales, it was snowing and Nekane and Anya were sitting by a fire place. Nekane was looking at a picture of herself, Anya and Negi. A tear came to her eye.

"Negi...I can't wait to see you again." Nekane said. By coincidence, in their dorm room, Negi was looking at a copy of the same picture Nekane was looking at. He looked up at the starry sky and smiled.

"Sister...I'm coming home..." Negi said. Negi put the picture down and got ready for bed. He then shut the lights off and everyone drifted into a peaceful sleep.