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Edward PoV

I hate high school, a monotonous torture chamber that childish teens clamored into every day because of the government. What was even worse was that my "talent" created a horrible irritant from these simple-minded creatures' thoughts that were fueled by hormones. The one thing that made this bearable was Bella. How an angel like her could love a monster like me, I had no idea, but I was glad of it. Even though every waking moment I spent with her put her life in jeopardy.

"Edward?" Her voice brought me back to Earth.

"Yes Bella?"

"Why are you following me to the gym?"

"I switched into your class along with Alice and Jasper."

She stopped walking. "WHAT!?!?!?" She was angry, Alice told me she'd be angry, but I like it. She was so cute when she was angry.

"Yes, Alice, Jasper, and I are switching into your class."

"But, WHY!?" now she was whining.

"Well, remember when you told me, 'You haven't seen me in gym.'"

"Yes," she answered softly, so softly I even had trouble hearing.

"Well, I've seen what you're like in minds, but I'd like to see you live in action."

Right then, she tripped over her own feet. When I caught her I said, "And so I can catch you when you fall more" She stopped whining and went into the girl's locker room and I headed for the boy's. I reluctantly went in and was greeted by the smell of growing bacteria colonies on old gym socks and the chemical smell of deodorant, not that it helped much.

I got to my locker and started changing, when I had my shirt off, I heard Mike Newton's thoughts Damn, why does Cullen have to have all the muscle, I can barely manage some, and I'm far from an 8-pack like Cullen. UGH! I chuckled at his thoughts.

I finished changing and head back into the gym. I saw Coach Clapp get out the tennis balls. Tennis. I read coach clapp's mind to see what type of games we were going to play. Doubles. Well, at least I get Jasper as a partner.

When everyone was assembled, I found Bella and squeezed her hand.

"Okay everyone pair up, girls with girls, guys with guys." Everyone scrambled around trying to find a partner. Alice appeared by Bella's side while Jasper was walking towards me. Everyone lined up and Coach Clapp sent everyone to their courts.

When Jasper and I got to the court, we saw who we were playing. Tyler Crowley and Mike Newton. Maybe gym wouldn't be that bad today. Jasper and I grabbed our rackets. Mike served, we rallied the ball and played boringly the first couple games. We even let them get a point. Then Jasper and I looked at each other and nodded, time to step it up a notch. Jasper served with little force for a vampire, but enough to send the ball flying past Newton and Crowley. We played at this level easily winning most of the games, occasionally letting them score. Then when I served, it hit Newton square in the chest and he staggered back. The coach ran over to him and told Tyler to send him to the nurse. He called the class together and told us to get changed and leave for the day.

When I met Bella outside the gym, she gave me a glare, "That was really immature.Why did you do that to him? "

I just laughed and replied, "I needed a little entertainment.

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